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5 Ways To Use Your Blog

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5 ways to use a blog

Most people don’t know where to start, starting a blog. They may not even know what a blog is even for, or are having trouble figuring out what exactly their audience will think/want. Will people like your content, or what you have to provide/say? What to blog about? How to go about getting people to view your blog? How do I even create a blog??? Amongst man other questions and concerns…

If you have gotten past the preliminary woes of starting a blog (and trust me, there are a lot lol) that’s great! But I’m assuming since you’ve landed on this amazing article, you might still be running into a few hurdles. (no pun intended.. actually, yes… it was lol)  So let’s dive into 5 ways you can use your blog. In case you’ve already started and are currently stumped on which direction to take your blog posts or blog in general. Or have heard that you should start a blog (and you should), but need to understand a few reasons for why.

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5 Ways To Use Your Blog

  1. Promotional
  2. Reviews
  3. Personal Story
  4. How-To
  5. Informational

Promotional: Now you can create an entire blog dedicated to the promotion others peoples “stuff”, events or products. Where you can do featured posts daily, weekly, monthly, twice a week or whatever you please. It’s your blog, so you decided. A promotional blog/s is a great way to get the word out about up and coming events, products, product launches, breaking news etc. in a particular field, niche or genre. They’re a great outlet for receiving information and create anticipation in consumers for products, services or events that are soon to come. They’re a way that lets people know , “Hey this is whats going on, this is why its important, and our blog is where you need to come if you want more information on things like this “. (ie. becoming an authority)

product review, 5 ways to use your blogReviews: Product reviews are always fun. They’re your personal opinion/s on a given product, service or body of work. The good, the bad and the ugly. Consumers want to know it all. If you create a review based site, look into seeing if that particular product/s offer any review incentives. Maybe you can try it out for free or those who are interested in using the product can purchase it through a special link or code made for your followers. This is a great way to try products or services you were already buying or using and leverage them to your benefit.

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