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A Klout Review: Track My Influence

Social networking
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Keeping up with social media !

How do you know that you are the “Top Influencer” in your network of peers ?

Well unless your peers tell you everyday the impact you have on their life you don’t know !

With social media being a huge aspect of marketing there are now social networking sites that track the interaction you have with social media and give you a score.

One of the social trackers I use to understand how my social interactions influence the world is Klout .


You can use the Klout Score to understand how influential you are; you can use your topics to reflect what you are influential about; and you can be recognized for your influence by receiving +K from friends or Perks from brands. Learn more about all the Klout features here:

As of Now I have an un-impressive score of 57 at the moment, however the average score is 40. So I guess you can say I am currently above average !

Klout breaks down your social media activity through the number of social networks you allow it to access.

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Instagramsocial-media-buttons
    • Blogger
    • 4Square
    • WordPress
    • Linked In
    • Google +
    • Tumblr
    • Bing
    • Flickr

Dependent upon which of the social networks you have linked to your Klout above, it will give you a social network score, your 90 day high, 1 day change and your 90 day low. Klout will also give you the statistical break down of your score and the percentage of each social network linked that makes up your Klout score. This allows you to asses which aspect of social networking you may want to shed more light on.

I really enjoy using Klout. Very simple to navigate and use. Of course there is a learning curve if you really want to use Klout for all of the features it offers, but if you only want to know you influence score then setting up the account and checking it weekly is all you need to do !

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