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Quincy Amarikwa – $4029 & 11700+ Leads in 15 Days – 30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 2 UPDATE (Part 3)

30 Day affiliate challenge part 3 2 week update

$4029.75 & 11700+ Leads in 15 Days

30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 2 UPDATE (Part 3)


  • If you missed the 1st installment of the 30 Day Challenge, you can go watch it by Clicking HERE
  • If you missed the 2nd installment of the 30 Day Challenge, you can go watch it by Clicking HERE


This wraps up week 2 of the 30 day affiliate challenge.  In 15 days we have accumulated 11,700+ leads and made $4,029.75. And we keep moving along ! Creating these results takes time, scaling correctly and learning about the niche you are targeting. If you are looking for coaching and interested in learning the techniques Quincy is using to produce the results he is showing you in his video fill out our MMMMarketing Questionnaire .

We will personally take a look over it and if you qualify look for a call.

Looking forward to working with you.



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Search Engine Optimization

Learn How To Hire a SEO Company To Suite Your Needs !

Diverse business group meeting

Wondering about an SEO Company, and how one can help ? One of the fundamental ways to increase traffic to your website is through building backlinks. Building backlinks with intent, will build the value of your website and will help search engines favor your content in search queries. Most backlinks you obtain will naturally grow over time from others citing your content or sharing the information you provide. However if your a new website and unfamiliar with the internet, hiring an SEO Company is something to consider. Man-with-Binoculars Looking for a great seo company

Hiring an SEO (search engine optimization) company is a big step in growing your companies website or your own personal website. It can make or break you. Do research on the SEO company you’re planning on hiring. Some companies promise you the sky and under deliver. Other offer very useful information and great services.

Services to Look for:

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Training
  • Content Development
  • Review of your sites content and structure
  • Individualized SEO plans & strategy

* If you are unfamiliar with proper SEO Techniques check out Effective Website Optimization Techniques 

Choosing the SEO Company for You

In order to find the correct SEO company  for you, do your research ! I realize I mentioned this before, however I can not stress enough the importance of knowing your SEO companies strengths and weakness.

Questions to Ask:

  • What Can I look to gain from working with your company ?
  • Do you have examples of your previous work ?
  • How long has your company been established ?
  • What kind of results can I look to see ? How long will it take for these results to occur ?
  • Will I be included in the process ? If so how will we be communicating ?

Listed above are a few questions yo can ask  the SEO company in question. Be aware and listen to the answers they give  you. If the answer dances around the question, you may want to avoid working with that particular company.

Be Aware of the Black Hat SEO Companyblack-hat seo company

Black hat SEO is termed as SEO’s who use unethical SEO techniques to increase search engine ranking. Google has done a good job of weeding out the black hat SEO’s, through implementing a keyword relevancy algorithm and social network activity, but a few websites can still slip through the cracks. Black hat SEO’s typically promise you first page ranking. This is a huge red flag ! If you look at how old the websites are that rank on the first page most have been established for a few years and have tons of social sharing going on. If your site is brand new the probability of your site ranking for page one on Google is very rare. You will need to have some awesome content, specific keywords and a great following that loves your information and share across social network platforms. Even with those three basic elements in place you can’t guarantee a first page ranking. Websites that rank on the first page are up to Google’s choosing. Most sites on the first page have built a trust bond with Google over the course of years. Meaning when users type in a certain search query Google can rely on particular websites content to display as the search result for that query.


SEO Companies :

When hiring a SEO company be sure to use your best judgement. Trust your gut !

If you are looking to learn how to build SEO on your site without hiring a company to do so for you, check out our webinar series. Learn everything there is to know about building a website from scratch and staying in the good graces of Google.  Stay up to date with our newsletter to get more information about our webinar dates.

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Quincy Amarikwa – $2300 & 7000+ Leads in 7 Days – 30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 1 UPDATE

week 1 30 challenge update 25

$2300 & 7000+ Leads in 7 Days

30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 1 UPDATE


If you missed the 1st installment of the 30 Day Challenge, you can go watch it by Clicking HERE


This wraps up week one of the 30 day affiliate challenge.  In 7 days we have accumulated 7,000 leads and made $2,300. Not bad ! Creating these results takes time, scaling correctly and learning about the niche you are targeting.

If you are looking for coaching and interested in learning the techniques Quincy is using to produce the results he is showing you in his video fill out our MMMMarketing Questionnaire .

We will personally take a look over it and if you qualify look for a call.

Looking forward to working with you.

week 1 30 challenge update

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$715 & 2,200 Leads in 3 Days! – 30 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge

30 Day Affiliate challenge featured image


$715 & 2,200 Leads in 3 Days!30 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge

First 3 Days- 30 Day Affiliate Challenge

First 3 days of the 30 day affiliate marketing challenge !

Follow us on the next 30 days as we tweak and build our campaign .

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Blog Tips Search Engine Optimization

Effective Website Optimization Techniques

Effective website optimization techniques

website optimization techniquesWe are always searching for the most optimal ways to optimize our website. You hear the same things in every article: backlinks, on-page seo, social media , quality content ect. ect. This is all true…. This article will touch on two different  website optimization techniques  and delve into some more familiar ones as well.

4 Great Website Optimization Techniques

1. Blog Post

If you have a business, a blog is necessary. Blogging is a great way for your customers/followers to get to know the business. It is a great platform to discuss new products, and things going on with the company.

With a blog, you can make announcements on the services you offer. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site and grow consumers product knowledge, and MAKE SALES! The services you offer can be the same as others, BUT what make YOU unique to your competition? What separates you from the rest ?

For followers of your blog/website, and those who have subscribed to your RSS feed or newsletter. (If your not using EMAIL MARKETING your neglecting your business) These people should be able to get emails sent directly to their inbox with the most up to date information regarding you and your business.

**Don’t know how to blog or create a website ? Learn how with Quincy

2. News LetterseNewsletter

Once or If you have the physical addresses of your clients and potential customers. You NEED to be sending them reoccurring newsletter via Mail. Yes, Direct Mail seem archaic, but MANY individuals do still read the mail. Plus it’s another way to stand above your competition. Sending reoccurring news letters to your subscribers is a great way to connect with them on a personal note. You are not only on their computer, lab top, ipad, or phone, but now you are physically “in their home”.

Be unique with your news letter. Tell them about upcoming events, special give-aways or product discounts unique to the news letter subscribers.

3. Social Media

What do you mean I can’t Facebook like this post ?

Your site in pretty much non-existent if you have no social media presence. Get involved with social media, even if you don’t know how to use it. Hire someone who does. This can increase traffic and engagement 10 fold !

Top Social Media Sites

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pintrest
  • Instagram
  • Vine

** This solely is one of the most important website optimization techniques you can take part in. Be sure to have a social media presence. People love sharing information with friends & family. Leverage this to your advantage!

4. Your Community

Reach out to those who are in the same niche as you. Guest posting is one major website optimization techniques that doesn’t get enough credit. You can actually guest post on sites that get more traffic then yours ! Some even let you post a link back to your website or out to your offer. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this ?

Some tips with guest posting. Be sure with guest posting your are providing unique quality content. You will want to present your best material possible. Make sure the content you are presenting is relevant to the site your are guest posting for. Provide a one of kind post for each site you post on. Do NOT recycle articles !

These effective website optimization techniques are just a few simple examples of how to get yourself out there. Always be thinking outside the box. Of course there a other ways for you to optimize your website, but these are the ones I believe most individuals don’t realize they can and should be doing. With all techniques I’ve shared with you, be sure in every aspect of website optimization you are providing quality content. I cannot stress the importance of providing quality content enough ! It’s THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your website and should not be taken likely.


Learn more about the author of is article: Sirena Williams


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Blog Tips Search Engine Optimization

SEO checklist: Optimizing Your Content

optimizing your content


Rule Number 1 on website creation: Content is King.

Content is the most important aspect of your website. It’s why people visit your site in the first place. To receive the most relevant information from their search query. It’s important that you offer quality content and services to those who are visiting your site. Providing individuals with informative, creative, funny or promotional and RELEVANT content is what is going to get them hooked and coming back for more. Also providing content that people are actually interested in sharing with others will give a huge boost the reputation of your page.

Below I detail a simple SEO checklist for you to follow when creating your quality content. Get use to following this SEO checklist, it will help with the longevity of your site and aid in social sharing.

SEO Checklist SEO Check List

1.  Create Quality Content

As stated before, Quality Content is the most important factor in website creation and sustainability. Providing quality content that individuals are interested in sharing will help build your sites reputation with both users and Google. How you might ask ? Google likes to see social activity on websites. The more active users are with commenting and sharing your website the better ranking Google will give you. Social sharing creates trust with Google. Sharing lets Google know, hey the content this website is providing is relevant to the search query others are looking for, rank it. The more social sharing the better. Just be sure you are providing quality, relevant content.

How Do I provide Quality Content ?

When creating quality content you are going to want to be active in your niche. Understand what type of information your niche is looking for, and then provide it to them. Be the first to offer new information if possible. If not, always be the one who’s “in the know” about the newest information.

How will Users find my Content ?

Through search query’s. Be sure when key-wording your post to anticipate different users understanding of the topic you are providing. If I’m writing an article on Track and Field, someone who is knowledgeable in the subject may type in  “SoCal USATF ” a very specific key word related to the subject of track and field. Where as someone who is not as knowledgeable may type in “Track”, a very broad keyword that will allow anything associated with the word “track” to appear in the search query. Include a good mix of keywords so that all individuals you may be targeting in the niche have the possibility of finding your website.

2. Write Compelling Anchor Text

Anchor text is the click-able text you see on websites. Often times it is highlighted in a different color from text on on the page, underlined, bolded ect. ect. .

Anchor text should be descriptive, it should tell users and search engines about the page you’re linking to. The better your anchor text, the easier it is for the user to navigate to the page and search engines understand what the page you’re linking to is about.

Be aware that anchor text can lead to internal or external pages. Linking your website to other high authority sites, and also internally linking, can lead to a better reputation. Internal and external linking are off page seo tactics or in other words help with back-linking.

With Anchor text be sure to choose descriptive, concise text when linking pages and make sure they are easy to spot. Remember we are trying to make our site user friendly.

Great Anchor Text Ideas To Link

  • Company Name
  • Key Word
  • Persons Name
  • Product
  • Destination
  • Call to Action

3. Optimize Your ImagesOptimize-All-The-Things

So what is that “alt” attribute good for ? “Alt” is short for alternative. In html code “alt” indicates alternative text for image should a browser not display the image properly or if someone is the using a screen reader software. The “alt” attribute should include information about the image. The text in the “alt” attribute also acts as anchor text should you decide to link the image to another page.

4. Use Your Heading Tags

Heading tags are meant to be used to highlight important text, use them. Not only do they allow the user to navigate through your content more easily and present structure, but they also let search engines know what your content is about. There are 6 different Heading tags, the most important being H1 and the least being H6. Be sure to use them wisely and only on text that helps with the flow of your content.

Be sure to use heading tags where it is appropriate. Imagine you’re writing a time line. The structure of your time line normally starts off with the largest heading first and then the next largest following and so on and so on, until you begin a new subject matter. Treat your content the same way.

Example Article Flow

Heading 1 How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Heading 2 Preparation

Heading 3 Ingredients

Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

Heading 2 Bake Preparation

Heading 3 Directions

Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

Enjoy !

5. Know When to Use Your “rel” attribute of a link to “nofollow”Seo Check list rule 5 Nofollow

When would the “nofollow” be useful ? If you have a blog with an open comment section look into adding “nofollow” attribute to all of your comments. Blog comments are highly susceptible to spam. Adding “nofollow” to your user added links ensure you are not hurting your pages reputation by providing an outbound link to a spam site. Linking to sites that Google deems as “spammy” can hurt the reputation of your site, so be sure to avoid this at all cost ! Also use “nofollow” if a users personal site has a bad reputation and you just so happen to reference them in an article.  This can help you avoid being associated with that site.



Listed above is a simple check list you can incorporate into your daily, weekly, monthly routine. This SEO Checklist will help lead you into the good graces of Google and other search engines. Sometime we get caught up in trying to make things more difficult than necessary. Try to remember the fundamentals. Remember Simplicity is Key and Content is King.


By: Sirena Williams:  You can find out more about the Author of this article by going here.

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google plus Tips For Online Marketing

4 Tips on How to Increase Page Rank in Google


how-to-increase-page-ranking-on-Google-1Google is one of the largest, most used search engines on the web. No matter the language everyone knows Google ! Learning how to increase your page rank in Google will be critical in getting your site to the first pages of Google.  In this article I’ll detail four simple steps on How to Increase page rank in Google. Be sure to absorb and understand the information that is given below. If you have questions feel free to ask !

How To Increase Page Rank In Google

Tip 1 Create Relevant Titles:

It is important that your title be relevant to the content on your page. This is the first thing people see and what search engines “crawl” for. If your title does not relate to the content you are providing, this reflects negatively upon your website.

If your website has multiple pages be sure to create unique titles for all of your pages. No longer are the days of “Page 1” and “Page 2” titles for websites. Make each pages it’s own by creating a unique title for it, this title will also help differentiate the pages from one another. Also, use each title for each page to describe the content on that particular page.

Tip 2 Create A Descriptive Meta Tag:

The description meta tag gives Google and Other search engines a summary of what the page is about. Google has the option to display your description meta tag as a snippet for your page or choose a relevant section of your pages text to match a users query. It is dependent upon what Google thinks is best for the users search query.

With the description meta tag be sure to accurately summarize the pages content. This will play into the relevancy of your content and whether or not Google deems it fit to display on a particular Google search query. Also use unique descriptions for each page. Same as the titles, make each page its own description relevant to what the page is about.

Meta Tag Description

Tip 3 URLs:

Create simple to read and understandable URL’s that convey the pages content information easily. Easy URL’s help visitor remember your site and can lead to better crawling of your website by search engines.

Remember URL’s are displayed in the search engine results below the title and above the meta tag description. If the search engine query appears in the the URL this may be more appealing to the searcher. This alone can help build traffic to your website.

Also, use words in your URL’s, they are easy to read and remember. Again be sure they are relevant to the content on your page. It is much easier to remember than

With any website be sure to only provide one URL for a given page. Assigning multiple URL’s to one page of content can split the reputation of the page between the  URL’s, reflecting negatively upon that page.

Tip 4 Easy Navigation:SiteMap

Make your site easy to navigate for individuals and search engines. Plan the navigation of your site based upon your homepage. Creating a simple directory structure that individuals can follow, as well as search engines. Organize your website so that users can navigate through it much easier. If your website has tons of pages, creating a simple to navigate system will help individuals find information they are looking for on your website. There have been plenty of websites I have visited and left because the amount of time spent looking for a particular set of information took me to long to find. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has left websites because of this. So be sure to make your website easy to navigate. If a 65 year old grandparent can’t navigate your site you might want to re-do the structure of your site.

If you have a large website use a breadcrumb list. Google explains, “a breadcrumb is a row of internal links at the top or bottom of the page that allows visitors to quickly navigate back to a previous section or root page .” With the breadcrumb list displayed on every page this allows individuals the ability to keep track of how they got to a particular page and how they can navigate back to a previous page. Personally I love websites with breadcrumb lists. There’s always information on the previous page I want to go return back to and look at ! The breadcrumb list allows me to do so, easily.

Another thing we may not think of is the capability of part of a URL to be re-moved. Your site should be equipped for this should an individual decide to create a “quick link” of their own to find find more specific information for another page or should they accidently not copy paste the entire URL.

For example : If a URL reads , where will this URL redirect me if I only copy Does it take me to a custom 404 page or does it take me to a directory of pages related to Easy Money ?

Also, Make 2 site maps. Yes 2. One for users and the other for search engines. Users and search engines navigate your site in two totally different ways. So make navigation easy for both.

How to Increase Google Page Rank in a Nutshell…

  1. Create Relevant Brief and Descriptive Titles That are Unique to Every Page
  2. Use the Descriptive meta Tag, Make sure each pages has its own unique Meta Tag
  3. Create Simple to Use, ” Navigable ” and Remember URLs
  4. Create an XML and an HTML site map for your website

Free FaceBook Likes

These are the beginning steps to help you increase your Google page rank and rank higher in Google ! The information provide should kick start your success to ranking higher in Google.

Sirena Williams

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google plus

Get in The know With Google Plus


Content marketing is the new form of advertising of this era. So its important you get started with your foot in the right direction.

Google is one of the worlds largest search engines, it’s the most widely known and used. Use this to your advantage. Getting in Good with Google will only help you, and your business in its journey to success. WARNING ! Do Not abuse what Google has to offer ! If one person messes up, everyone suffers the consequences. Just think of it as grade school… for adults.


How to Get in Good With Google+

1. Create Quality Content

Creating quality content will bode well with your visitors. If they like what they read, an you’ve given them what they’re looking for, they’ll continue to return for more information.

2. Link your Google + To Your Blog and Get Verified

Get verified with Google. Let Google know who you are ! I’m sure you’ve seen the articles tagged with the authors pictures next to them. These people have identified themselves as Google authors. If you prefer to remain unknown you can still link your Google profile to your website. Getting verified as a Google author will help you rank in the search engines. Google is biased, it prefers to rank its own over others. Use this to your advantage ! Keep in mind that it may take up to 14days before you image begins to appear next to your articles in search engine results.



3. Link your Blog Posts To Your Google +

In the about section of your profile link your website to your profile. Also link the content you write to your Google + profile. Post your content to your Google plus profile wall. This is a great way for family, friends and others browsing around to view your content. This also helps with social proofing, in turn helping you rank in Google !

Google Plus verification

4. Embed a Call to Action

Yes ! You can now embed a call to action onto your Google+ Profile. This is something new to me and hopefully you are hearing it here first !
For more information on how to embed a call to action check out Swell Path’s Article on How to Get Interactive With Google Plus.

Embedding a call to action is a little tricky. There are a few plug-ins that are being developed to help out those with WordPress blogs spread the word about their website. When more information is available and the plugins have proven successful, I will let you guys/gals know ! Until then have fun becoming Google Verified and implement all you can. Every little bit counts !


Have Fun !


Sirena Williams



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google plus

How To Become a Google Author and Get Verified


Get Verified with Google+ !Google Author 2

Google is looking for better ways to bring you the information you are searching for, all while weeding out “the bad”. One of the ways Google is bringing you quality content is by Google Authorship. Google Authorship helps Google identified websites that are verified with Google and helps them to rank higher in Google. So if you haven’t gotten verified already, I suggest you do so now.

The following are steps detailing how to go about becoming a Google+ Author and getting verified.

How To Link Your Domain Email To Your Google + Profile

If you are the owner of the website domain and  you have an email address on the same domain as your content such as Quincy@OnlineBizinformation.Com you can follow the instructions below.

1.Make sure you have a email address (for example, on the same domain as your content (
2. Be sure to include  By: “Author’s Name” on every article you post or publish so that Google can find who wrote it (for example, “By Quincy Amarikwa” or “Author: Quincy Amarikwa”).
3. Submit your email address to Google Via the Authorship page.
4. To ensure you have completed the process properly you can use the structured data testing tool. Submit your URL and hit preview.


If you don’t have an email linked directly with your domain, don’t worry you are still in luck ! Google + allows you to link your Google + profile to your post.

How to Link your Google+ Profile to Your Website

1.  Create a Link your website with the following tag:

<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

Be sure to replace the profile_url with your actual Google + Profile URL. Should look something like this ->>

2. Add your website to Your Google + Profile in the About section (be sure you are in edit mode)

google Authorship

3.  After you hit save you can use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to check and see if you did everything right ! Just submit one your articles.

Do you have a multi author blog ? No problem !

How to Link your Google Plus Profile with a Multi Author Blog

1. Just as the single author blog you will need to add

<a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Google</a>

to your blog post.

2. Be sure your Google+ Profile is linked to your website

3. After adding the author tag to your post you can test it with the Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

*cheat tip: There are a few plug-ins you can add to your site to ensure you Google+ profile is linked.



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