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The Blog Beast is Coming !

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As of today you will no longer see affiliates promoting Empower Network links. I know some of you are probably rejoicing, while others are wondering what Empower Network is in the first place. For those who do not know what Empower Network is here is a quick explanation.

Empower Network: Is an online training school that teaches you the ins and out of how to build and sustain an income generating blog (with residual income potential) using its system. All things learned in Empower can be used to help you not only better promote your current products, business, or websites, but also your affiliate programs, MLM programs and more. (It’s basically a online biz/marketing school) It’s a school that people will (unfortunately) have no access to joining in the coming days.

All Empower Network links will be shut down and all individuals inquiring about Empower Network will be redirected to THE BLOG BEAST !blog-beast-blog

What is the Blog Beast ?

Pretty much Empower Network on Steroids, is what it is ! If you love the Empower Network blogging platform you are going to love the new integrative Blog Beast ! Blog Beast is taking Blogging and affiliate marketing to a new level. Various aspects that let you share and communicate information differently among your team and followers, and most impressively an easy navigable blogging platform on your phone !  (And obviously much more. Don’t want to spill the beans just yet.) The phone blogging capabilities is what’s super crazy though and what people should be most excited about.

For those of you who want to get on the list before it launches and to find out more information Click Here.

What does the Blog Beast mean for the current affiliate ?

A new blogging platform, that you will be grandfathered in to, will now be officially promotable.

What does this mean for the individual not in Empower Network ?

You will not be grandfathered in to the new system. Today is the last day to purchase your Empower Network Blogging Platform 1.0. After today it will no longer be available.

So, now the decision is yours. Do you hop on the wave or stay in the sand.  Getting in to an established affiliate program at the start of the launch is always a huge contributing factor to success. There was a time when it was just right to invest in apple, this is no different. Don’t be the one kicking yourself about this later, because trust me…… you will

Join our Team and Ride the Wave of Success.

Get your Empower System Now !

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