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Affiliate Programs Tips For Online Marketing

Choosing The Best Affiliate Product


There really is no huge secret to choosing the best affiliate opportunity. They all work. Some better than others, but all in all, they all work to some degree. Your online success is solely dependent upon how much effort you put into building your network. Little to No effort = Little to No Success. Now that’s not to say if you put a ton of effort into your online biz you will automatically succeed. You need to put the right, “smart effort” into your online biz to have the best chance at success. Stick with one product, program or opportunity. Learn how it works and the best ways to advertise and promote for it. Don’t change focus until you’ve learned all the ins and outs of your business and achieved some degree of success.

How to Choose The Best Affiliate Product Run Down..

Do You Like it ?

Some say it doesn’t matter if you like the product or not, and are more concerned with whether or not it can make you money. First starting off you will probably look for products that seem easy, can get you rich quick. Avoid this. From talking with many clients and well established marketers on the phone, hosting webinars and speaking about the issues they came across when they first started online, many said they went for the “get rich quick” opportunity. Some saw minimal success and others just gave up. The get rich quick schemes benefit those who are already established in the online biz community and those who are ready to promote the mess out of the product all over the internet. No one is safe. Established affiliate marketers benefit the most from these opportunities. They already have a list of subscribers they can market to and know their percentages of how much they can look to make if they promote the product. The  problem with beginners is that they give up or just don’t know what to do. We suggest purchasing a product that is going to detail how to adequately use it and much more. A product that will tell you everything you need to know to succeed online and apply to any business model. And not just something that teaches you how to promote what it is you bought in the first place.

Yes no maybe

Is There Room At The Top ?

Are you capable of making what the top affiliate is making in the company? Or are you doing all the work, and that person is benefiting the most from it? Look over the compensation plan of the company. If it makes sense go for it. If not, then I would suggest choosing a compensation plan that makes sense to you, and fits what you want.


The Least you Can invest with the Most Profit is Always Niceaffiliate

Now this is a little tricky. In order to make big money you have to invest big money. Or you just have to have the most amazing promotional skills that can get you over 200 sales for a $25 item, versus one or two big time sales for a $2500 item. It all depends on the type of person you are and what kind of business model you want to run. Some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is the price affordable for the everyday person?
  2. Are you gaining substantial knowledge from the product/s?
  3. Are the products something you can use or apply to things outside of the product itself?
  4. How many/much must you sale to hit your monthly income goal?
  5. Does the amount of time and effort put in promoting relate to the potential income you can make?
  6. Would others be interested in buying the products? (i.e. is there a market for what your looking to sell?)



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The Blog Beast is Coming !


As of today you will no longer see affiliates promoting Empower Network links. I know some of you are probably rejoicing, while others are wondering what Empower Network is in the first place. For those who do not know what Empower Network is here is a quick explanation.

Empower Network: Is an online training school that teaches you the ins and out of how to build and sustain an income generating blog (with residual income potential) using its system. All things learned in Empower can be used to help you not only better promote your current products, business, or websites, but also your affiliate programs, MLM programs and more. (It’s basically a online biz/marketing school) It’s a school that people will (unfortunately) have no access to joining in the coming days.

All Empower Network links will be shut down and all individuals inquiring about Empower Network will be redirected to THE BLOG BEAST !blog-beast-blog

What is the Blog Beast ?

Pretty much Empower Network on Steroids, is what it is ! If you love the Empower Network blogging platform you are going to love the new integrative Blog Beast ! Blog Beast is taking Blogging and affiliate marketing to a new level. Various aspects that let you share and communicate information differently among your team and followers, and most impressively an easy navigable blogging platform on your phone !  (And obviously much more. Don’t want to spill the beans just yet.) The phone blogging capabilities is what’s super crazy though and what people should be most excited about.

For those of you who want to get on the list before it launches and to find out more information Click Here.

What does the Blog Beast mean for the current affiliate ?

A new blogging platform, that you will be grandfathered in to, will now be officially promotable.

What does this mean for the individual not in Empower Network ?

You will not be grandfathered in to the new system. Today is the last day to purchase your Empower Network Blogging Platform 1.0. After today it will no longer be available.

So, now the decision is yours. Do you hop on the wave or stay in the sand.  Getting in to an established affiliate program at the start of the launch is always a huge contributing factor to success. There was a time when it was just right to invest in apple, this is no different. Don’t be the one kicking yourself about this later, because trust me…… you will

Join our Team and Ride the Wave of Success.

Get your Empower System Now !

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5 Figure Day Review

email list building

What is 5 Figure Day ?

5 Figure Day is an awesome list building tool. With any (and EVERY) affiliate program, you want to build a list. A list of what you might ask? A list of individuals (ie. subscribers) who are interested in whatever it is your doing to earn an income online. It’s your “job” once you establish this list, to give them the information they have opted in or subscribed for.

With the 5 Figure Day system you are given a great FREE tool to help build your own list, and FAST. It’s your job to effectively market your website and the system.

5 figure day

How Can It Help ?

5 Figure Day can help you build a massive email list. Through promoting any affiliate program or online business, it’s through your list where you’re going to stay in contact with all of those who come across your program and want to receive more information. If you’ve ever heard the saying ” The money is in the list”, this is exactly the reason why.

What Have I Gained Using My 5 Figure Day System?

5 figure Day Money Back

I went all in right out the blocks with my 5 Figure Day system (Bought both the $1 Trial, and the one time upsell.. For obvious reasons) and since using the 5 Figure Day system I have grown my list to well over 1,000 subscribers and $679 in Residual Income in about 2 weeks, both through my active promotions as well as through the viral effect of the 5 Figure Day system itself, passively. (The video explains how that works) Mainly through follow up emails, and providing additional FREE webinar training showing exactly how I get to 1,000 subscribers so fast and teach you step-by-step how to do it too. (This training is only sent exclusively to the inbox of those who create their free website through my 5 Figure Day links)

So through marketing to my list that I have established over the past 8 months. As well as buying Solo Ads I have introduced new team members, all at varying  levels of network and affiliate marketing who now appreciate and fully understand the art of list building. The next thing I plan to do a training on is how to improve their ad copy for higher click through rates and more targeted leads. We go over this type of information on our Live Monday webinars (Join our newsletter to get updates on when we hold these Free Money Getting webinars). I also record these live webinars and upload them to an exclusive training center for my 5 Figure Day team members. So you don’t miss out on any important information.

The beauty in 5 Figure Day is that it is a PROVEN system that works when you are taught how to market it correctly. Any skill level marketer (don’t know a thing—–>Expert) can benefit from 5 Figure Day and any financial level can join and use it to build your list. (Both Free and Paid Versions) From the individual with no money or a very tight budget, to the intense affiliate marketer bringing in $5k+ a week. All individuals can benefit from this product and program.


Watch the sales video so you get a true understanding of the value of the product. Like I said, after I watched the video I went ALL IN and bought everything they had to offer. BUT at the very least implement the Free version of this software so you can start building your very own email list today!

Click Here to Claim You FREE 5 Figure Day Website and Exclusive Training From Quincy Amarikwa


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Quincy Amarikwa – $4029 & 11700+ Leads in 15 Days – 30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 2 UPDATE (Part 3)

30 Day affiliate challenge part 3 2 week update

$4029.75 & 11700+ Leads in 15 Days

30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 2 UPDATE (Part 3)


  • If you missed the 1st installment of the 30 Day Challenge, you can go watch it by Clicking HERE
  • If you missed the 2nd installment of the 30 Day Challenge, you can go watch it by Clicking HERE


This wraps up week 2 of the 30 day affiliate challenge.  In 15 days we have accumulated 11,700+ leads and made $4,029.75. And we keep moving along ! Creating these results takes time, scaling correctly and learning about the niche you are targeting. If you are looking for coaching and interested in learning the techniques Quincy is using to produce the results he is showing you in his video fill out our MMMMarketing Questionnaire .

We will personally take a look over it and if you qualify look for a call.

Looking forward to working with you.



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Quincy Amarikwa – $2300 & 7000+ Leads in 7 Days – 30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 1 UPDATE

week 1 30 challenge update 25

$2300 & 7000+ Leads in 7 Days

30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 1 UPDATE


If you missed the 1st installment of the 30 Day Challenge, you can go watch it by Clicking HERE


This wraps up week one of the 30 day affiliate challenge.  In 7 days we have accumulated 7,000 leads and made $2,300. Not bad ! Creating these results takes time, scaling correctly and learning about the niche you are targeting.

If you are looking for coaching and interested in learning the techniques Quincy is using to produce the results he is showing you in his video fill out our MMMMarketing Questionnaire .

We will personally take a look over it and if you qualify look for a call.

Looking forward to working with you.

week 1 30 challenge update

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$715 & 2,200 Leads in 3 Days! – 30 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge

30 Day Affiliate challenge featured image


$715 & 2,200 Leads in 3 Days!30 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge

First 3 Days- 30 Day Affiliate Challenge

First 3 days of the 30 day affiliate marketing challenge !

Follow us on the next 30 days as we tweak and build our campaign .

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Clickbank : A Clickbank Review


Clickbank is your online market hub for the latest and greatest affiliate opportunities. Clickbank looks to connect the content creators with the affiliate marketers. Thus creating great business for both the content creator with the affiliate marketers

Clickbank is one of the top affiliate marketing websites in the world at the moment, with a FREE open entrance membership platform (you can sign up and get started promoting literally in minutes). This affiliate hub is easy to navigate and get started ! Once you sign up you can start marketing !

Clickbank = Information + Entrepreneur = Infopreneur

Clickbank has given a new meaning to affiliate marketers, referring to all affiliates and vendors of the company as Infopreneurs.

While traditional publishers focus on one-time book sales, we leverage a far more effective business model for monetizing information—one that enables repeat sales over time, across the broadest range of content delivery options and form-factors available today.


Clickbank has a created a sustainable system that monetizes your information to be sold over and over again. This creates a great income for you and the “infopreneur” that is marketing your content for you.

It is important when signing up as an affiliate for any company you understand free advertising and paid advertising methods.  There are many forms to market your offers and it is important you understand them all and how they work. Also when starting off figure out which niche you would like to market( i.e. Food, How To, Fitness, Home Improvement, Home based Business ), each niche will take on different marketing strategies, due to the audience you are marketing to.

Clickbank is a great way to start off and get your feet wet when beginning a online marketing career , or lifestyle. It is important to take online marketing just as serious as a regular 9 – 5 and invest in learning how to use different marketing strategies that are available.

Learn how to leverage ClickBank with the “Legal Money Printing Funnel” Click to learn more!

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