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10 things to do before you launch your Blog

10 things to do before you launch your Blog

10 things to do before you launch your BlogNow I have condensed down everything you need to do into 10 things to do before you launch your blog, assuming you have chosen a domain name and bought hosting. Check them out!

10 things to do before you launch your Blog

1. Figure Out What You want your blog to be about: Actually knowing what it is you want to blog/talk about is going to be fist step you need to take in order to hone in on the content you want to provide, as well as the feel of the blog overall.

2. Figure out your blog post topics: What are your main topics going to be on your blog ? Cooking ? Fashion? DIY? This goes hand in hand with figuring out what your blog is about. Once you have figured out what your blog is about make topics that relate to a central theme.

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7 Tips for Figuring out What to blog about


Having your own blog is hard work and dedication. It takes time and effort to keep it up and running properly. One of the things a new blogger or a veteran blogger may ask themselves is “what do I blog about ?” . If your a new blogger the world is yours. If your a veteran your fan base has already grown to know the type of content you continually put out. Here are some tips when figuring out what to blog about.

7 tips: What to Blog about

1. What do you like ? Blog about things you don’t mind writing about. It is much easier to create a blog around your knowledge and experiences, rather than something you don’t know, or worse don’t care about.

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5 Ways To Use Your Blog


5 ways to use a blog

Most people don’t know where to start, starting a blog. They may not even know what a blog is even for, or are having trouble figuring out what exactly their audience will think/want. Will people like your content, or what you have to provide/say? What to blog about? How to go about getting people to view your blog? How do I even create a blog??? Amongst man other questions and concerns…

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How to Write a Blog in WordPress for Beginners


There are tons of individuals in the world who have thought about starting a blog. Many become overwhelmed with what to blog about ? How To Write a Blog ? How do I get a Blog ? And many other questions along the lines of starting a blog. Blogging is extremely easy to do, and you should most definitely be doing it. In this article I will detail How to Write a blog in WordPress.

How to Write a blog in 6 easy steps

1. Login into your Back office: If you’re reading this article I’m under the assumption that you have already set up your or WordPress.Org site. Of you’ve already uploaded wordpress to your own domain and hosting account. (If you haven’t done that, or don’t know what to do or how it, you’ll want to join OBI School  as well as join our newsletter) If you do have a site you can login to your back office at If  you have a WordPress.Org site, in other words if you are hosting your own WordPress site, you can login at the specified url your hosting site has given you.

How to  write a blog

2. Click Post: Add new: This will be your home for the longevity of your blog. How to  write a blog

3. Write a 300 -500 word blog post. 300 -500 words a blog post is a good length to aim for. You should be use to writing 1000 word essays in high school so this shouldn’t be to difficult. If you find yourself having writers block take a break and return back to it !

4. Include Images: Give your followers something stimulating to look at. Nothing reads boring like a blog post full of words. how to wrtie a blog

5. Edit your post: Give your article a quick read through to make sure everything you’ve written makes sense. If your not great at editing your own work, have someone else read it over and correct it for you.


6. Hit Publish ! Boom ! After you’ve written your blog post, publish it and show the world what you have written !

how to write a Blog

Get through these simple steps of How to Write a Blog in WordPress and begin your road to success !

Interested in learning how to create a successful blog ?

Get on the List for OBI School and learn How !

>>Get on The List<<

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Effective Website Optimization Techniques

Effective website optimization techniques

website optimization techniquesWe are always searching for the most optimal ways to optimize our website. You hear the same things in every article: backlinks, on-page seo, social media , quality content ect. ect. This is all true…. This article will touch on two different  website optimization techniques  and delve into some more familiar ones as well.

4 Great Website Optimization Techniques

1. Blog Post

If you have a business, a blog is necessary. Blogging is a great way for your customers/followers to get to know the business. It is a great platform to discuss new products, and things going on with the company.

With a blog, you can make announcements on the services you offer. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site and grow consumers product knowledge, and MAKE SALES! The services you offer can be the same as others, BUT what make YOU unique to your competition? What separates you from the rest ?

For followers of your blog/website, and those who have subscribed to your RSS feed or newsletter. (If your not using EMAIL MARKETING your neglecting your business) These people should be able to get emails sent directly to their inbox with the most up to date information regarding you and your business.

**Don’t know how to blog or create a website ? Learn how with Quincy

2. News LetterseNewsletter

Once or If you have the physical addresses of your clients and potential customers. You NEED to be sending them reoccurring newsletter via Mail. Yes, Direct Mail seem archaic, but MANY individuals do still read the mail. Plus it’s another way to stand above your competition. Sending reoccurring news letters to your subscribers is a great way to connect with them on a personal note. You are not only on their computer, lab top, ipad, or phone, but now you are physically “in their home”.

Be unique with your news letter. Tell them about upcoming events, special give-aways or product discounts unique to the news letter subscribers.

3. Social Media

What do you mean I can’t Facebook like this post ?

Your site in pretty much non-existent if you have no social media presence. Get involved with social media, even if you don’t know how to use it. Hire someone who does. This can increase traffic and engagement 10 fold !

Top Social Media Sites

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pintrest
  • Instagram
  • Vine

** This solely is one of the most important website optimization techniques you can take part in. Be sure to have a social media presence. People love sharing information with friends & family. Leverage this to your advantage!

4. Your Community

Reach out to those who are in the same niche as you. Guest posting is one major website optimization techniques that doesn’t get enough credit. You can actually guest post on sites that get more traffic then yours ! Some even let you post a link back to your website or out to your offer. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this ?

Some tips with guest posting. Be sure with guest posting your are providing unique quality content. You will want to present your best material possible. Make sure the content you are presenting is relevant to the site your are guest posting for. Provide a one of kind post for each site you post on. Do NOT recycle articles !

These effective website optimization techniques are just a few simple examples of how to get yourself out there. Always be thinking outside the box. Of course there a other ways for you to optimize your website, but these are the ones I believe most individuals don’t realize they can and should be doing. With all techniques I’ve shared with you, be sure in every aspect of website optimization you are providing quality content. I cannot stress the importance of providing quality content enough ! It’s THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your website and should not be taken likely.


Learn more about the author of is article: Sirena Williams


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SEO checklist: Optimizing Your Content

optimizing your content


Rule Number 1 on website creation: Content is King.

Content is the most important aspect of your website. It’s why people visit your site in the first place. To receive the most relevant information from their search query. It’s important that you offer quality content and services to those who are visiting your site. Providing individuals with informative, creative, funny or promotional and RELEVANT content is what is going to get them hooked and coming back for more. Also providing content that people are actually interested in sharing with others will give a huge boost the reputation of your page.

Below I detail a simple SEO checklist for you to follow when creating your quality content. Get use to following this SEO checklist, it will help with the longevity of your site and aid in social sharing.

SEO Checklist SEO Check List

1.  Create Quality Content

As stated before, Quality Content is the most important factor in website creation and sustainability. Providing quality content that individuals are interested in sharing will help build your sites reputation with both users and Google. How you might ask ? Google likes to see social activity on websites. The more active users are with commenting and sharing your website the better ranking Google will give you. Social sharing creates trust with Google. Sharing lets Google know, hey the content this website is providing is relevant to the search query others are looking for, rank it. The more social sharing the better. Just be sure you are providing quality, relevant content.

How Do I provide Quality Content ?

When creating quality content you are going to want to be active in your niche. Understand what type of information your niche is looking for, and then provide it to them. Be the first to offer new information if possible. If not, always be the one who’s “in the know” about the newest information.

How will Users find my Content ?

Through search query’s. Be sure when key-wording your post to anticipate different users understanding of the topic you are providing. If I’m writing an article on Track and Field, someone who is knowledgeable in the subject may type in  “SoCal USATF ” a very specific key word related to the subject of track and field. Where as someone who is not as knowledgeable may type in “Track”, a very broad keyword that will allow anything associated with the word “track” to appear in the search query. Include a good mix of keywords so that all individuals you may be targeting in the niche have the possibility of finding your website.

2. Write Compelling Anchor Text

Anchor text is the click-able text you see on websites. Often times it is highlighted in a different color from text on on the page, underlined, bolded ect. ect. .

Anchor text should be descriptive, it should tell users and search engines about the page you’re linking to. The better your anchor text, the easier it is for the user to navigate to the page and search engines understand what the page you’re linking to is about.

Be aware that anchor text can lead to internal or external pages. Linking your website to other high authority sites, and also internally linking, can lead to a better reputation. Internal and external linking are off page seo tactics or in other words help with back-linking.

With Anchor text be sure to choose descriptive, concise text when linking pages and make sure they are easy to spot. Remember we are trying to make our site user friendly.

Great Anchor Text Ideas To Link

  • Company Name
  • Key Word
  • Persons Name
  • Product
  • Destination
  • Call to Action

3. Optimize Your ImagesOptimize-All-The-Things

So what is that “alt” attribute good for ? “Alt” is short for alternative. In html code “alt” indicates alternative text for image should a browser not display the image properly or if someone is the using a screen reader software. The “alt” attribute should include information about the image. The text in the “alt” attribute also acts as anchor text should you decide to link the image to another page.

4. Use Your Heading Tags

Heading tags are meant to be used to highlight important text, use them. Not only do they allow the user to navigate through your content more easily and present structure, but they also let search engines know what your content is about. There are 6 different Heading tags, the most important being H1 and the least being H6. Be sure to use them wisely and only on text that helps with the flow of your content.

Be sure to use heading tags where it is appropriate. Imagine you’re writing a time line. The structure of your time line normally starts off with the largest heading first and then the next largest following and so on and so on, until you begin a new subject matter. Treat your content the same way.

Example Article Flow

Heading 1 How To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Heading 2 Preparation

Heading 3 Ingredients

Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

Heading 2 Bake Preparation

Heading 3 Directions

Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

Enjoy !

5. Know When to Use Your “rel” attribute of a link to “nofollow”Seo Check list rule 5 Nofollow

When would the “nofollow” be useful ? If you have a blog with an open comment section look into adding “nofollow” attribute to all of your comments. Blog comments are highly susceptible to spam. Adding “nofollow” to your user added links ensure you are not hurting your pages reputation by providing an outbound link to a spam site. Linking to sites that Google deems as “spammy” can hurt the reputation of your site, so be sure to avoid this at all cost ! Also use “nofollow” if a users personal site has a bad reputation and you just so happen to reference them in an article.  This can help you avoid being associated with that site.



Listed above is a simple check list you can incorporate into your daily, weekly, monthly routine. This SEO Checklist will help lead you into the good graces of Google and other search engines. Sometime we get caught up in trying to make things more difficult than necessary. Try to remember the fundamentals. Remember Simplicity is Key and Content is King.


By: Sirena Williams:  You can find out more about the Author of this article by going here.

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URL Shortener : Social Media Bar


**SOCIAL MEDIA BAR is no Longer a URL Shortener service.. To shorten you urls you can now use Google Services –>

A great URL Shortener tool to use is Social Media Bar. Social Media is a tool mainly used to post links on Facebook. Social Media Bar takes long url’s and makes them short, as any URL Shortener should.URL-shorteners

Add a custom image, page title, URL slug and description to be associated with your like when posted onto Facebook.

In the video below Sirena walks you through how to use this URL Shortener.

URL Shortener Navigation : Social Media Bar

Feel Free to use any url with Social Media Bar. Since this URL shortener tool was created by Facebook all links associated with this tool are able to be posted onto Facebook.

Top 4 Benefits of URL Shorteners

  • More appealing to the eye
  • Easier to Remember
  • Less characters
  • URL slug customization

Social Media Bar Tip : Try using images associated to your website. This will help your SEO score for that particular image and your site.

Have fun using the site and posting your new fancy links onto Facebook !

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Define Syndication

social syndication

Syndication. You have heard this word over and over a 100 times ! What does it mean ?
In the video I define what syndication means… So Check it out !

Definition of Syndication

Syndication is a part of viral marketing ! So learn how to syndicate your content . You never know what someone will like !

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Site Traffic: 24 Hour Traffic Plan For Website Ranking

website ranking

Creating constant site traffic is one of the most important things in building your website online and helping with website ranking. website ranking

There are a number of services you can buy to drive to your traffic site 24 hours a day, however when first starting out with a new website online it is important to build slowly. If possible build free !

Site Traffic Plan For Website Ranking

  1. Create & Keyword Content
  2. Socially Sharing
  3. Ping
  4. Re-purpose

Step 1:

Create Content and Keyword your website/blog post. Providing relevant content to your keywords is going to be key. One of the most important things when it comes to search engines ranking your page is relevancy. How relevant is your content to the keyword you are choosing to rank for ? Do you think your going to get away with placing your keyword behind an image tag of an unrelated image ? Think again . Google takes account of keywords associated with images, by placing them in the Google image search section. If you place an image of a buy now button on your page but the keyword associated with it is Hot New Convertible, if your image appears in the Google Image Search section under that particular keyword and is never shared with that associated keyword Google will red flag that image and your site. “Dinging ” your website ranking score and putting you on the naught Google Website list. All forms are content are taken into account when it comes to website ranking, so place relevant content on your site as well as relevant images.

Step 2:social-media-buttons

Social Share your site across all social networking platforms.

  • Google Plus
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Stumble Upon
  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Twitter

You name it. Any site that attracts visitors share your website on. Post a comment , public service announcement, tweet it however you decide to let it be know you have new content on your site.

Step 3:

Ping your website ! This will let search engines know you have new content on your site. If you are self hosting your site there are some plugins you can download that will “ping search engines for you.

>> If you are unsure of what a Ping is and How this Can help With Site Traffic and Website Ranking you Can Click Here !

Step 4:

Re-purpose, Re-Purpose , Re-purpose. Re-Purpose your content. Ok you wrote a blog post , Great ! Now shoot a video explaining maybe in more depth or a mini commercial for your blog post talking about what the blog post highlights. Write a review for your blog post or website. Submit it to an article base website. Guest blog on a site that already has a substantial amount of viewers or visits per day. In all of the things mentioned be sure to provide a link back to your website. This will allow viewers to view the original content the video, or review is mentioned from.

Creating a 24hour traffic plan is NOT going to happen over night . However if you follow these steps daily I can guarantee that given time you will see your rise in traffic, just be sure you are providing Golden Content ! Content is king, Golden Content, Website Traffic

Want to learn more about marketing online Check out our products:

Inner Circle


Costa Rica Intensive


15k Formula


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A Klout Review: Track My Influence

Social networking


Keeping up with social media !

How do you know that you are the “Top Influencer” in your network of peers ?

Well unless your peers tell you everyday the impact you have on their life you don’t know !

With social media being a huge aspect of marketing there are now social networking sites that track the interaction you have with social media and give you a score.

One of the social trackers I use to understand how my social interactions influence the world is Klout .


You can use the Klout Score to understand how influential you are; you can use your topics to reflect what you are influential about; and you can be recognized for your influence by receiving +K from friends or Perks from brands. Learn more about all the Klout features here:

As of Now I have an un-impressive score of 57 at the moment, however the average score is 40. So I guess you can say I am currently above average !

Klout breaks down your social media activity through the number of social networks you allow it to access.

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Instagramsocial-media-buttons
    • Blogger
    • 4Square
    • WordPress
    • Linked In
    • Google +
    • Tumblr
    • Bing
    • Flickr

Dependent upon which of the social networks you have linked to your Klout above, it will give you a social network score, your 90 day high, 1 day change and your 90 day low. Klout will also give you the statistical break down of your score and the percentage of each social network linked that makes up your Klout score. This allows you to asses which aspect of social networking you may want to shed more light on.

I really enjoy using Klout. Very simple to navigate and use. Of course there is a learning curve if you really want to use Klout for all of the features it offers, but if you only want to know you influence score then setting up the account and checking it weekly is all you need to do !

>>Open up Your Klout Account Today <<

>> Follow Me on Klout<<


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