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H1 H2 H3 Headings: Understanding How the Work

H1 H2 H3


H1 H2 H3 Headings in a Nutshell

Great so you have a blog !how to blog , h1, h2, h3

What do you do with it ?

Well you can :

  • Share Your lifes story
  • Give pertinent news from your local city
  • post pictures of cats on it
  • blog about the latest fashion trend
  • create a how to series on cooking
  • put YouTube videos on it all day
  • look at it

There’s tons of things you can do with your blog.

How you market your blog is what is going to get you noticed … or UN-noticed.

There are behind the scenes marketing such as SEO tactics and upfront in your face marketing tactics such as paid and free advertising methods.

The three combined can get your information out there quicker than a car taking off at a green light.

Lets start off with the basics.

Importance Of H1 H2 H3 Headingsh1, h2, h3 headings

Cool you can make your section headings bigger than the actual text on the page, or smaller hence the H6 heading. However these headings actually serve a purpose other than highlighting the titles on your page.

The H1 H2 H3 – H6 Headings are code for search engine spiders to read and the also help in SEO. If you have a keyword in you heading the search engines takes note, and then reads the site to see how relevant your article is to that keyword. The H1, H2, H3 Headings help search engine spiders interpret your content more easily, in a nutshell.

Now you do not want to use your keyword in every H1 H2 H3 – H6 Heading, only a few times will suffice. Image reading an article where the long tail keyword was How To Get Your dog To pee On the Pee Pad. After about the 2nd or 3rd time of reading that you will get the hint that maybe that is the articles keyword, it will also start to look UN-natural. The more natural your article flows the better.

Where to Place Your H1 H2 H3 Headings

Using the H1 H2 H3 – H6 Headings is at your discretion.

Typically you want to place your larger Headings H1 & H2 and the top of your page. These are meant for titles.  They are placed at the beginning of your page so search engine spiders know what the article is going to be about. The H1 title highlights the keywords when spiders read the Html script. It lets them know , hey this is what this article is about !

H3 – H6 Headings are typically used to highlight other important statements or links throughout the article. They may or may not have keywords in them but serve more so as a personal preference for the writer to highlight key points in his/her article. Use them how you please.

The H1 H2 H3 – H6 Headings are a great way to improve your seo and give your readings eye catching text. It is not necessary to use all of the Headings, just a few will suffice.

Have fun playing around with your headings. Like any new experience there is a learning curve to figure out how you want to use them.

So have fun and be creative !

 Interested in Learning how to blog ? Check out the product I use to Learn how create this site and blog to rank !

Check it out !

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Blog Tips How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online

How to Use Your Blog

How To Use Your Blog How To use Your Blog

Now that you have a blogging platform or your thinking about starting a blog, it is important that you understand how to use your blog to gain the maximum benefits possible !

If you are a corporation looking into blogging great ! A blog will save you tons of advertising money !

“Corporations who are trying to target a specific market should invest in several blogs that cater to that market. It’s a cheaper, more effective and measurable way of advertising,” Schawbel said.

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Having a blog is a like a secret gold mine waiting to be discovered by gold diggers ! Once your niche audience finds your Blog its like they struck it rich. That is assuming you are providing them with “Golden content” !

How To Use Your Blog Tip 1

Use a well establish blogging platform as leverage for your company or personal blog. Start blogging on a platform that is well know to search engines as an authority site. Along with keywords and seo optimization if your blog posts are written to optimize your search engines results you can see yourself ranking high and bringing in traffic sooner than you think. Make your blog work for you ! Blogs are consistently update unlike static websites. When search engines recognize that your blog is being consistently update they will begin to trust the content you are posting is valuable to those searching for what you are providing. This works in hand in hand with the visitors you attract. The more frequently you update your blog and the more frequent visitors visit your site the better. Use a well know blog site as leverage to help you rank faster in search engines and attract visitors.

How To use your blog How To Use Your Blog Tip 2

Use you blog build relationships with customers/followers online. If you are using your blog to promote your offline business this is a great way for your customers to get to know you and your company. Share whats new in your company. Share your experiences and struggles that it took to build your company to what it is today. If there is a new study coming out let your audience know. Maybe you did a review on something, share your findings. Do blog post give-aways, that are exclusive to the customers that follow your blog and things of that nature. Building a relationship with your clients is a key factor to your success. The more comfortable your customers feel about your business the more willing they are to invest and spend money with you. The same for your personal blog. If you are doing reviews on products and looking to eventually sell the product be genuine in your review. Be personable and honest. Become the authority in your niche ! People build trust through readership. If you are constantly providing your audience with “Golden Content” they will continue to look towards you for answers and products.

“There is a definite trend we’ve seen where people trust the opinion of a regular person, we trust any person force more than any corporate force when it comes to getting advice and recommendations,” Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Experience can now be seen as expertise, if an individual reviews a lip balm, their opinion becomes more important than what a beauty magazine says.”

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How To Use Your Blog Tip 3How To use Your Blog

Market your blog on different social media sites, web 2.0 and forums. Make sure to let your audience know that you have “Golden Content” you would like to provide them with. This will GROW your audience and attract more customers or followers to your business or blog. By doing this you will slowly become the authoritative figure for the content that you are providing. Thus in turn branding yourself in the online community. Getting your content out there is going to be the most important thing in growing your audience. Make sure you let everyone you know know ! Use your blog to grow your audience.

It is important that you understand how to use your blog and how a blog can help you in your business and personal endeavors.

Whether its for marketing or personal use your blog is your gold mine !

There is always someone out there looking for the content you are willing to provide. You just need to write it and let them know its there !

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On Page Seo Factor List

on page seo factors

1 of 2

On Page Seo


What is On Page Seo ?

On Page Seo are the aspects and keywords of your page that encourage search engine ranking. On page seo factors optimize your results in the search engines.

When dealing with on page seo there are a number of factors you want to include in your blog post or website.

On Page Seo Factor 1:

It is best to have your keyword in your domain/file Name.

For example if I am a bakery that solely sales chocolate chip cookies, a good domain name would be . My keywords are Chocolate Chip Cookies, this is what I would be aiming to rank for in the search engines eyes.

On Page Seo Factor 2:

Make sure your Keyword or words are included in the title. This lets search engines know what exactly your article or website is about . Increasing your on page seo rank !

On Page Seo Factor 3:

Have an H1 Tag in your blog post or website with your keywords.

On Page Seo Factor 4:

Use descriptive keywords as well as your keyword. Different variations of your keywords to be used is a plus ! Fill your article with different variations of the keyword if possible ! Be sure to have your keywords and variations of your keyword in the first and last paragraph. Let the search engine spiders know that this article is about that particular keyword.

On Page Seo Factor 5:

Include an image alt tag. Different variation of your keyword being use on your site or blog post is another way of ranking high in the search engines. Lets the engines know that not only is text related keyword available on the site but images as well .

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Blog Tips content equals cash! Empower Network How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

Blogging is the new FaceBook !

And yes !

You read it here first !

Blogging has become the new norm for a growing number on individuals in the online world !

You follow who you choose and know that they are going to give you fresh, valuable content every time they make a post.

Now of course some posts are going to be a bit more dry than others, but hey at least the information given is pertinent (solely dependent upon the blog you follow)

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

Now there are a select few of us who are interested in obtaining a blog that can generate oneself an income !

Not a bad idea I must say.

This is where Empower Network comes into play.

Empower Network is a blogging platform that teaches you how to create an income primarily through blogging !

Yes !

You Blog daily and receive %100 Commission.

I myself checked it out and loved it !

I highly recommend it to the individual who is looking for a system to continuously teach them everything they need to know right out the gate, and beyond!

How Can I Get A Blog ?

Empower Network !

and Not only are they giving you a blog, but they teach you how to make money blogging !

Pretty awesome !

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

The perks of Joining Empower Network

  1. Low investment cost that promises %100 commission. Investment $25 (The average cost to start a business is easily , on the low end, $500,000) … Return on Investment up to , minimum , $1,625 a Day
  2. The only thing you need to do is blog and market ! Yes Create the content then tell your friends and others.
  3. Since the website is already recognized as an authority site to major search engines you only role is to SEO your blog and Syndicate it across the network. Let the authority of empower show your blog posts to the world. And the set up sales funnel work for you !
  4. The community of Empower Network is amazing ! Dave & Dave have got our backs ! Don’t believe Check out this article –>>
  5. You are being taught by the top %1 income earners in online and network marketing ! How awesome is that the Donald Trumps of our industry are at our disposal ! We just need to listen, learn and execute!

Join Now and Start Making Money Blogging !

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Blog Tips How to Improve your business

Online Business Strategies:The Online Biz Way

Online Business Strategies

Working from home is the best option we as people have to getting paid our worth. We literally get paid dependent upon how hard we work or how little. Working from home spoils us. We can become lackadaisical with our work, procrastinate since we are our boss and “call out sick ” when we feel like. Here are some online business strategies I use to keep my eye on the prize!

Online Business Strategies 1

Get Dressed

If you are strictly working from home it is important that you get ready. It is very easy to work from home in your Pjs. However lets think about this. Would you work at a 9 – 5 in your pjs ? A lot of us would love to do this, but for the most part 99.9% of us would not go to work in our pjs. Why ? Because it is not business professional. When you wake up. Get ready. You never know what you’re going to do that day online. If you need to shoot a video. Bam ! You are already dressed for the part.

Getting dressed in the morning for your day gets you in the money making mindset. You are a business professional in your own home. We can all agree that when we are fully dressed there is some sort of essence that goes along with it. You feel fresh and ready to work. Versus in our pjs when we are relaxed.

Now that we have gotten dressed, what’s next ?

Online Business Strategies 2

Online Business Strategies, Online Biz

Online Business Strategies, Map out your Day

Map Out your Day

The night before write out a day plan that you would like to accomplish the next day. If makes life much easier and your day will go by much smoother. For example my day looks something like this.

  • 900 Wake Up & Get Dressed
  • 930 Eat
  • 10 Write Blog Post
  • 11 Syndicate
  • 1115 Eat
  • 1130 Get Ready for training
  • 12 – 3 Training
  • 330 Eat
  • 400 Read

and so on and so forth… you get the picture.

My day always goes by smoothly when I know what it is that I am doing the next day. No confusion.

Online Business Strategies 3

Treat your online business like a job not a hobby.

If you want to become successful in the online world you need to be serious about your online biz. This is probably one the most important online business strategies.

Most people that join online biz opportunities are looking to make the quick easy cash and are supplementing it to the job they currently have, only working part time on their online biz. If you want to make the big bucks you need to Get all In and go Full time in your Online biz niche.

All the down time you have, if you are working a full time job, use it to find ways to make your online biz more successful. Continue learning. The online world is forever evolving . Utilize your time to learn as much as you can about your niche in the online biz world.

Online Business Strategies 4

Online Business Strategies , Online Biz

Online Business Strategies, Be Available

Be available

It is important to be connected with your customers and business partners. Let them get to know who you are and be personable.

Building connections is what is really going to help you grow and help with branding yourself in the online community. If you make yourself available to people they will be able to see that you are someone they can trust and know you are more than willing to help you in your success.

Online Business Strategies 5

Online Business Strategies, online biz

Online Business Strategies Success

Keep Track of what works for you

It is important to keep a log of things that work for you versus things that didn’t. This is how you will continue to refine your business techniques. Ultimately leading you to the greatest online biz system.

It makes no sense to continue doing something that does not work for you.

If you are running ad campaigns, solo ads, ppc, ppv campaigns it is important to keep track of traffic. You need to know what is bringing you the greatest amount of traffic and what people are responding to . Keep track of your landing pages, capture pages, you are using for your paid advertising campaigns.

If you are doing free advertising keep track of the times you are posting, what information you are giving and what sites are responsive to the content you are providing.

Learn to apply these 5 online business strategies and watch your business grow !

Below I have compiled a list of articles discussing more online biz strategies.

Pleas enjoy !



For Dummies


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Learn the Formula , Be the Formula– Key factors to business success

key factors to success

Many people start working online thinking that they are going to just create money out of thin air in no time at all, with little to no experience, and no knowledge of exactly how to create the income they desire. That’s the reason that a lot of people will sign up for free offers that promise to deliver huge results with little to no effort.

The reality is that most programs like that don’t deliver on their promises because they don’t encourage the average user to truly understand the process of exactly how to utilize and leverage their system to make money.

I’m sure that you’ve run across many of these, as have we, and you may or may not have been drawn in thinking that you’re going to really cash in big time this time!

Learn to Be A Scientist

What does a scientist do? He/she works with a formula.

Once you find a formula that works, you repeat the process until you have perfected it. You work it over and over, tweaking here and there until it produces the desired results.

The formula of Empower Network is a proven one, but in order to make it work for you, you have to work the formula. You have to tweak it to speak to the specific needs, wants and desires of your target market ~ your niche.

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Tell Others
  3. Make Money

Understanding Empower

The beauty of this formula is that it works for every business model out there, but in order to make it work properly, you’ve got to be a scientist and work the formula.

Understand What WorksOnline Biz Information School

When you understand what works, you can wash, rinse and repeat with exacting results every time.

The biggest question is how do you find out what works? You must read and listen to others who have gone before. Those who have blazed the trail, so to speak, and have produced the results that you truly want.

Follow the leader.

Follow the formula.

Pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t. Discard what doesn’t work, and work on perfecting what does work.

There is always room for improvement.


Don’t Treat Your Business Like A Hobby

People don’t want a job. They want a business, and business should never be a job.

Think about this, as an employee with a good work ethic, you did your utmost to perform the tasks you were assigned with as much perfection as you could.


Because you wanted that raise, or bonus, or whatever other perk your boss was offering!

Treat your business with the same respect and performance, and you will achieve the results that you truly want!


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Blog Tips

Advertisements on Your Personal Blog


Recently I did a post on Mypinkgrasshopper and how awesome her blog site is and how I have been able to watch it grow .

Today I want to talk about how to turn your personal blog in to a money making machine !


Many of you may or may not know that you can have advertisements on your blog (we are not talking about your empower network blog at the moment). They can be subtle or over the top. Which ever you choose.

When advertising you should have links or advertisements on your page to things that relate to your blog.

For example , is a fashion blog, so it is only suiting that the blog contain links to online clothing markets. If there is a link to Home Improvement it is not likely that I am going to click the link

Types of Subtle Advertising:

  • Banner Ads/Sidebar Widget
  • Text Links
  • Sponsored Post
  • Product Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Site skins/Takeovers

Over the Top Advertising:

  • Pop Up Ads
  • Capture Pages

Check out the video to delve into how to make money on your personal blog

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Google Plus ! How to Add Google Plus to Your WordPress Blog

how to add google plus to your profile

Secrete SEO Tip !

Google Plus !

Add Google Plus to your Successful blog or website !

Google is one of the key search engines most people use when searching for things on the internet . It is vital to get in the good graces of Google to make a successful blog or website.

To build a successful blog or website, it is only right to have your WordPress blog or website linked to it.

The benefit of this ?

Google is able to recognize the authorship of your successful blog or website more quickly ! Ranking you higher in the Google search engine.

Now isn’t that nice of Google Plus !

Linking your successful blog or website with Google Plus increases the visibility of your content and the trust. Thus allowing users to trust the content you are promoting and adversely click on your link.

The bond you create with Google Plus by linking your content to your profile is what optimizes the visibility . You become a trusted site to Google once this profile is made and your content is linked. Being a trusted site in Google Plus gives Google the green light to organically rank your site when relevant content to your site is search. This is FREE advertising for you !

Want to know something else cool Google Plus does ?

It also centralizes all of your content in your Google plus profile ! Making it easier for users to search your content. You can stack out your Google Plus profile with all of the information you want your content searchers to know. From linking your Facebook Account, Twitter, Pintrest, Professional webpage, everything, you name it, centralized on your Google Plus profile.

So get started today and link your Google Plus Profile to your Google Gmail !

Google Plus !

Google Plus will help make your successful blog or website !

—>>Learn How to Make a successful blog ! <<—

cropped-rsz_01.gifHow can I get a Blog ?

Join Money Making Monsters and Start Building your successful Blog !

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How to create a successful blog

how to create a successful blog

1 of 2

Creating a successful blog is hard work and dedication. Like anything you apply yourself to in life you want to make sure you are giving it your all. The same goes for blogging. Treat it like you mean business, but you can still have fun at the same time.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the Purpose of My successful blog?
  • What do I want to blog about?
  • What is my Target Audience?
  • How am I going to Market my Blog ?

Answer these four questions and you are good to go.

What is the Purpose of My Blog?

Set clear intentions on what you are starting your blog for. Whether its to make money online, inform people on home remedies, delivering the latest news on your home town etc. Be clear of what niche you would like to target while blogging. A successful blog is able to dial in on what exactly the purpose is.

What Do I want to Blog about ?

Once you have figured out the purpose, figure out what exactly it is that you would like to talk about. If you are informing people of how to make money online some subjects you should blog on are: Affiliate program reviews, how you are using your Empower network blogging platform, how to create a successful blog, new products in the marketplace, how to make a successful blog, how to’s, so on and so fourth.

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How to make a Successful Blog 4 simple tips


Building a Successful Blog

Make a Successful Blog

Yikes ! successful blog, solo ad, money making monsters, google plus, google Adwords, Adwords

You are a new blogger or you’ve been around the blogging block and you want to know how to build a successful blogor revamp the one you currently have…. Your in luck!

Here are 4 simple tips to building a successful blog:

  1. Have a set schedule and post regularly. Get in the habit of waking up and posting. Creating content, VALUABLE content. This is going to draw the most traffic and get you the highest rankings in Google. *The best analogy I can think of is; most people run out and buy the newest best gym equipment. Work out hard only one day a week. And then wonder why they don’t see any results. Don’t be this person! Even if you can only commit a little time, DO IT! 20 minutes everyday, brings way more results than 140mins once a week* (consistency is key, this will make a successful blog!)
  2. Have diverse topics within your realm of interest to write about. When making a successful blog you MUST be diverse in your topics ! This prevents fresh content from seeming repetitive. Talk about yourself every now and then. If the main purpose of your blog is to make money online. Become personable, and someone people feel “actually exists“. People like working with people, and support people. Not robots. And not systems.

    successful blog, solo ad, money making monsters, google plus, google Adwords, Adwords

    Building A Successful Blog

  3. Target specific days for your posts. If you are able to stick to a daily routine where you are posting on certain subject on certain day this will build expectations for your input on that particular subject matter. Your audience will love the new content and come to appreciate the predictability of your posts. In turn, creating repeat viewers, and eventually repeat CUSTOMERS! :) Building a successful blog takes time!
  4. Keep your posts concise and clear. When creating a successful blog, it is nice to give your readers all the detail and information they desire, however if your blog is too long or wordy, your readers will lose interest. Most people who read blogs are looking for clear and concise information rather than complicated details. They want the main points. And will reach out to you if more details are required. Now thats a Successful Blog !

Apply these 4 tips to the knowledge you already have about blogging and watch your viewers increase. With proper application of these tips, you should be well on your way to creating a blog worth reading and returning to .

Online Biz Information School

For more Tips on how to build a successful blog check out Key Factors to success.

Don’t have a blogging platform?

Want to learn how to Make a Successful Blog?

Don’t know how to turn your blog into CASH?

Join Obi School 

Learn how to turn your blogging in to Cash With OBI School !


Sirena & Quincy

OBI School

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