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Quincy Amarikwa – $2300 & 7000+ Leads in 7 Days – 30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 1 UPDATE

week 1 30 challenge update 25

$2300 & 7000+ Leads in 7 Days

30 Day Affiliate Challenge Week 1 UPDATE


If you missed the 1st installment of the 30 Day Challenge, you can go watch it by Clicking HERE


This wraps up week one of the 30 day affiliate challenge.  In 7 days we have accumulated 7,000 leads and made $2,300. Not bad ! Creating these results takes time, scaling correctly and learning about the niche you are targeting.

If you are looking for coaching and interested in learning the techniques Quincy is using to produce the results he is showing you in his video fill out our MMMMarketing Questionnaire .

We will personally take a look over it and if you qualify look for a call.

Looking forward to working with you.

week 1 30 challenge update

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$715 & 2,200 Leads in 3 Days! – 30 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge

30 Day Affiliate challenge featured image


$715 & 2,200 Leads in 3 Days!30 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge

First 3 Days- 30 Day Affiliate Challenge

First 3 days of the 30 day affiliate marketing challenge !

Follow us on the next 30 days as we tweak and build our campaign .

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Network Marketer Guidelines

So you want to be a Network Marketer . Great !

Welcome to the world !

In the beginning you will be “gung ho” about showing your offer to everyone ! While the excitement is great and should be used to fuel your business, be ready to control it !

The goal of Network Marketing is to build quality ethical long lasting relationships with others. Keep this rule in mind throughout your Network Marketing career and you will do just fine.

Here are a set of Guidelines ALL Network Marketers should follow. It will save you time and keep you from looking like the pushy sales guy or woman !

You Are What You Attract

Questions to ask yourself :

  • What are you attracting ?
  • What type of person are you ?
  • Is the image your giving off the guru of all network marketing experience ?
  • Do you appear to be un-knowledgeable in your offer ?
  • Are you praising someone else expertise ?
  • Are you selling people a dream ?

1. Be conscious of the image you give off to people. People remember first impressions and last impressions. How do you want to be remembered ?

2. Be genuine and honest when it comes to presenting yourself to others. Most will start with the fake it til to make approach (this is the old style of network marketing). I would not advise this approach, but people will do what they wish. If you flaunt like you’ve got it be ready to back it up when the time comes. People like to connect and talk with other people. The more relatable you are to an individual the more likely they will be willing to follow your advice and join your team.

“Do unto others as you wish to be done to you “

Be Ethical !Network Marketer

In network marketing there are a number of opportunities available for anyone to join. The thing about network marketing… it works ! If it didn’t people would’nt be doing it.

1. It behooves you not to talk down on someone else, their product, marketing techniques or tools. That is unprofessional and a serious character flaw. A good leader will uplift, lead by example and support others in their field. Not chastise what it is they are doing. Stay away from leaders who continually talk down to or about others. What they’re saying about others, they’re probably saying about you.

Network marketing is forever changing and it is unfair to say one approach is better than the other. Everyone is different. If you don’t agree with someones approach that is perfectly fine. I am sure there are times when you run into people and you just can’t figure out what it is about them that “erks” you. In that same situation be kind and offer positive words not attacking their approach and just move on. The same thing goes with regard to their products. Don’t say your product is outright better than theirs, this just puts someone in a defensive mindset. If you wish to expose them to your product, lead with personal value, NOT the company or the product. Like I mentioned early People connect with People.

2. Do not Cross Recruit. Many times in Network Marketing you will run into people in the same MLM as you . This is great ! If they ask you for advice tell them to speak with their sponsor, do not try to recruit them into your team. If their is sponsor is unavailable then share FREE networking strategies with them. So many times I run into network marketers who are in the same MLM as I am and then try to sell me their consultation services or discuss how they can benefit me. We are in the same MLM . I am receiving the same information you are receiving from our opportunity. If you would like to mastermind and build a FREE partnership this is perfectly fine, but do not sell me a dream I am already dreaming.

3. Do not Spam ! Spamming is sending your offer to any and everyone you meet “unwantingly ” . If the person does not ask what you are affiliated with do not offer. It is ok to introduce yourself and explain to them what it is you do , but do not immediately send them your links to your offer when marketing online. Find out how your offer can benefit them, lead with personal value and then present the offer. Let them get to know you first as a person and then if this is someone you would like to work with slowly introduce them to your product AFTER you have learned their why and how your product can benefit them. If this is someone you do not think you would like working with move on to the next person. But PLEASE do not send people a link to your offer in your introduction.

Stick With it Til the EndNetwork Marketer

When you first join there are going to be people who tell you to buy this and join that and download this and then talk to this person.

Avoid this !

Unless the product they are offer is only going to help you in your Network Marketing endeavors do not fall for the bait.

Many people get caught up in joining multiple offers and buy products that they do not need. You will loose time and money doing this.

All multi-level-marketing opportunities work ! If they didn’t people would not be promoting .

The grass is greener on the other side ?

NO ! The grass is greener where you water it !

Stick with your opportunity til the end and see it through . Do not give up. All Network Marketing opportunities take time. Remember you are building quality long lasting relationships.

Invest in your opportunity !Network Marketer

If your opportunity cost $25 to join and you want to make $1000 a week , this means you need to be recruiting 40 people a week.

On that same note if you are wanting to make 50k a month on a $25 product good luck ! This means you need to be recruiting 2,000 people a month, or 67 people a day! Unless you are doing paid advertising , this is the only way I see this happening.

Make sure the amount of money you want to make is realistic to the time you have to put forth for your venture and to the product you have to offer !

If your opportunity has a level of products position yourself so you are optimizing your experience and profit.

For Example : If the total cost of the opportunity is $5,000 and you have different levels to buy into do so.

  • Level 1 $25
  • Level 2 $100
  • Level 3 $500
  • Level 4 $1,000
  • Level 5 $3,475

Now lets look at that $1000 a week. If I have purchased only up to Level 4 and you are getting paid on all levels, if I make 1 Level 4 sale a week I have already accomplished my goal.

  • 2 Level 3 sales
  • 10 Level 2 sales
  • 4 Level 1 sales + 4 Level 2 sales + 1 Level 3 Sale
  • 8 Level 1 sales + 3 Level 2 Sales + 1 Level 3 Sale
  • and so on and so forth.

If you have positioned yourself correctly and got all in, dependent on the relationship you have built with your prospects , all you need is one person who is just as smart as you to get all in.

Lets look at the 10K a month , All in. That’s 2,500 a week.

  • 1 All in sale
  • 2 people buying Level 1- Level 4
  • 5 Level 3 sales
  • 8 Level 1 sales + 6 Level 2 + 3 Level 3 sales
  • and so on and so forth

Now of course, most people making the over 10k a month are doing paid advertising, but that’s not to say its not tangible, it will just take time.

The Network Marketer Experience !

The network Marketer Experience is most definitely a fun one. It is a choice and not everyone survives. If you want to be in the top 1-2% making the big bucks online you are going to need to stick with and continually refine your efforts and strategies. Success takes hard work and dedication! If it were easy everyone would be doing it !

If you are new to Network Marketing and looking for an opportunity to open your eyes to the online world I would check this one out !


Network Marketer



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Building Your Brand Community

Great so you have learned how to brand yourself !

* How to Brand Yourself Video Below if you need a Refresher *


Now What ?

Now that you have become a staple in the community it is important to engage and interact with your community of followers !

Top 3 Things To do after You have branding yourself !

  1. Continue To Provide Golden Content
  2. Engage Your Readers (Comments, Likes , Shares, Videos)
  3. Follow Up

Continue To Provide Golden Contenthow to brand yourself , golden content

This is major ! Great you have lured them in with this Golden Content ! Good ! Continue providing it ! This is why they love you !

It behooves you to continue to provide Golden Content if you want your audience to continue to visit your website.

Content is King ! Do not forget this. Content is going to follow you for the rest of your career. Just like that nickname you got in high school that you would much rather not be known for.

How to Provide Golden Content

  • Find Out what your Niche Market Wants
  • Include Engaging Photo’s and Videos
  • Write Creative, use fun words !
  • Make your content easy to read and follow

Engage Your Followers

People enjoy sharing experiences and talking about themselves. Let’s face it. It is in our nature. We are social beings. It is the only reason our species survived over others, from a scientific stand point.

Encourage your readers to leave comments, share and like your post. Provided the necessary tools for them to do so.

For example to the right of this post you can click on any social network you are currently involved in to share this post ——->>>>> Please do so :) !

Cool Ways to Engage your Followers !

  • User submitted Content (Videos, Guest posting, Testimonials)
  • Encourage Likes, comments , Shares
  • Free Giveaways (ebooks, chance to win a gift card)

Follow Up !how to brand yourself

Nothing like a good Follow up !

So your followers are commenting , sharing, liking, enrolling in your giveaways and all the fun stuff that comes along with followers ! Great now follow up with them. Comment on their comments , and actually read what they are saying and provide a genuine comment.

They took the time out to actually read your post , so take the time to read their comment and provide a genuine comment.

Invite them back to read more posts.

For Example:

Sally I appreciate your opinion on my post. I look forward to reading future comments from you.

Doesn’t this sound better than , Thank you !

Now that I have provided you with ways to build your brand in your community, I invite you to share your thoughts !

What works for you ? What does not ? What do you need help with ?

I look forward to reading what it is you have to say !



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MLM Secrets: How to choose the Best MLM For you !

Let’s face it !

There are tons of MLM businesses out there !

Probably more so now than ever !

When it comes to building an Online business, there are Tons of way to make easy money online. You just need to figure out what MLM works for you! What exactly are the MLM secrets ?

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what MLM you decide to use to generate your income. They all work, if they didn’t people wouldn’t be promoting them in the first place and scams get weeded out quickly.

MLM Secrets: How To Choose the Best MLM For You !

MLM Secret 1

The really successful individuals are the ones who stick with one opportunity and work hard at it for a long period of time. Plain and simple.

MLM Secrets

Grass is Greener Where you Water It !

If you are steady hopping from opportunity to opportunity you are never going to make any money ! Why? because you are steadily investing in another opportunity before master the initial one that you invested in.

It is like the saying goes. The grass is always greener on the other side… WRONG ! The Grass is Greener where you water it !

Take time with your opportunity. If you water it just right you will be seeing Dollar Signs $$$ every time you wake up !

MLM Secret 2

Make Sure there is Room at the Top for You !

dave wood
What does that mean ? Make Sure your company plan promotes a TEAM atmosphere ! Ask questions about the FOUNDERS of the company.

    1. Is there a Long Term Vision about the Company ?
    2. Are they personable, down to earth?
    3. What tactics are they using to recruit people into the industry ?
    4. Do they protect their Reps ?
    5. Are they big EGO-Maniacs ?

Do they want to help you and see you succeed ?

Dave Wood
“There is an organized group going around flagging Empower Network reps YouTube videos (videos that aren’t even remotely breaking Youtube terms)

I have no idea who you are, but I’m guessing you’re on my Facebook wall. Be warned:


I’m in the process of having lawyers research into whether or not we can sue the shit out of you. I don’t like lawsuits, but what you’re doing hurts the little guy, and is about the most unethical thing that you can possibly do.

There are part time moms and dads, families, who put thousands of hours of effort into their videos – and what you’re are doing is bull shit, and you know it, and you need to realize how much it hurts – not me, but the thousands of people who are just trying to make it happen.

There is nothing wrong with these videos you’re flagging, and you know it.

If I can, and I have the money, I’ll get a court to subpoena your contact information from YouTube, and will sue you for damages against ALL of the affiliates that you are targeting.

I could give a crap about me – but you are messing with my family. Back the fuck down.

Pass the word on. It’s time that this stops. After I sue you, and find out who you are, you will go into a hall of shame, for being the most unethical, garbage marketer ever.

If you want to come out and make a public apology, now is your chance, and your last chance. That being said –

I love you guys in Empower Network. I have your back. “

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MLM Secret 3

Work in a healthy MLM environment, Make sure your sponsor is there to help !

Is everyone in the MLM competing with each other or are they helping ? Is your sponsor readily available to give you the coaching that you need ?

When starting off in the MLM world online a lot of times people recruit you into the business with no intentions of helping you. Make sure the MLM you decide go with has a healthy community and your sponsor is there to help… at all times !

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—>>Learn How Content = Cash <<—

MLM Secret 4

The LEAST you can invest with the MOST profit is Always Best !

MLM Sectres

Small Investment yielding huge Profit

In gambling we are always trying to hit big ! We put a little down in HOPES of making a lot. Well in the MLM world you can guarantee to hit big every time !

  1. Is the price affordable for the everyday person ?
  2. Would others be interested in buying the products ?
  3. Are you gaining knowledge from the products ?
  4. Do you like the products ?
  5. Are the products something you can use outside of the MLM ?
  6. Do the products yield results ?

I believe it should be every persons goal to spend the least amount of money and yield the biggest results ! Don’t You ?

MLM Secret 5

Make sure you are getting paid your worth !

MLM Secretes

Throwing Money In the Air Like I just Don’t Care

Look at the composition plan and how much the company costs to invest in. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my initial investment worth the amount I will make over time ?
  2. What is my return on investment ?
  3. Is composition plan attractive ?
  4. Is the time spent working worth the amount being made ?
  5. Does the Comp Plan make you rich or someone else ?

If you are spending all day actively recruiting people is it worth it? Make your MLM work for you , not you for it ! MLM Secrets !

Here is an MLM I found that Pays Out %100 Commisions !

If you are able to apply these 5 MLM secrets and answers all the questions on your MLM search you are in the lead !

Make sure you find the MLM that works best for you and stick with it through thick and thin !

Longevity yields results when effort is put forth !

MLM Secrets 101

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App Tips: The Starter

The Starter !

App Tips, The Starter

My first app ever !

It was a very exciting experience creating The Starter app.

The process alone was time consuming !

But all in all I had fun !

App Tips

–>>I used this system to learn how to market my app ! <<—

Creating a Successful App

After creating this app I learned more about online marketing than I had imagined, I realized there are few things I could of done differently upon release of my app.

App Tips 1


People love features. Try to have a few specialized features for your app, that are exclusively for your app only. Keep it simple they do not need to be intricate. Remember we want the consumer to be able to understand what the apps purpose is and not confuse them.

App Tips 2

Market Before the Release

Marketing before the release will create a buzz about the app, get people excited for the app to come out. If you can, talk to app gurus who will write a concept review on your app before the release. Once the app is released have that same person write a review on the functionality of the app. Do YouTube reviews about the app as well. Get the word out there that your app is going to be released soon.

—>>Not Sure How to Market ! Get all The training you need here ! Make Money doing It <<—

App Tips 3

Engage With your App Audience

Create different social pages for your app, Facebook page, Twitter, pintrest, blog ? maybe ? Engage with the followers that soon come to find out your app is being released. They will be your free marketing tool you use to get your app out there !

Follow these simple app tips and you should be alright !

If you have more questions please feel free to leave a comment below !

—>>Join Now and Learn Everything There is to Know about Marketing Online !<<—

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What Are Backlinks ?

What Are Backlinks ?

Backlinks :

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.[1]

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What are Backlinks Explained in less than 30secs !

What are Backlinks and how can they Help ?

In laments terms Backlinks are links from external website linking to your original website or blog post.

What are backlinks, BacklinksBacklinks help Google, yahoo, bing and many other search engines rank your information. Backlinks also help determine your contents relevancy to the community. The more relevant your content the better.

As of now major search engines such as Google like to see your information being shared across the web from different users. Whether it be Facebook, Pintrest, Tagged, Warrior Forum, you name it ! They love to see your information commented on, liked and shared !

Backlinks help with Off Page Seo.

Everyone knows SEO is the name of the game !

What are Backlinks ?

Now you know the answer !

Learn How content equals cash !

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Good Leads, How To Generate Leads 1000+ a Day–For FREE!

Good Leads, How To Generate Leads 1000+ a Day–For FREE!

How I’m generating 1,000 TARGETED, FREE, biz op leads A DAY!

Good leads How to Generate Leads, Email Processing HomeBiz

The Search For How To Generate Good Leads

Good Leads, How To Generate Leads

Hey guys and gals,

In my never ending quest to find the holy grail of good leads, and how to generate them, I’m always looking for high converting offers to promote on the front end to generate enough money to cover my cost to advertise (aren’t we all) and build my list (again..duh) So far, I’ve done “decently” well.. Usually I’m able to re-coop about 75% of my initial cost to advertise on the front end. In turn lowering my CPL (cost per lead) costs dramatically, with the hopes to recoup the remaining costs, and eventually hit profits on the back end.

How I’m generating good leads 1,000+ TARGETED, FREE, biz op leads A DAY!

This strategy has been working, but to be honest not as fast as I would like. Especially since lets say for instance, I spend $1000 on a solo ad promoting an affiliate offer. I then am averaging making $750 in sales while adding to my list, which is great. But then I have to wait for not only the time it takes to build a relationship with my list, and then make my back-end sales. BUT also the time it takes for the Affiliate company to pay your your affiliate sales (ie. that $750). My affiliate company is awesome, and pays in a timely manner, every time, but that still doesn’t negate the fact that I have to wait a full week to be paid for my sales the week before.

So even though I’m making $750 in sales right away, or even if the offer I’m promoting breaks me even. There is still a long period of time I have to wait in order to receive my commissions, to then re-invest that money into more advertising(Which is something I recommend everyone do).

Good leads and how to generate them–1,000+ TARGETED, FREE, biz op leads A DAY!

Now this is a HUGE PROBLEM when I’ve found a really great converting/high paying affiliate product. *oh woe is me*

How to Generate Leads, Email Processing HomeBiz

How To Generate Leads

When I’m breaking even or in some cases even becoming profitable on my front end sales, I personally want to SCALE UP and re-invest that money back into more advertising immediately. Unfortunately, with the time it takes for networks to process your sales and pay you out, the ship might have already sailed.

I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem. And aside from being personal friends with affiliate company owners and getting them to wire you your money early, most people are stuck in Limbo…

LUCKILY though, I have found the affiliate product that has solved this conundrum……… Good Leads, and how to Generate these Leads???

Email Processing HomeBiz… Yes, Email Processing HomeBiz

You might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about, but here’s the link for you to understand more and how you can get started literally in less than an hour:

Good Leads and How to Generate Leads: Email Processing HomeBiz

Essentially its a High Converting Offer, with immediate payout straight to your account (via PayPal). And has been working amazingly well for me. Not only is the money I’m spending to advertise my site capturing me good leads, It’s also CONVERTING ME SALES, and at an awesome rate as well. So much so that I haven’t ran a paid ad for it yet, and not been in profits, on the front end ALONE! ** I still have my followups :)**

That would be great news in itself, but what is really amazing is that the money paid to me for sales of this program come straight to my PayPal account! So I’m able to immediately use that money earned, into purchasing more ads (or food or clothes or whatever you want, I guess its your money to do with what you choose)! Thus Building my LIST with GOOD LEADS….. FOR FREE…Over 1000+ worth…. EVERY DAY.. I can tell, you like the sound of this email processing homebiz right?

How To Generate Leads, Email Processing HomeBiz Also another great thing to note about this system. It teaches you where/when/ and how to post FREE online ads across Craigslist and the like. Not only making it an awesome product for those like me (who prefer paid advertising) but also those who want to go the free route and still be able to make some money.

Anyways that’s it.. That’s my current holy grail to Free Daily thousand plus good lead generation, I recommend you hope on the boat before it sails without you!

To your online Success!

Quincy & Sirena

Good Leads and How to Generate Leads: Email Processing HomeBiz

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How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

Blogging is the new FaceBook !

And yes !

You read it here first !

Blogging has become the new norm for a growing number on individuals in the online world !

You follow who you choose and know that they are going to give you fresh, valuable content every time they make a post.

Now of course some posts are going to be a bit more dry than others, but hey at least the information given is pertinent (solely dependent upon the blog you follow)

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

Now there are a select few of us who are interested in obtaining a blog that can generate oneself an income !

Not a bad idea I must say.

This is where Empower Network comes into play.

Empower Network is a blogging platform that teaches you how to create an income primarily through blogging !

Yes !

You Blog daily and receive %100 Commission.

I myself checked it out and loved it !

I highly recommend it to the individual who is looking for a system to continuously teach them everything they need to know right out the gate, and beyond!

How Can I Get A Blog ?

Empower Network !

and Not only are they giving you a blog, but they teach you how to make money blogging !

Pretty awesome !

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

How Can I Get A Blog ? Empower Network Review

The perks of Joining Empower Network

  1. Low investment cost that promises %100 commission. Investment $25 (The average cost to start a business is easily , on the low end, $500,000) … Return on Investment up to , minimum , $1,625 a Day
  2. The only thing you need to do is blog and market ! Yes Create the content then tell your friends and others.
  3. Since the website is already recognized as an authority site to major search engines you only role is to SEO your blog and Syndicate it across the network. Let the authority of empower show your blog posts to the world. And the set up sales funnel work for you !
  4. The community of Empower Network is amazing ! Dave & Dave have got our backs ! Don’t believe Check out this article –>>
  5. You are being taught by the top %1 income earners in online and network marketing ! How awesome is that the Donald Trumps of our industry are at our disposal ! We just need to listen, learn and execute!

Join Now and Start Making Money Blogging !

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Empower Network free advertising Make Easy Money Online

Free Advertising for your Blog !

Free advertising for your blog

Blog BLog BLOG !

Free Advertising for your Blog ! Nothing is better than free ! Want to know how to get free advertising for your blog ?

Listen up !

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