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How to Improve your business

How to Improve Your Business

How to improve your business

How To Improve Your business

If your business is currently struggling or you are looking for ways to improve what you already have you may want to evaluate what you are currently doing.

Business is always changing and it is important that you stay up with the times if you don’t want to get left in the dust!

In the following post I hope to detail a few simple tips on How to Improve your Business! They’re not out of the box or to crazy to incorporate into what you are already doing, but very simple and subtle changes that you can make to make your business a better work environment and maybe even increase sales and customer satisfaction!

Tips On How to Improve Your Businessenvironment (1)

  1. Change Your Environment
  2. Keep an Open Rapport With Employees
  3. Stay up To Date on New Trainings
  4. Maintain a Social Network Presence

Change your Environment

Working from home creates a relaxed atmosphere. There are so many different things you can do at home: watch T.V., eat, sleep, play with your kids and/or walk the dog; if you find that your motivation about working from home is slowly depleting move your workstation. Try working in a different environment outside of your home, say the nearest coffee shop or your neighbor’s house. You will be surprised at how a little change of environment can bring you new motivation and inspiration to help improve your business.

This is the same for an offline business. Ever notice how your house feels like a new home when you remodel it or just simply rearrange the furniture?  If capable, move stuff around in the office, rearrange your desks, throw old things away, or buy a plant! Every little thing you can do to make your environment a more conducive work area the better. You will feel happier and be more productive than you were before.

Keep an Open Rapport with Employees

These people work for you and you for them! Make sure you keep them happy. Happy employees lead to better business. At some point in time there has been an authority figure in your life where you just wanted to make that person proud! This same emotion you felt for that person is the same type of emotions your employees should feel for you. To achieve this feeling you need to talk to them, know whom they are as a person, what they like to do in their free time. Building healthy relationships with your employees not only will make your work environment healthier but it will also improve your business. Whether it is an online business or an offline business, happy employees always work harder and are easier to work with.

Fun Things To does With Your EmployeesWinner

  • Weekly Contest
  • Monthly BBQ’s
  • Friday Feed on the Boss
  • Guess my Baby Picture
  • Team Games

Stay up To Day on New Trainings

Outside of the basic training, what do you have to offer your employees to make their life easier in the work place? Being the head person in charge of your business there is always some knowledge you have to offer to your employees, as well as some knowledge your employees can offer you. Have team building sessions and give your employees the chance to voice concerns they have or things they are lacking. This is not to say that all things mentioned need to be handled but listen to what they say and execute as necessary.  Include them in your business and things you are learning along the way. Send out weekly emails teaching them something new. Make them feel as though they are the business, because in actuality they are the ones running the company for your, or at least the grunt work.

Social Network Presence

If you are not aware of what Facebook is you have already lost. Being active on social networks is a great way to see how your customers interact with your company, the good and the bad. It is important that your company have some type of social network presence. This is one of the key aspects when learning how to improve your business.

Top Company Social Networking Sites

Being active on any one, or all, of these social networking sites will allow you to connect with your followers. You will be able to cater to their needs, as necessary.

Listen, Understand, Execute

Listen to what your followers/audience/customers are saying.

Understand what exactly it is that they are looking for or need.

Execute the proper plan to get them what they want.

People enjoy talking to, buying from and interacting with people! Let’s be honest, how many times do you hit zero on the automated machine? I know I hit zero until someone picks ups. Now if you and I both are hitting zero how many others do you think hit zero? If I had to guess I would say 80% of the population hits zero until they hear a person. So, be human on your social networking sites !

In conclusion, if you able to incorporate at least one tip a month on How to improve your business, I am sure you will see a change for the better. These are simple things you can do for yourself and your employees. If you are your own employee then take these tips as a stepping stone to change your outlook on your life and how to can live better and build a better you!

Start a Business to Improve –>> The OBI Blueprint


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How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online

Marketing Plan Example : The 3C’s To Online Marketing

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 7.43.00 PM

The simplest marketing plan to execute online consists of 3 simple steps.

In the video below I explain a simple marketing plan example that will sky rocket your income if done correct.

Marketing Plan Example Explained

Create. Capture. Convert.Marketing Plan Example


Create: Create information that people will want to read and share. Provide valuable information for your reader. Compelling enough to want them yearning for more.

Capture: Capture information, namely emails. You can capture emails by sending them to capture pages, having them subscribe to your RSS feed via email or having them complete surveys.

Convert: Convert your email captures into sales. Once you have captured an email it is your job to convert that lead into a sale or provide the information you promised via capture page.


Master these 3 Simple Steps for your Marketing Plan and online promotion.

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How to Improve your business Tips For Online Marketing

Viral Marketing Through Video Marketing & Why it Works


A Few of you may be up to the idea of video marketing . If this is you then you will enjoy what I have to say in the is quick video.

Video Marketing and Why It Works

 What is Video Marketing?videomarketing

Marketing through video, dependent on the product, is a simple way to market your product online. Video marketing helps with branding and allowing individuals to get to know and trust you through video. Take actors and actress for instance, they are constantly creating movies and show casing their talents. Doing interviews , posting home videos and starring in commercials. You most often see them in the comfort of your own home, where you are more receptive to information. You may watch their TV series every Thursday night at 10, you get to know their character and may even start to associate their character with who they are as a person outside of acting. You see them selling a product, because you have watched them on TV for a number of months you feel you can trust their judgement, you like how they carry themselves and present themselves on TV so you follow the products they offer to you. You may choose to buy one or two of the products they are promoting why ? because you feel as though you know them and they wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction. Most of the products you buy that they promote are already products you where thinking about buying anyway but now that you know your favorite actor uses it , it make the product that much more appealing !

Don’t worry I fall victim to this as well , Kerry Washington sold me a pair of shoes through a music video she was featured in !

We are all exposed to video marketing and it has different effects on everyone, so don’t feel bad if Tom Cruise sells you a vacuum.



If you like Information Like this and would like to learn more please check out our Webinar Series Where we teach you how to become an Online Marketer !

>> Become an Online Marketer Today <<

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Blog Tips How to Improve your business How To Twitter

A Klout Review: Track My Influence

Social networking


Keeping up with social media !

How do you know that you are the “Top Influencer” in your network of peers ?

Well unless your peers tell you everyday the impact you have on their life you don’t know !

With social media being a huge aspect of marketing there are now social networking sites that track the interaction you have with social media and give you a score.

One of the social trackers I use to understand how my social interactions influence the world is Klout .


You can use the Klout Score to understand how influential you are; you can use your topics to reflect what you are influential about; and you can be recognized for your influence by receiving +K from friends or Perks from brands. Learn more about all the Klout features here:

As of Now I have an un-impressive score of 57 at the moment, however the average score is 40. So I guess you can say I am currently above average !

Klout breaks down your social media activity through the number of social networks you allow it to access.

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Instagramsocial-media-buttons
    • Blogger
    • 4Square
    • WordPress
    • Linked In
    • Google +
    • Tumblr
    • Bing
    • Flickr

Dependent upon which of the social networks you have linked to your Klout above, it will give you a social network score, your 90 day high, 1 day change and your 90 day low. Klout will also give you the statistical break down of your score and the percentage of each social network linked that makes up your Klout score. This allows you to asses which aspect of social networking you may want to shed more light on.

I really enjoy using Klout. Very simple to navigate and use. Of course there is a learning curve if you really want to use Klout for all of the features it offers, but if you only want to know you influence score then setting up the account and checking it weekly is all you need to do !

>>Open up Your Klout Account Today <<

>> Follow Me on Klout<<


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Blog Tips How to Improve your business

Website Strategy : Your Offline Business Online

offline business online

Bringing your offline market online is going to be pertinent for the success of your business. More and more people are shifting to online reviews about companies and reading other peoples opinions on your company. website strategy

If you want to survive in the offline world you will need to delve into the online world.

The 3 key elements you will need are:

  1. Website
  2. Blog
  3. Social Media

Website Strategy

If you are unfamiliar with how exactly to build a website there are tons of business that will do this for you. Whether it be a eCommerce site or a simple web page for you business. The non tech savvy individual now has the option to outsource its website design and functionality for someone else to maintain and handle.

The down side to outsourcing is on some sites you are limited in what you can and can not do on their platform. So read the fine print before choosing your site. Figure out your website strategy and pick the company that best fits your vision.

Website Design Sites/ eCommerce Sites

Find the site that works for you and your company. The two I really enjoy using are Host Gator and Wix. If you chose to go with host gator use the promo code SirenasWorld to get your hosting for just a .01. You are welcome in advance !

>>Monetize your Website <<


Over the past year or so blogs have really taken the web by storm. More and more people are blogging and vlogging.

Blogs stand as a platform for companies and individuals to speak on. Maybe on you company website you might not announce Becky’s new promotion, however on your blog this could be something the company can share to its consumer base. Imagine following your local companies blog , reading about Becky’s promotion and then going in for a product you need and congratulating Becky while you are there. How awesome is that ? You have created a certain aura about your company before the consumer arrives. Just make sure you represent the image you convey online offline.

Top Blogging Platforms

All of these platform are viewed as authority sites to Google. If you are hosting your own domain WordPress allows you to upload its dashboard to your site with some web hosting companies. Others come with their own blogging platforms. The tool I started out using first to learn how to properly blog was Empower. I then graduated to a self hosted blog, hosted by host gator and using a WordPress platform. I am now able to do with my blog as I please.

Social MediaSocial-Media-Experts

The last and final thing you need when bringing your offline business online is a social media presence. The top two site in social media being Facebook and Twitter. MySpace is making somewhat of a comeback but since the Facebook explosion it is just not the same.

Social Media Sites

With this presence make sure you are constantly engaging followers through status, images and videos. Interact with your followers to keep them engaged.

To wrap it up , the 3 Key elements for a good website strategy are to have a website, a blog and social media presence. This will get you started and heading in the right direction.

>>Make Money Blogging<<

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content equals cash! How to Improve your business How To Twitter

How to Twitter

how to twitter, how to use twitter

What is Twitter ?

How to Twitter ?

What is it Good for ?

What is a Tweet ?

These are a few questions that people new to social networking ask themselves when ever the topic of Twitter arises.

Twitter is a program that allows you to follow individuals you wish and be updated via Tweets about their every movement and the latest news in their life.

Twitter is also a great way to syndicate content and get new followers. Between the Hash tagging , trending topics and twitter Marketing , twitter is a great way to connect with your target audience.


How to Twitter, How To use Twitter Katt Williams

How To Twitter: Building the perfect Tweet

  • Hashtag Keyword
  • @YourName
  • Link To Page
  • Eye Catching Text

When it comes to twitter having the most interesting tweet is going to get you the click to your link.

For Example: If you notice there are a lot of celebrity accounts whose tweets will read ” I just lost 20lbs ” or “He said Yes “.

“He Said Yes” was tweeted by a fake Kim Kardashian account, but as you can imagine, with the pregnancy between her and Kanye West stirring in the media tons of fans where interested to see if “he said yes” to a wedding. Out of pure curiosity I clicked the link and of course it took me to a website that had tons of good information but not what I was looking for. The site that it took me to was the top 10 celebrity weddings, which is similar to the information given in the tweet, but not what I “assumed” it would be.

How to Twitter : Gaining Followershow to twitter, how to use twitter

  • Tweet Daily
  • Good Content
  • Engage

If you are looking to build followers tweeting good content consistently throughout the day and engaging your followers is how you are going to build a stellar audience.

Twitter is a social networking site. Social Networking . Engaging your audience is going to be the key factor in building your audience.

Engage your followers with Golden Content and Awesome Tweets and watch your list of followers grow !



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content equals cash! How to Improve your business Solo Ads

The Importance of Lead Capture

From browsing around on sites and clicking links, I have noticed there is a divide between the new Online marketer and the “experienced” online marketer.

Some like to argue that it is best to send your traffic straight to the offer. While others say you should capture their email.

To see which actually works best I conducted a split test where I sent half of my traffic straight to the offer and the other half to a lead capture page.

Can you guess the results ?

I’ll let you think……

With the split test, I made 0% sales sending them straight to the offer and made sales on 30% of the traffic I sent to the landing page. Why ? I think most people are use to having to put their email in before being shown an offer. Maybe because they know later if they decide they would like to purchase the offer they can return back to the email that is sent once you enter your email address to view the page. Could it possibly be a sense of comfort or exclusivity ?

The Importance of a Lead Capture Page

  1. Collect Emails & Build a List
  2. Market to Emails on the Back End

Collect Emails & Build A List

The importance of list building will be drilled into your head when it comes to marketing on line. The name of the game is traffic and building a list.

List building is important because the list built is your niche marketing. Individuals looking for the content you are providing.

Marketing On the Back End

lead capture, landing page

So they didn’t buy the offer the first time around. No worries.

Now that you have collect their email you are able to send them email messages about the product the initially inquired upon. They may not buy it the first two emails sent but maybe the third one they will take to the product being offered.

Why Do I need a Lead Capture Page ?

Lead Capture Pages or Landing Pages are good for capturing information( namely emails) before an offer is shown.

The page preps the individual for what they are about to be shown.

How Can This Help Me in My Business ?

Lead Capture Pages can help you grow your email list serves and build relationships with individuals through email updates.

Building a relationship with individuals can help you increase sales number and build a healthy trusting relationship between you and the individual.

How Do I get one ?

You can create your own Lead Capture Page through services like Wix or you can pay someone to make one for you.

Where Do the Emails Go ?

The emails are sent to an email capturing service, auto responder, such as GetResponse or Aweber. Once captured you can have preset emails ready to be sent on certain days or you can send them organically when you please. Follow the image to set up your Auto-responder for only $1. Your Welcome !

What Do I Send Them ?

The information you chose to send is going to be dependent upon the information you originally provided them. If the capture page states they are going to receive the latest information on yellow snow bunnies, then you shall provide them with information on that subject matter and nothing else.

Lead Capture pages are one of the most important aspects of list building and building your business online. It is at your discretion to use one, or not. The choice is yours !

build an income




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How to Improve your business Search Engine Optimization Training

How to Submit a Sitemap

benefits of a sitemap

What is a Sitemap ?

“Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL (when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.”

Continue Reading…

Benefits of a Sitemap

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Your site is registered with the search engine you submit your site to.
  • Search Engines Can easily read your site
  • Keep track of every post, time stamped and frequency update (this is important when you are blogging daily)
  • You can rely less on external links

How to Submit a Sitemap

Google Webmaster tools :

  1. Click Site you would like to submit a map for
  2. Left hand sidebar click Optimize
  3. Click sitemap
  4. Click add/test sitemap
  5. In the box type /system/feeds/sitemap
  6. Click Submit !

Bing Webmaster Tools :

  1. Go to the Dashboard for you site
  2. Click Submit a Sitemap
  3. Copy Past Sitemap URL
  4. Click Submit

*Before submitting your map it is important that you have uploaded your sitemap css coding, html file, onto your hosting server. Without the proper html file uploaded onto your server, your map will continue to pend until appropriate files are uploaded.

How to Create a Sitemaphow to create a sitemap

“Here’s an example of a basic Sitemap with a single entry for a URL that includes an image and a video (for convenience, only a subset of available video information is shown).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns=""
      <video:player_loc allow_embed="yes"
      <video:title>Grilling steaks for summer</video:title>  
      <video:description>Get perfectly done steaks every time</video:description>

Continue Reading...

Sitemaps are very beneficial to all new website owners. It is important that you are doing all things necessary to help out your website when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. As a new site it is going to take you time to rank in search engines. Every little edge against the competition helps. Creating and submitting a sitemap is a step towards ranking in search engines .

Good Luck !






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content equals cash! Empower Network How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online

Network Marketer Guidelines

So you want to be a Network Marketer . Great !

Welcome to the world !

In the beginning you will be “gung ho” about showing your offer to everyone ! While the excitement is great and should be used to fuel your business, be ready to control it !

The goal of Network Marketing is to build quality ethical long lasting relationships with others. Keep this rule in mind throughout your Network Marketing career and you will do just fine.

Here are a set of Guidelines ALL Network Marketers should follow. It will save you time and keep you from looking like the pushy sales guy or woman !

You Are What You Attract

Questions to ask yourself :

  • What are you attracting ?
  • What type of person are you ?
  • Is the image your giving off the guru of all network marketing experience ?
  • Do you appear to be un-knowledgeable in your offer ?
  • Are you praising someone else expertise ?
  • Are you selling people a dream ?

1. Be conscious of the image you give off to people. People remember first impressions and last impressions. How do you want to be remembered ?

2. Be genuine and honest when it comes to presenting yourself to others. Most will start with the fake it til to make approach (this is the old style of network marketing). I would not advise this approach, but people will do what they wish. If you flaunt like you’ve got it be ready to back it up when the time comes. People like to connect and talk with other people. The more relatable you are to an individual the more likely they will be willing to follow your advice and join your team.

“Do unto others as you wish to be done to you “

Be Ethical !Network Marketer

In network marketing there are a number of opportunities available for anyone to join. The thing about network marketing… it works ! If it didn’t people would’nt be doing it.

1. It behooves you not to talk down on someone else, their product, marketing techniques or tools. That is unprofessional and a serious character flaw. A good leader will uplift, lead by example and support others in their field. Not chastise what it is they are doing. Stay away from leaders who continually talk down to or about others. What they’re saying about others, they’re probably saying about you.

Network marketing is forever changing and it is unfair to say one approach is better than the other. Everyone is different. If you don’t agree with someones approach that is perfectly fine. I am sure there are times when you run into people and you just can’t figure out what it is about them that “erks” you. In that same situation be kind and offer positive words not attacking their approach and just move on. The same thing goes with regard to their products. Don’t say your product is outright better than theirs, this just puts someone in a defensive mindset. If you wish to expose them to your product, lead with personal value, NOT the company or the product. Like I mentioned early People connect with People.

2. Do not Cross Recruit. Many times in Network Marketing you will run into people in the same MLM as you . This is great ! If they ask you for advice tell them to speak with their sponsor, do not try to recruit them into your team. If their is sponsor is unavailable then share FREE networking strategies with them. So many times I run into network marketers who are in the same MLM as I am and then try to sell me their consultation services or discuss how they can benefit me. We are in the same MLM . I am receiving the same information you are receiving from our opportunity. If you would like to mastermind and build a FREE partnership this is perfectly fine, but do not sell me a dream I am already dreaming.

3. Do not Spam ! Spamming is sending your offer to any and everyone you meet “unwantingly ” . If the person does not ask what you are affiliated with do not offer. It is ok to introduce yourself and explain to them what it is you do , but do not immediately send them your links to your offer when marketing online. Find out how your offer can benefit them, lead with personal value and then present the offer. Let them get to know you first as a person and then if this is someone you would like to work with slowly introduce them to your product AFTER you have learned their why and how your product can benefit them. If this is someone you do not think you would like working with move on to the next person. But PLEASE do not send people a link to your offer in your introduction.

Stick With it Til the EndNetwork Marketer

When you first join there are going to be people who tell you to buy this and join that and download this and then talk to this person.

Avoid this !

Unless the product they are offer is only going to help you in your Network Marketing endeavors do not fall for the bait.

Many people get caught up in joining multiple offers and buy products that they do not need. You will loose time and money doing this.

All multi-level-marketing opportunities work ! If they didn’t people would not be promoting .

The grass is greener on the other side ?

NO ! The grass is greener where you water it !

Stick with your opportunity til the end and see it through . Do not give up. All Network Marketing opportunities take time. Remember you are building quality long lasting relationships.

Invest in your opportunity !Network Marketer

If your opportunity cost $25 to join and you want to make $1000 a week , this means you need to be recruiting 40 people a week.

On that same note if you are wanting to make 50k a month on a $25 product good luck ! This means you need to be recruiting 2,000 people a month, or 67 people a day! Unless you are doing paid advertising , this is the only way I see this happening.

Make sure the amount of money you want to make is realistic to the time you have to put forth for your venture and to the product you have to offer !

If your opportunity has a level of products position yourself so you are optimizing your experience and profit.

For Example : If the total cost of the opportunity is $5,000 and you have different levels to buy into do so.

  • Level 1 $25
  • Level 2 $100
  • Level 3 $500
  • Level 4 $1,000
  • Level 5 $3,475

Now lets look at that $1000 a week. If I have purchased only up to Level 4 and you are getting paid on all levels, if I make 1 Level 4 sale a week I have already accomplished my goal.

  • 2 Level 3 sales
  • 10 Level 2 sales
  • 4 Level 1 sales + 4 Level 2 sales + 1 Level 3 Sale
  • 8 Level 1 sales + 3 Level 2 Sales + 1 Level 3 Sale
  • and so on and so forth.

If you have positioned yourself correctly and got all in, dependent on the relationship you have built with your prospects , all you need is one person who is just as smart as you to get all in.

Lets look at the 10K a month , All in. That’s 2,500 a week.

  • 1 All in sale
  • 2 people buying Level 1- Level 4
  • 5 Level 3 sales
  • 8 Level 1 sales + 6 Level 2 + 3 Level 3 sales
  • and so on and so forth

Now of course, most people making the over 10k a month are doing paid advertising, but that’s not to say its not tangible, it will just take time.

The Network Marketer Experience !

The network Marketer Experience is most definitely a fun one. It is a choice and not everyone survives. If you want to be in the top 1-2% making the big bucks online you are going to need to stick with and continually refine your efforts and strategies. Success takes hard work and dedication! If it were easy everyone would be doing it !

If you are new to Network Marketing and looking for an opportunity to open your eyes to the online world I would check this one out !


Network Marketer



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content equals cash! Empower Network How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online

Building Your Brand Community

Great so you have learned how to brand yourself !

* How to Brand Yourself Video Below if you need a Refresher *


Now What ?

Now that you have become a staple in the community it is important to engage and interact with your community of followers !

Top 3 Things To do after You have branding yourself !

  1. Continue To Provide Golden Content
  2. Engage Your Readers (Comments, Likes , Shares, Videos)
  3. Follow Up

Continue To Provide Golden Contenthow to brand yourself , golden content

This is major ! Great you have lured them in with this Golden Content ! Good ! Continue providing it ! This is why they love you !

It behooves you to continue to provide Golden Content if you want your audience to continue to visit your website.

Content is King ! Do not forget this. Content is going to follow you for the rest of your career. Just like that nickname you got in high school that you would much rather not be known for.

How to Provide Golden Content

  • Find Out what your Niche Market Wants
  • Include Engaging Photo’s and Videos
  • Write Creative, use fun words !
  • Make your content easy to read and follow

Engage Your Followers

People enjoy sharing experiences and talking about themselves. Let’s face it. It is in our nature. We are social beings. It is the only reason our species survived over others, from a scientific stand point.

Encourage your readers to leave comments, share and like your post. Provided the necessary tools for them to do so.

For example to the right of this post you can click on any social network you are currently involved in to share this post ——->>>>> Please do so :) !

Cool Ways to Engage your Followers !

  • User submitted Content (Videos, Guest posting, Testimonials)
  • Encourage Likes, comments , Shares
  • Free Giveaways (ebooks, chance to win a gift card)

Follow Up !how to brand yourself

Nothing like a good Follow up !

So your followers are commenting , sharing, liking, enrolling in your giveaways and all the fun stuff that comes along with followers ! Great now follow up with them. Comment on their comments , and actually read what they are saying and provide a genuine comment.

They took the time out to actually read your post , so take the time to read their comment and provide a genuine comment.

Invite them back to read more posts.

For Example:

Sally I appreciate your opinion on my post. I look forward to reading future comments from you.

Doesn’t this sound better than , Thank you !

Now that I have provided you with ways to build your brand in your community, I invite you to share your thoughts !

What works for you ? What does not ? What do you need help with ?

I look forward to reading what it is you have to say !



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