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How To Twitter

Twitter for Business and Social Media Growth


What is Twitter ?

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to share information with fellow twitter users. Twitter allows you 140 characters to express how you feel to the world.

Twitter For Business and  Social Media Growth Twitter for business

Many People use twitter as a form to stay up to date with whats going on in the world, with friends and follow their favorite celebrities. There are also those who have got the hint to use Twitter for Business. With over  100 million active daily users, you can almost guarantee someone will be interested in what you have to offer. Twitter for business is a great way to tap into your potential twitter audience by tweeting daily.

How to Grow Your Fan Base

  1. Paid
  2. Free

Paid: Now there are two options you can use with paid advertising. The first is outsourcing. There are various 3rd party sites you can use to purchase followers in bulk. The second paid option is to go to twitter directly. Twitter has upgraded its paid aspects of marketing, you can check them out here.

Free: Building followers the free way is going to take time, effort and a lot of tweeting. Get in the habit of tweeting daily and learning how to use hashtags, and follow individuals in your niche to help gain exposure. Be sure to respond to any reply or direct message sent.

Creating a s solid twitter fan base is a great way to syndicate your content and gain new followers and exposure. Using Twitter for business is also a great way to connect with your younger generation followers. Have fun figuring out the direction you want to take your twitter.

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How To Twitter

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A Klout Review: Track My Influence

Social networking


Keeping up with social media !

How do you know that you are the “Top Influencer” in your network of peers ?

Well unless your peers tell you everyday the impact you have on their life you don’t know !

With social media being a huge aspect of marketing there are now social networking sites that track the interaction you have with social media and give you a score.

One of the social trackers I use to understand how my social interactions influence the world is Klout .


You can use the Klout Score to understand how influential you are; you can use your topics to reflect what you are influential about; and you can be recognized for your influence by receiving +K from friends or Perks from brands. Learn more about all the Klout features here:

As of Now I have an un-impressive score of 57 at the moment, however the average score is 40. So I guess you can say I am currently above average !

Klout breaks down your social media activity through the number of social networks you allow it to access.

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Instagramsocial-media-buttons
    • Blogger
    • 4Square
    • WordPress
    • Linked In
    • Google +
    • Tumblr
    • Bing
    • Flickr

Dependent upon which of the social networks you have linked to your Klout above, it will give you a social network score, your 90 day high, 1 day change and your 90 day low. Klout will also give you the statistical break down of your score and the percentage of each social network linked that makes up your Klout score. This allows you to asses which aspect of social networking you may want to shed more light on.

I really enjoy using Klout. Very simple to navigate and use. Of course there is a learning curve if you really want to use Klout for all of the features it offers, but if you only want to know you influence score then setting up the account and checking it weekly is all you need to do !

>>Open up Your Klout Account Today <<

>> Follow Me on Klout<<


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How To Twitter

The Twitter Followers & The Twiter Profile

The Twitter Followers And The Twitter Profile

To Be Private or Not to be Private.. That is the question…


Depending on the nature of your twitter profile it behooves you to choose if you would like you profile private or public profile.

Benefits of a The Twitter Private Profile

  • Only Followers Can see Your Tweets
  • Peace and Mind that you may “know” all of your followers

Benefits of The Twitter Public Profile

  • Everyone can see you tweets
  • Opportunity to gain more followers
  • Tweets displayed on the ” twittersphere “

The Twitter Private Profile The twitter, the twitter reply, how to twitter

There are two main reason a person would choose to have a private profile.

  1. You only want your followers (friends & Family) to be able to see your tweets.
  2. You want to approve every individual that wishes to follow You.

I am sure there are more reasons but for the most part these happen to be the top two.

With the private profile, only your followers can see your timeline, favorites, and who you are following.

You can also protect your tweets from being RT’d. Not even your followers can RT what you say. They can only reply.

The Twitter Public ProfileThe twitter, the twitter reply, how to twitter

Top reasons a person has a public profile:

  1. To Gain Followers
  2. You just may not care who sees your tweets

Gaining followers is always great if that is what the purpose of your twitter is.

With a public profile your tweets are displayed on the “twittersphere” and anyone can view your timeline, look at who you are following, RT your tweets and everything else twitter has to offer.

If you are a new company looking to gain exposure keeping your profile public would be of best interest to you.

This allows your followers to view what it is you have to offer and make an accurate decision on if they would like to follow you, or not. On the other hand with the private profile in order to see your tweets they must follow, so that is also something you should take into consideration.

Who To Follow ? The twitter, the twitter reply, how to twitter

When first signing up twitter gives you an assortment of twitter profiles to follow, ranging from celebrities to food networks. Follow the people you would like to know about.

I follow all types of profiles, from sports teams to life hackers. It is the way I gather information about what is going on in the world.

Twitter is the most up to date way to find out what is going on in the world. There is always someone tweeting about something. Guaranteed.

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Twitter Favorite and Twitter Email

twitter favorites

So what is a Twitter Favorite ?

The Twitter Favorite

Let’s say you see a tweet you absolutely love ! You want to RT it, and Reply but you want to be able to reference it for later too. How do you do that ?

With the Twitter Favorite option !


The Twitter Favorite saves your favorite tweets from the people you are following in a special favorite section. You can Favorite as many tweets as you would like, and any tweet you would like.

The cool thing about the Twitter Favorite section is you can see what tweets others have also Favorited.

The Twitter Favorite section is a good way to get to know an individual outside of their timeline (That is if they actual utilize this option ).

What happens when someone else Favorites your Tweet ?

When your personal tweet is Favorited you get a notification saying that one particular tweet of yours has been Favorited and the person/people who did the favoring.


It’s pretty neat know someone else finds your words funny, inspirational, motivating or whatever other feeling of the tweet.

The Twitter Email twitter favorite, twitte email

If you would like to take tweeting further you can also Email Tweets. This option can be found in the more option.

This function would be good for notifying friends and family of a good twitter timeline to follow or you just found a funny tweet you would like to share with others.

This option is fairly simple to use and navigate.

  1. Click More….
  2. Click Email Tweet
  3. Your phone/browser will redirect to your email
  4. type in Email of person you wish to send tweet to, subject & context
  5. Click Send !

Have fun using the twitter favorite and the twitter email options !

You might find they are very useful when needing to reference old information !

If you need a refresher on how to build a stellar Tweet check out the post How To Twitter !

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The Twitter @ vs The Twitter Reply, What is The difference ?

So you have learned about the RT great !The twitter, the twitter reply

Now there are a few more forms of interaction you can have between followers.

The Twitter “@” and The Twitter Reply.

The Twitter “@”

The Twitter “@” allows you to “tag” followers or non followers in a tweet.

In this tweet @mohxli is tagged in the tweet.

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RT How to Twitter: Retweet

Retweets (RT) are a great way to get your information out there !

A Retweet (RT) is when someone else, repeats what you say onto their timeline.


Benefits of ReTweet

  • Exposure
  • Content Syndication on the Twittersphere
  • Follower Engagement

Exposure: When someone RT’s your Tweet is is now shown on their timeline for their followers to see.

Lets say you only have 30 followers. 1 of your followers has 2,000 followers. If your follower who has 2,000 followers RT’s your tweet, your tweet is now exposed to 2,000 more followers on top of the followers you already have.

How awesome is that !

If they like what you say you may gain a few followers from your friend.

This Tweet has 11 Rt and 1 Favorite. Not bad.

Content Syndication: With a RT your tweet is being shared across the “twittersphere” . In a sense RTing is the process of making something go viral, kind of like the Facebook share option.

Person A RT’s you Tweet, then Person B , then Person C and then next thing you know you have 50 RT’s from people you don’t even know !

The Tweet above has 11 Rt and 1 Favorite. Not bad.

howtousetwitterFollower Engagement: What a better way to show that your followers actually like what you Tweet.

RT’s let you know your followers like the content you are providing them with. So much show they want to share it with friends and family who are also on twitter.

Use the RT option as tool to grow your followers and engage the people you follow as well.

It is great for sharing content and getting to know people !

How To Twitter


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Trending Topics on Twitter and How They Work

how to twitter, how to use twitter, trending topicsTrending topics are topics that a vast number of individuals are discussing on twitter.

A lot of time trending topics coincide with the latest information given in the news.

How Can Trending Topics Gain Me followers ?

Just like any news worthy channel, if you gain the reputation of always having the latest and greatest information followers will come.

The great thing about trending topics is that your tweet, when trending topic is written, shows up in the “twittersphere” for everyone to see.

Don’t believe me ? Click on the trending topic of your choice and look at all the interesting people tweeting on the subject matter.

I guarantee you will find at least one person with an interesting tweet that you wouldn’t mind following.

And that my friends is how you gain followers.

You can use trending topics to get you noticed !how to twitter, how to use twitter, trending topics

Since most trending topics are funny, some serious, you can tweet all day if you please about that particular trending topic.

Most people “stalk” the “twittersphere” to see what others are saying. Why they do this? To follow new interesting people, steal someone else’s funny line and tweet is as their own, or just to browse around.

Whatever the reason you will go noticed. Whether or not you gain followers is how interesting and compelling your tweets are.

Build a Stellar Trending Topic Tweet

If the trending topic is funny:

  • A link to a Meme or funny photo
  • Catchy content
  • Hashtags relating to trending topic

Most people trending funny things love memes, pictures and content they can relate to or laugh at. So provide them with this and they will follow.

Now with that being said every tweet does not have to have a Meme, mix it up a little. Creating or finding memes takes time so make your tweets natural, something you can do on fly and not put effort into.



Serious Topic :

  • Your opinion
  • Link to an article, Meme or funny photo
  • Hashtags relating to trending topic

Most people tweeting on serious topics are news channels, public figures, radio show hosts, ect. so if you decide to hop in that realm of tweets be ready to provide some content to back it up.

If you have a blog , a blog post on a twitter trending topic is a great way to gain traffic to your blog and followers to your tweets, if the content on your blog is good that is.


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The Twitter Hashtag and How To Use it

what-the-hashtagUntil recently the Hashtag was mainly used to indicate when you have completed entering your credit card number, phone number, pin number ect. on a phone.

Twitter has given the Hashtag a new meaning. #thetwitterhashtag

You can now see “The Twitter Hashtag” everywhere, #Facebook , #Myspace, #Linked In and many other social networking sites.


What is The Twitter Hashtag Used For ?

  • Emphasize Certain Content
  • Trending Topic
  • Keywords

Emphasize Certain Content: The main purpose of the Twitter Hashtag is to put extra emphasis on a particular word or sentence in a tweet.

In this example #thestarter #health and #exercise are all hashtaged to indicate these are important terms in the tweet. If someone else is to use these hashtags as well you can simply click them to see who else is talking about the subject.

twitter-hashtags, The Twitter HashtagTrending Topic: The Twitter Hashtag is also use for trending topics. Trending topics are topics that are trending on twitter by the twitter community for that day.

Today’s Twitter Trending Topics are:

Keywords: The Twitter Hashtag can also be used as keywords. Just as in any blog post or website you can keyword your tweets.

The example I have been using is The Starter App’s Twitter Page. If you have noticed #thestarter is included in any tweet. This is the app’s keyword. If you search #thestarter on twitter The Starter App’s Tweets will pop up as well as any other person tweeting on that topic.

Pretty Cool huh !

Have fun with #TheTwitterHashtag, its a fun aspect of twitter to meet new people and get your tweets noticed and retweeted !

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