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Niche Marketing Tips



Let me start out first by explaining what a niche market is….

A niche market is a specific group of people in which a particular product appeals to.

The importance of the niche market is  to reach the specific, targeted audience that is looking for the content/product you are providing. Learning how to target the right niche and marketing to them effectively will save you TIME,  MONEY and generate you LARGER PROFITS.

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Keeping the Mojo: 6 Tips for Bloggers

tips for bloggers

Starting a blog and maintaining one takes a lot of effort and hard-work. You have to think of a domain name (or url), name your blog, figure out the type of blog you want, what you’ll write about ect. ect. The cool thing about blogging is that once you get through the tedious stuff, i.e. setting up your blog and figuring out its purpose. Everything else is easy. Below are a few tips to keep the mojo in your blog flowing.

6 Tips for Bloggers

1. Utilize Quick Draft: Utilize the quick draft feature. Very rarely do I write out an entire post in the quick draft area of WordPress but every now and then I do find myself stuck in a blog trance typing away in that little box.  Its a great way to keep track of ideas that you may need to develop out at a later time or date.

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Passion is your PRIVILEGE


I’ve got something I’d like to share with you.

I realize that many people in this world do not have the opportunity to do what they love, and that the pursuit of you passion is truly a privilege.

One that I will most definitely not take for granted anymore. Especially not after reading this article written by a member of “The Passion Project”

You can check out the article here:

I wanted to write this post because of a specific excerpt from this blog post

“When you are truly living on the edge….there’s no room at all for error. It’s a luxury you can’t afford.”

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Why You Will FAIL

why you will fail

Yes, that subject line is blunt.

But it’s true.

You will fail to have the future you dreamed of.

Whether that’s to land that great job you’ve always wanted, or to get that amazing business idea you have off the ground, to follow your real life’s passion and become what you truly desire in life.

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Key Factor To Success: Consistency #success #obi

Key factor to success

Everyone wants to achieve success, but many do not know how. To be completely honest there really is only one key factor to success… Consistency.. But before we talk about consistency lets first touch on the factors you will need to incorporate into you success machine to ensure it.

Mindset Key Factor To success

Do you have the right outlook on life? Are you open minded about the avenues you are looking to take to achieve success? Are you open to new ideas introduced by others? A lot of times when we are looking to achieve optimal success we go into tunnel vision and information overload. Not listening to others who may be trying to help us, and spending all our time learning  about what we are trying to do, and never actually “doing” it. It is so important to learn how to take in information from others, filter out the malarkey and execute the remaining useful information. There are going to be hard times throughout this journey, you are going to want to give up, quit and break down, but is important that you remember why you started. Keep your end goal in mind at all times. The things you need to do along the way to get there will slowly fall in place.

An Idea

How is your idea different from others? Have you done research to see if anyone else has done this already? If so, what make yours unique? Do you have a solid plan of execution? Have you written out every possible direction your idea can be taken or interpreted? How is this idea going to impact the world ? Is this idea beneficial to those you’re trying to reach? Can the everyday person benefit from this idea ? What/who is your target audience?

Everyone starts with an idea. It’s those who nurture, develop and EXECUTE their idea who get there message out there and to the masses. Never let anyone tell you your idea is dumb or impossible to achieve.  You never know what people will buy or want.  (Great examples of this are things like “snuggies” “shake weights” and the “pet rock”. How many people do you think told those guys that those we dumb ideas?)

#1 Key Factor to Success: Consistency Key factor to success

Now of course this is Online Biz Information’s experience, but here is where we loose 95% of the people who have an “idea”. And this is in their lack of consistency in their efforts. After you have your idea, product or service continue to promote it til you can’t anymore… and then promote it some more ! Ideas are pretty much waiting games. If you keep saying or doing the same things for long enough eventually people will follow suit. These are some quotes to live by when it comes to pursuing your business and life goals:



Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.
– Newt Gingrich

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
– William Feather

How long should you try? Until.
– Jim Rohn

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Quincy & Sirena Tips For Online Marketing

How Online Biz Info Uses Social Media


Its seems as though new social networking sites are popping up left and right ! From new apps, to computer sites to shows about the next best social networking site. With our culture we are always looking for next best things. Delving into the realm of social media marketing can be somewhat interesting. Especially if your disconnected from the “popular” world itself. So how does Online Biz Info use social media to stay connected ?

How Online Biz Info Uses Social Media to Stay connected :Online Biz Info


One of the tools I use to “get in the know” is Twitter.

Twitter has become one of the sources I use to stay up to date on what’s going on in the world. It is a microblogging platform that delivers information in less than 140 characters. Follow the major companies, news networks, celebrities or friends you wish to stay up to date on whats going on in the world and their private lives.

If Twitter is not your thing or you feel you are to old to tweet what you do on a daily basis don’t worry. Not everyone is tweeting their life away. Many individuals use twitter to share blog posts, funny pictures, inspirational quotes or share information others share. Use choose how you wish to use twitter. However if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get in the know, this is the simplest way to do it.

Follow Online Biz Info on Twitter (tell us you came from the blog and well give you a shout out ! )

Scoop.ItOnline Biz Information on Scoop it

Scoop.It is a great tool to share information. Follow individuals in your niche and stay up to date on what is going on. Full length articles and conversation pertaining to a certain topic can be found on

Online Biz Information mainly uses Scoop.It to stay up to date on what’s going on in the online biz world through the eyes of our peers. It is a great way to read from someone else perspective about topics that interest you and things you may not be aware of happening.

Follow Online Biz Info on Scoop.It

 Stumble Upon

This tool or networking site is awesome. It’s completely random and you never know what information is going to show up next. This is a great way to follow and be exposed to all types of information in one setting. Follow niches you choose to follow but also “Stumble ” around on the site to view an assortment of articles that others have written.

I read a lot of cool stuff on Stumble Upon. Though I do not use this tool often it is nice to refresh my perspective on life.

Online Biz Info on Stumble Upon


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The Death of the Online Business Free Mentality (Getting over this negative mindest)

free mentality

Quincy on The Free Mentality

The free mentality and why it’ll be the end of your business goals

Everyone likes free, right? The word itself does have a nice ring to it, and I have to admit, I never want to pass up on something, especially when its free. But unfortunately, the word “free” will be the death of your online business. For more reasons than the obvious. The Death of the Online Business Free Mentality will keep you afloat and thriving. Clearly, if all you have to offer people are free products, or free samples, or free services, that business model just wont last long. But if you can’t break your mental tie to what you think having something for free will bring you, you’re always going to be stuck wondering why you can’t take your business to the next level.Online Biz Information School

Need Help Getting on The right Track ?

>>Check out Online biz Information School <<

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Personal Branding to Grow Your Business

Personal Branding with OBISCHOOL

If you want to become successful in all aspects of your business, regardless of your niche, personal branding is the way to go. If you’re told anything otherwise, that is a flat out bold face lie.  Look to the world of online marketing for instance. There are very few household names that almost every individual knows when it comes to building a business online. Why is that ? Because they’ve taken the necessary steps towards personally branding themselves as the authority in that niche or space.

The main struggle for most people boils down to two main things:Personal Branding1

1.When starting out, they choose a market with too large of competition and too large in scope.

2.Do nothing to set themselves apart. (No Personal Branding)

Before you even begin to get started in building your online business, you really need to hone in on what it is you want to become. (You become what you think about most) Try to remember this. If you don’t already have your own products or services your looking to promote, chances are your looking to build your business online as an affiliate marketer. (Because you already know that there’s 2 ways to make money online) Which is great!

You might ask yourself. If I’m looking to become an affiliate marketer/promoter of other peoples products and services, if personal branding is key, how would I go about personally branding myself? Good question.

If you’ve already been in any online program for any amount of time, or tried to sell products and services in the past or currently, chances are you’ve made little to no money. And I can almost guarantee with 100% certainty, that you’ve only promoted these services or programs, as the programs themselves. In other words, you’ve done nothing else but present what it is you have to offer to potential customers. You’ve done nothing to set yourself apart from another affiliates or people selling the exact same thing. And this, this right here, is the NUMBER 1 reason why you will have ZERO success with your online business. Ask yourself a question. When you decided to join someone, or promote a particular product or services…. Why did you do it? Really think about that question for a second…. Why did you join?

Was the product or service just what you needed? Did the person selling/presenting to you show you a lot of value or give you an offer you couldn’t refuse? What was it that made you make the buying decision?

Now ask yourself this. Is the way in which you’re presenting this product or service; selling what you have to offer in conjunction with the actual product? Or is it just the product itself, and you just happen to be selling it?

If the latter is the case, why should I even buy from you? Why would I want to buy from you?Personal Branding

If you’ve sold anything in the past chances are the person/people who did buy from you only bought from you because they knew you in some way. (friend, family member etc.) See how I underlined in “some way”. You don’t want people to buy from you because they know you in “some way” rather, you want them to buy because they know you for a particular REASON. If a person isn’t buying from you for a certain reason they’ll only be what I like to call, “a passive buyer“. This is someone like your friend or family member who is only buying from you because of just that, they’re your friend. They know you in some way that almost obligates them to buying from you. This is why most people end up burning out their warm market, (these aren’t people who are really interested in buying) they then have no other way in which to generate leads and make sales.

What you want to have/create are “active buyers“. These are people who are nearly begging you to buy whatever it is you have to sell.  The only way to do this is to get people to know you. Not in “some way”, but for a “REASON“. And the only way to do that is to personally brand yourself in your niche.

The importance of personal branding:

More important than anything is branding yourself. It’s so important in fact, that if you don’t ever do it, you’ll never build a sustainable business model. To brand yourself in your niche or community is another way of saying to distinguish yourself from everyone else. If you want to have success in any business endeavor (fashion, cooking, mom and pop shop, photography, affiliate marketing, MLM programs… literally any business model!) you need to define yourself from the rest of the crowd. (ie. your market) And define yourself as a leader or authority in that space!

Now don’t start out too big, remember I said the first thing most people struggle with is choosing a market that has to much competition or too large in scope. Just because you need to set yourself apart and brand yourself as a leader, does not mean that you have to be different in every single way! Even the slightest difference can be enough to redefine yourself within your niche. (I go into much more specific detail on how to do this in OBI School- finding and defining your niche.)

Now, if you do not (yet) possess the skills necessary to be a leader, find a leader you’d like to be mentored by. Study, learn and emulate how they go about running their business. As you build your small community of followers, brand yourself as the go to guy who knows and works closely with the leader/s. In turn, people will begin to come to you, and before you know it, you’re “the go to guy”.

Personal Branding sets you in the community as an authority and solidifies you as a staple in that community. People will in turn look to you for advice, and demand to buy your products, services and recommended services. And even purchase personal coaching themselves, should you ever decide to offer it.

Personal Branding is how you become the business owner/online marketer you want to become.

The necessary steps towards personal branding:

  • Define your niche
  • Create quality content
  • Distribute content
  •  Answer questions

For more information on steps necessary for personal branding check out: How to Brand Yourself

Once your personal branding takes offOnline Biz Information School

Dependent upon how much time and effort you put into personally branding yourself, as well as how consist you are and all your efforts will determine your results.
Above all consistency is key! Branding and relationship building takes time, but is well worth it in the end. When done right, your brand will become your largest asset. Something that you will be able to use to your benefit in whatever future paths you decide to walk on. Get started building your brand today. If  you need help in getting your brand off the ground be sure to have a look at OBI School we’ve put this training center together to help you in as much detail as possible. Good Luck!

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Do You Believe What’s Not True?


Do you believe what’s not true? No? Well, maybe you should…..

So, I’m on many different fellow marketers and entrepreneurs lists, and I happened to receive an email from a smart man by the name of Mark Manson. He sent me a message for which he spoke on a concept I’ve tried to explain to others, which he’s so eloquently coined: 

“Believe Not What’s True, But What’s Helpful”

Do You Believe What's Not True?

Well what does this even mean? And how does it apply to me or my business?

(you can read the entire letter here if you’d like, which is pretty long.. I’ll condense what I’ve taken way and the point from the article through the rest of this post)

Lets break it down-

What I’ve personally come to realize through the course of my life is that your own perception of yourself is the only thing that really matters. Because everything under the sun, regardless of the event, topic, proof or belief is “debatable” to some degree.

For example:

“Everything we think and believe today at some point along the way we made the decision to buy into it, to decide it was true for us. This applies to everything.
You and I never actually saw the Napoleonic Wars. We didn’t witness the Holocaust or the Moon Landing. We just accept them on fact because enough people have said they happened.
(And sure enough, there are some loons who question that these occurrences happened. They’ve, once again, chosen to adopt different beliefs.)
Almost everything we know is secondhand and based on belief.”

There is even plenty of scientific evidence which shows that our own firsthand experiences are very unreliable…. (So even when we are physically, personally there, our prior beliefs shape our perception of the actual event/s that took or have taken place. This is known as confirmation bias.)

Confirmation bias, closes your mind to seeing or adopting new beliefs or outcomes, because you’re already going into a situation with a mindset of what the outcome is to already be. 

The point is, at the end of the day everything, from the Moon Landing, to the existence of God, to whether OJ Simpson did it or not…. Is DEBATABLE. 

And the only thing that matters is what YOU PERSONALLY BELIEVE with regard to whatever the situation or topic is at any given time. Because it is though your own personal beliefs, which dictates the way in which you behave, and the Actions you take.

So why shouldn’t you just believe whatever you want? 

Good question….

Do You Believe What's Not True?

“The problem is that not every belief helps us. And some beliefs hurt us.” 

How many times in life have you seen or met someone that you thought was extremely talented in some way. And based on seeing that talent you assumed that they must be very successful, rich or well respected. To then find out that, that individual was extremely insecure in their own abilities. And it greatly affected the way in which they interacted with others and hindered their ability to let their true talents shine through?

And on the flip side, you met someone who you thought was “average at best” at what they do. But was very confident in their own abilities, leading them to be very successful, rich and well respected in their field.

How does this happen?

Well this is a result of each individuals own personal belief in themselves and their overall self perception. 

And if you believe that you can, or that you can’t do something……. Either way, you’re right! 

(Really think about that for a second)

“A lot of times our problems are not actually problems, but rather symptoms of unhelpful beliefs.”

“It doesn’t matter whether a belief is true or not, what matters is whether it’s helpful.” 

Believing you’re not good enough, talented enough, smart enough, or know enough to start, create or run your own business or do anything for that matter —

“may or may not be true in various circumstances. But they can never be proven one way or another. So why not assume they’re untrue? What do you have to lose?”

I know that reprogramming your mind to believe in starting something that everyone else my feel is “stupid” or “won’t work”, can be a hard thing to do. There is a process to building up your confidence in taking the first steps.

BUTDo You Believe What's Not True?

“The next time you feel stupid or insecure, ask yourself if that’s a useful belief to have.” 

“The next time you feel incompetent or like you’re incapable of accomplishing something, ask yourself if that’s a useful belief to have”

The next time you feel something won’t work, ask yourself. Is that a useful belief to have?

“Because it doesn’t matter what’s true or what’s not. The truth is up for endless debate in most circumstances. So why not debate on the side that helps you?

I Hope to have empowered you to think a bit differently today Start building your dreams: Forget what anyone else has to say about it.

Do you believe whats not true?

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Viral Marketing


Viral Marketing is not necessarily a type of marketing but more so a “social marketing tactic” that depends solely on the content you are providing and the response to the audience that is watching.

Viral Marketing Explained

Content goes viral because a number of people from all over the world like the information you are providing and decide to share it across all social networking platforms email, text, images and how ever else you can sell content . Nothing more or Nothing less.

How do you make content go viral ? viral_marketing11

Be creative ! You never know what people are going to like. There is no magically formula to make your content go viral, of course you can buy likes, and promote your content but unless people actually like it they are not going to share it. We as individuals decide what goes viral and what does not, we may be influenced by those doing paid advertising but ultimately we decided.

The easiest vessel to make content go viral is through video. People like watching people do things ! Why do you think we get stuck watching TV for hours ? or sporting events ? We just love being entertained !

Good luck with creating content ! Make sure its interesting and fun.. well to be honest I’m not sure the perfect formula to make content go viral so be you and see what happens !



A Viral Marketing Example

The Dancing Man


If you like information like this check out our webinar series

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