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List Building Tips

List building tips
For starters, everyone needs to understand that they NEED a list. Without a list your online business is virtually nothing, or at least only what you make off of your initial promotion. Or your OTO (one time offer) It is very important that you grasp the concept of list building and how it can help your grow your business, become a staple in the online  marketing community, and build you a strong lasting  income.
If you checked out the 5 Figure Day Review , then you are aware this is one of the many tools we use to help grow our list. If you haven’t checked it out yet,  go check it out now before  continuing on in this article.
In the article I will detail list building tips and how to use your 5 Figure Day  and how to grow your list.

List Building Tips

1. Capture Page: The capture page is exactly what is sounds like. A page that captures information, in this case emails. Be sure to have a policy disclosure statement on you capture page to ensure the consumer knows what they are getting into an what they can  expect once they have given their email to you.
2. Free Item: Give them something for free or something of value in exchange for their email. What are they getting in return ? A chance to win a new corvette ? Maybe a $10 Amazon gift card ? Ebook that details what they need to build an online business ? You decide. Your capture page is your store front. And just like any store front , there is always something being offered to the consumer. This item can be given on the next page or , after they have confirmed their email, you decide when you want to give it. It’s your business.
3. Thank you Page: Thank them for their email an inquiring about the opportunity at hand. They have already decided to give you their email so go ahead and thank them for it. Begin building their trust here.List Building Tips
 List building tips
4. AutoResponder: You NEED a autoresponder. I have talked to many individuals who claim they are marketing online and making money , but when asked what autoresponder they are using they have no clue what an autoresponder is ! If you want to make the big bucks you NEED NEED NEED an autoresponder ! Or some tool that allows to you capture emails that you can market to later. The autoresponders we personally use are Aweber and GetResponse. You choose your preference . Both are great tools.
5. Paid Advertising Techniques: When creating a campaign for your system, if it be 5 Figure Day, be sure the campaign keywords and traffic you are sending to your Capture page are congruent with the offer on the page. For example: I do not want to send people who are looking for health advice to my 5 figure Day capture page. Why ? because they are not interested in learning how to make money online. Same thing goes for individuals who are looking to make money online. I would not send traffic to the 5 figure Day capture page who are interested in being paid per survey filled out. Yes this is a form of making money online but if I target for an individual who is looking for a paid per survey service the chances they are interested in my offer may not be as high as if I’m targeting someone who is interested in learning how to make money online. Catch my drift ?
6. Free Advertising: Free advertising is exactly that, free and often times free means more work for little return or will take you a long period of time to build a list. Unless you are a go getter and work hard. Just starting out, I myself did a lot of free advertising techniques. Facebook , Twiiter, Craigslist, Backpage, Free email exchange networks. You name it. It was very time consuming and I received very little return on my time invested. It was quite frustrating to see all this time an effort put in and nothing much in return. Slowly I started implement paid advertising technique. Blew a lot of money fast, mainly because I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, but I kept at it and now campaigns are so pin pointed I have got paid advertising down to a science.
If I had to rank the most important list building tips the top two would be a capture page and an autoresponder. I can not stress enough how necessary these two tools are. If any list building tips you take away from this article those are the top two !
Remember if you are currently struggling in you business and looking for guidance you can always check out our consulting page !
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How Do I get Good Traffic To My Landing Page ?


landing pageIf you have an offer, getting traffic to your Landing page is going to be a necessity to getting eyes in front of what your looking to sell or promote.

There are many different methods of getting traffic (people) to your landing pages. But ultimately those methods fall into 2 categories: Paid and “Organic”.

Traffic Generation Techniques

Paid Advertising

Organic Advertising

  • Blog Posts/Website (S.E.O)
  • Social Media (Shares,Likes,Subscribes)

Paid Advertising Methods For your Landing Page

Using paid methods for your landing page is fairly straight forward. You send traffic directly to your landing Page.

Solo Ad Marketing : (Email Marketing) With solo ad marketing you are going to want to construct an email that is intriguing.

Components of a Great Email:

  1. Compelling Subject Line
  2. Intriguing Text
  3. Links to your offer
  4. Your signature

The object of email marketing is to get people to open your email, click your links and then enter their email into your opt in email page to be added to your email forum. This type of marketing can be done through individuals who offer solo ads from their personal email list, or companies list management.

Text Ads:

A Text ad is fairly straight forward. Dependent on the type of service you use, you can have the hoover function of a text ad showing a preview of a webpage before someone clicks the link or you can send them straight to the offer with no hoover option. (You can do this type of advertising through AD Networks)

With text ads the location is going to be important to the relevancy of the text you provide for the ad. You will need to create a campaign relevant to where you ad is being shown, as well as text relevant to that ad. Creating compelling text is what you will need to do in order to get individuals to click your link.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What type of website is this?
  • Would people be interested the ad being offered ?
  • Would you click the text ?
  • Does the text make sense?
  • Is the text congruent with the offer ?

Arrow for Banner Ads Banner Ads

Banner ads are great ! It is like a little tease before the individual is shown the landing page. Banner ads allow your creativity to blossom. You can ad pictures, cool word art, buttons that say click here now, and even animation.

The same things that apply to your text ads, you’re going to want to apply to banner ads.

Organic Advertising for you Landing Page

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is fairly straight forward. Provide compelling text that will get individuals to click the link you are advertising. Be sure the link is short and sweet, somewhat attractive to click on. Think about the appearance of the link on different social networking sites. Would you click on a link that looked like this … probably not. Now if that same link were say shorted to to  you may be slightly more inclined to click the link .

Blog Posts/Website

Blog posts are a great way to engage a potential customer with relevant information. It is here where you can talk in more detail about the offer they may be interested in. Your website is also a great location to show case your banner ad. If your posting on your personal website, you know just how many people are visiting your site.  Any traffic generated to your site though S.E.O is Free!

What to Have in Your Blog Post

  • What the offer is ?
  • How it will benefit the person
  • Your story (if this is an affiliate offer tell people why you joined)
  • How to get started
  • Call to action

Relevancy is always going to apply to marketing. Making sure everything is relevant to what you are offering is how you will begin to build trust with your potential subscribers and future customers. Trust starts with the ad.

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5 Things Your Opt In Email Page Needs

5 Things your Opt In Email Page Needs

5 Things your Opt In Email Page NeedsWith every Opt-In Email page there are 5 Essential Things a great opt in/squeeze page has.

Across the board you will notice that they all have a somewhat similar flow when reading from top to bottom.

Great Opt-In Email Pages are simple to read, captivate your attention , and make you want to know whats “behind the door”.

5 Things Your Opt In Email Page Needs

  1. Compelling Headline
  2. Explain The Benefit
  3. Call To Action
  4. Opt In Email Form
  5. Privacy Statement

The Compelling Headline:

This is the first thing an individuals sees once clicking on the link to your Opt In Email page.

Tips For a Compelling Headline:

1. Make It Pop

The headline should pop out at you once the page loads. It should be compelling, draw the audience in to what is being offered, make them feel compelled to take action.

The headline should be so strong that if that person leaves , they feel as though they are missing out on an opportunity that could have changed their life !

Constructing a great headline is going to take you time. Figure out what words mesh well on your page for you offer.

2. Relevancy

Be sure the headline is  relevant to the offer you are sending them to.

You never want to advertise to a person something that the product or service your promoting,  has not done, or the offer you are sending them to has nothing to do with the headline.

This will created distrust in your email forum list.

If 50% of the time you send them to an offer that is relevant to the headline and 50% of the time you don’t , your email subscribers will soon being to unsubscribe and even worse, mark you as spam.

3. Diction

Choose your choice of words wisely.

Make sure your headline flows and uses words that are easily relate able.

There’s nothing like reading a headline where one of the words used you don’t even know !

Simple words will always work best. If it’s a word you don’t use in your normal vocabulary, stay away from using it on your Opt In Email Page

Explain The Benefit:

Why should they give you their email ?

What are the getting from providing you with their email ?

Explain the benefit/s one will receive once their email is given.

A great benefit and easy way to collect someones email is by providing them with information or something free.

Another great way they may also give you their email is to have them enter a sweepstake or applying to be the first to receive an offer on a product that has yet to be released.

Question To Ask Yourself

  • Would I put my email into this Opt In Email Form ?
  • What am I providing the audience ?
  • Is what I am providing worth it ?
  • Is my headline congruent with what I am offering ?
  • What is the purpose of the information I am providing ?
  • Is this benefit worth an email exchange ?
  • Would I want to continue to receive emails after receiving thes benefit ?

call-to-action-social-mediaCall To Action:

Tell them what to do. We have been programed to follow directions. So tell them to enter their email now to receive the benefit.

They have already clicked to view your opt in email page so make a strong call to action.

Passive aggressive word play is not going to work here. For the person who randomly comes across your site, will randomly leave your site, if you don’t have a strong call to action. Something you did sparked some type of interest in the person visiting your site , so make the call to action strong and loud.

Opt In Email Form

This is the main thing you will need to capture you emails.

Be sure your form is connected to an auto-responder. This is be important for you to capture the email and add it to a list.

Set up an auto-responder series as well. This way the person will receive an email once they give their email address.

Things To Include on Your Opt In email Form

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Call To action button

*if you make the email address pre-populate for you. If you are unfamiliar how to do this check out our consulting services and let us walk you through it.

Privacy Statement

This aids in the authenticity of your Opt in Email Page.

Providing a privacy statement about the emails you capture will help ease the individual into giving you their email.

This does not mean to abuse the Privacy Statement .

Be sure to stay true to your statement. State exactly what you plan to do with the email once receive and never stray away from what you state.


Constructing a converting Opt In Email Page is going to take you time and effort. Split testing different headlines, playing with images and colors are all things you will learn how to do in due time. Follow these simple “rules” to get started and then keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

Opt In Email Page Examples


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Opt In Email

Opt In

OK. Lets start with the basics for Opt In Forms.

An Opt In Form is a form you set up for individuals to “opt in” to receive whatever information you are providing.

Opt In Form

In the example above Individuals are Opting in to receive notifications about Online Biz Information via Email.

This benefits both you and your followers. Enabling them to stay up to date with you, your blog & business via email. This also gives you the ability to have some form of exclusivity for your followers. Since these people have opted into your email forum, you now have the ability to reach out and send them emails as you please {provided they have confirmed their subscription} (Double Opt In Email). This is a great way for you to connect with your subscribers. Letting them in on: updates, bonuses, secrets and exclusive offers of your blog/business. Giving these types of incentives to join your list is a great way to build follower relationships and website engagement.

Another great perk to offering an opt in form to your blog/website is the convenience for your follower. Not only will you be able to reach them via broadcast, but through Auto-Response. You can preset your Auto-Responder to auto send a monthly/weekly/or Daily newsletter of your RSS Feed, compiling all recent blog posts into an easy to read email. (It’s really cool stuff!)


What is an Opt In Email ?Opt In

An Opt In Email is an email (and subsequent emails) one receives after entering their email address into a squeeze/landing page. When you opt into someones email forum, you are opting in to receive additional information or offers from the owner of that email forum. They’re now able (through your permission of course) to send you emails regarding the information you’ve requested.

There are two types of Opt In Email form procedures, Double Opt In and Single Opt In (“Unconfirmed”).

Double Opt In (Confirmed Email Opt In): A Confirmed Opt In email requires you to confirm that you are the actually person responsible for the email address you have provided. This email also details the information you are going to receive if you chose to stay on that email list. By confirming you are the person who entered your email into the particular email forum, and agreed that you do wish to receive information. They can then proceed to send to you. You are now officially considered, a double opt in. Should you eventually decide to no longer be an active subscriber of that particular email list, you can simply click an unsubscribe button (which should always be at the bottom of every email sent..CAN SPAM laws require this)

Single Opt In (Unconfirmed): If you do not receive an email asking ” are you the owner of this email” you are considered an unconfirmed opt in. You can/probably will still receive emails from the particular list you have opted into. You will just be considered unconfirmed to the person providing any and all information. This is not a bad thing , just a preference the person or email service provider sending the information may have.

For best practices, if you are a business be sure to use the double opt in method. You can set up your auto-responder to send an email confirmation email once someone has opted into your forum. The confirmation email is consider “anti-spam” . Be sure to detail the type of information the person will be receiving and a link if they so decide to opt back out. This will help in avoiding being labeled as spam.


Looking for industry leading Optin Email Marketing Services? Aweber is the way to go… Check them out here<——–


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content equals cash! How to Improve your business Solo Ads

The Importance of Lead Capture

From browsing around on sites and clicking links, I have noticed there is a divide between the new Online marketer and the “experienced” online marketer.

Some like to argue that it is best to send your traffic straight to the offer. While others say you should capture their email.

To see which actually works best I conducted a split test where I sent half of my traffic straight to the offer and the other half to a lead capture page.

Can you guess the results ?

I’ll let you think……

With the split test, I made 0% sales sending them straight to the offer and made sales on 30% of the traffic I sent to the landing page. Why ? I think most people are use to having to put their email in before being shown an offer. Maybe because they know later if they decide they would like to purchase the offer they can return back to the email that is sent once you enter your email address to view the page. Could it possibly be a sense of comfort or exclusivity ?

The Importance of a Lead Capture Page

  1. Collect Emails & Build a List
  2. Market to Emails on the Back End

Collect Emails & Build A List

The importance of list building will be drilled into your head when it comes to marketing on line. The name of the game is traffic and building a list.

List building is important because the list built is your niche marketing. Individuals looking for the content you are providing.

Marketing On the Back End

lead capture, landing page

So they didn’t buy the offer the first time around. No worries.

Now that you have collect their email you are able to send them email messages about the product the initially inquired upon. They may not buy it the first two emails sent but maybe the third one they will take to the product being offered.

Why Do I need a Lead Capture Page ?

Lead Capture Pages or Landing Pages are good for capturing information( namely emails) before an offer is shown.

The page preps the individual for what they are about to be shown.

How Can This Help Me in My Business ?

Lead Capture Pages can help you grow your email list serves and build relationships with individuals through email updates.

Building a relationship with individuals can help you increase sales number and build a healthy trusting relationship between you and the individual.

How Do I get one ?

You can create your own Lead Capture Page through services like Wix or you can pay someone to make one for you.

Where Do the Emails Go ?

The emails are sent to an email capturing service, auto responder, such as GetResponse or Aweber. Once captured you can have preset emails ready to be sent on certain days or you can send them organically when you please. Follow the image to set up your Auto-responder for only $1. Your Welcome !

What Do I Send Them ?

The information you chose to send is going to be dependent upon the information you originally provided them. If the capture page states they are going to receive the latest information on yellow snow bunnies, then you shall provide them with information on that subject matter and nothing else.

Lead Capture pages are one of the most important aspects of list building and building your business online. It is at your discretion to use one, or not. The choice is yours !

build an income




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Paid Adversting Solo Ads

The Name of The Game is Traffic


The Name of the Game is Traffic !

In order to sell anything or gain followers you need to create traffic to your blog or porduct being offered. This is the only way people will know about what you are offering !

Where does Traffic Come From ?

There are two forms of traffic.

Paid Advertising and Organic Traffic

Paid Advertising Paid advertising

Pay per click (PPC) (also called cost per click) is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. Farris et al have defined it simply as “the amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.”[1]

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There are two main forms of Paid Advertising Online.

  • PPC or CPC
  • Solo Ads

PPC or CPC is the main form of advertising. Pay per click. This benefits you if your are sending traffic to a squeeze page (landing page) to collect an email and name to be marketed products on the back end. Or sending a clicker to the direct offer you have.

A few services that offer PPC advertising are:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Bing

* An Impression is how many times your ad is shown on a particular website . Impressions are typically cheaper than clicks and ensure you ad is shown to a bigger audience. Clicks are not guaranteed. 

Solo Ads (email advertising) is a newer form of advertising that is not known by many .

What is a Solo Ad ?

Solo Ads benefit you if you are marketing on a list serve that is interested in your products or blog that you have to offer.

Make sure the list you are marketing on is interested in what you have to offer. It is a waste of time and money to market on a list serve that is not interested in your product.

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Be weary of solo ad providers that offer 40,000 clicks for $60 .

A good Solo Ad provider will charge anywhere from .50 – $3.00 for a premium or  genuine click.

If the offer looks to good to be true it probably is. Most list serves promising an astronomical amount of clicks are probably sending your links to spam bots. These clicks are not genuine but they will most definitely fill the order you provide. So if your sole purpose is to get clicks , then spam bot all you like ! I would not advise this.

Questions To Ask Your Solo Ad Provider (if not already listed on the site)

  • What is your Standard opt in rate ?
  • Average Cost per Click ?
  • Has your list been exposed the product I am offering ?

Organic Traffic Organic Traffic

Web traffic which comes from unpaid listing at search engines or directories is commonly known as “organic” traffic. Organic traffic can be generated or increased by including the web site in directoriessearch engines, guides (such as yellow pages and restaurant guides), and award sites.

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Organic traffic is the unpaid form of traffic. This traffic is beneficial for the simple fact that the traffic directed to your site is from individuals who are seeking out the information or product you have to offer. Great ! You have individuals who want your stuff ! This is an easier sell if that is what you are looking to do.

Ways to increase your Organic Traffic :

  • Publishing your website on directories
  • Social Syndication
  • Keyword & SEO optimization
  • Providing Valuable related Content to your keywords
  • Providing different forms of media on your website (video, links to other websites on the content provided, quotes , act. )

Continue Reading More about On Page Seo… 

Creating traffic is what is going to get you the results you are looking for ! Directed traffic is the best traffic (traffic specific to your offer). This traffic will yield the best results.

Be sure that the content you are providing is genuine. Search engines keep track of how long individuals spend on your page. If they are coming and leaving quickly this reflects negatively on your site. You have about 10sec to “wow” your audience ! Do so.

Apply the knowledge learn and ask questions when necessary.

Good Luck !

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How to brand yourself

Brand Your self

How to brand yourself

If you are looking to be the go to person it is important that you understand how to go about branding yourself.

Starting any business endeavor you want to make sure people are coming to your for advice. You do this through providing VALUABLE content and communicating with your audience. Make sure you are giving your audience great content that makes them want to come back to you and your site for more!

brand your selfHow to brand yourself : Tip 1

1. Figure out what you want to brand your self for. What is your expertise ? What content or services do you provide your audience with ? It is very important to understand what it is that you would like to be branded as, or what it is you’re known for. If you have your own small business it is only fitting that you become the authority figure in what your business provides. For example Nike has branded themselves as one of the major company’s in the athletic world, which provides top notch performance clothing and apparel for athletes. It is only fitting that they continue to pump out content that endorses themselves as being the number 1 athletic company in the world. It does not suit Nike to come out with content about how great they can sell McNuggets at their company picnics. For 1, that is McDonald’s Job and 2 they are not known for how well they make food.

How to brand yourself : Tip 2

2.Create Content. Providing your audience with content is how you are going to win them over. If you are constantly providing your audience with valuable content they will continue to come back to your site to find out more about the subject matter. How are you going to do this ? Brand your self through a website or a blog. Blogging has become one of the most effective ways of building a true following. If you are constantly updating your blog, your audience will be engaged and actively participate while visiting your site. They can get to know you in the process of branding yourself and/or growing your business. Google also favors blogs as well when it comes down to seo page ranking. Search engines like to see content continually updated, shared, like and commented on, this lets them know that people find the content on your blog favorable and valuable. If you are not familiar with blogging and would like to learn how not only your blog can generate you an income, but learn how to effectively blog you can check out this program I found. Blogging 101

Brand your self How to brand yourself : Tip 3

3. Distribute Content. After you have written all this great content, it’s important that you share it with friends, family and your warm market. Let your family and friends get the social syndication going for your site through the likes and comments they post on your website, everything else will work itself out from there. You can brand your self by distributing your blog or website on various social networks, web 2.0 and more.

How to brand yourself : Tip 4Brand your self

4. Comment in forums, status updates and answer peoples questions pertaining to your content. This is one of the most important tips. If people see you always providing valuable answers to questions asked they will begin to come to you for answers  versus Google, Yahoo answers, or Askjeeves.  They will gain trust in the information you are providing them with and begin to seek you out . This is when your blog or website comes in handy ! Though having a blog or website set up they’re now able to visit your site when need be. Generating you free traffic to your site and a following that genuinely likes what you have to say.

This shows that you are an authority figure for the content you are looking to be branded for.

Apply these for tips and watch your followers start rolling in.

—>>Learn how a blog can generate you an income <<—

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How to Improve your business Paid Adversting Solo Ads

Solo Ad Secrets! Tips on Creating a Successful Solo Ad Campaing


Would you like to know some Solo Ad Secrets ?

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Who wouldn’t ?

First things first lets start of with explaining what exactly a solo ad is….

What is a Solo Ad ?Solo Ad, solo Ad Secrets

If you are new to online marketing this phrase has probably been thrown around quite a lot. And your probably wondering….What exactly IS a Solo Ad. What it can do for me? What are the solo ad secrets ? How exactly can it can grow my business? And ultimately how do I go about finding solo ad providers.

What is a Solo Ad ?

A Solo Ad is a form of advertisement (a list “rental” if you will) that is sent out to an entire or portion of an email subscriber list. You are essentially paying someone who has established a subscriber list within you niche market already; to send out your product, affiliate product, squeeze page etc to this list.

Solo ads are a very powerful tool used in promoting an affiliate products and/or website.

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Solo Ad, Solo Ad secretsWhat you are basically doing is buying targeted traffic to your webpage or affiliate links that you are looking to promote. I personally use solo ads to continue to build my list, and work closely with affiliate companies to know which products are converting well (solo ad secret, list building 😉 ). This way I cover my front end costs to advertise with affiliate sales commissions, all while adding to my list size. (And sometimes I even come out profitable!) *If I lost you there, don’t worry just understand that, your buying solo ads to either: A. makes sales, B. collect emails/names to build your own list or C. do both.

Rules to Creating a Successful Solo Ad Campaign

  1. Come up with a catchy subject line. Try to keep the subject line short, sweet and appealing. Think of old headlines from marketing companies that enticed you to open their email. You will want to use similar if not the same subject lines as those. (BUT KEEP IT RELEVANT, nobody hates anything more than clicking something and getting directed to something completely different, you might get a high click rate, but your optin rate will be terrible. As well as your unsubscribe rate will go through the roof!) Solo Ad Secrets Silver Rule
  2. Use creative language throughout the email. A fun interesting article that is not wordy is easier to read than a lengthy business article that is dry. Keep your email conversational and simple. Use simple words and provide VALUABLE information for your reader.
  3. Be specific with what you are advertising . Be clear in your intentions of the email. Make sure everything written in your email is written with a purpose. Do not confuse the reader with what they are reading, or with what you are offering.
  4. Be sure to include links to what is you are promoting. Give the reader multiple options to choose from. Everyone is different. One person may want to read a post on the latest cooking techniques and the other may want to watch a video. Learn what CONTENT your market wants to receive and your golden. Solo Ad Secrets Bronze Rule
  5. Make sure you know your target audience, and what they opted into your list for. If the squeeze page told them that they were getting on a list to receive more information about tea kettles, don’t send them an ad on auto parts(common sense stuff guys, but you’d be surprised). This will more than likely cause them to unsubscribe from your list, and mark you as a spammer. And if you didn’t know, both of those things are BAD. Solo Ad Secrets Golden Rule

Learn to apply these 5 helpful tips to your solo ad campaign, and watch the money start rolling in.

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Sirena & Quincy

Money Making Monsters

Solo Ad Secrets what ? Solo Ad Secrets Ohh My !

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