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Choosing The Best Affiliate Product


There really is no huge secret to choosing the best affiliate opportunity. They all work. Some better than others, but all in all, they all work to some degree. Your online success is solely dependent upon how much effort you put into building your network. Little to No effort = Little to No Success. Now that’s not to say if you put a ton of effort into your online biz you will automatically succeed. You need to put the right, “smart effort” into your online biz to have the best chance at success. Stick with one product, program or opportunity. Learn how it works and the best ways to advertise and promote for it. Don’t change focus until you’ve learned all the ins and outs of your business and achieved some degree of success.

How to Choose The Best Affiliate Product Run Down..

Do You Like it ?

Some say it doesn’t matter if you like the product or not, and are more concerned with whether or not it can make you money. First starting off you will probably look for products that seem easy, can get you rich quick. Avoid this. From talking with many clients and well established marketers on the phone, hosting webinars and speaking about the issues they came across when they first started online, many said they went for the “get rich quick” opportunity. Some saw minimal success and others just gave up. The get rich quick schemes benefit those who are already established in the online biz community and those who are ready to promote the mess out of the product all over the internet. No one is safe. Established affiliate marketers benefit the most from these opportunities. They already have a list of subscribers they can market to and know their percentages of how much they can look to make if they promote the product. The  problem with beginners is that they give up or just don’t know what to do. We suggest purchasing a product that is going to detail how to adequately use it and much more. A product that will tell you everything you need to know to succeed online and apply to any business model. And not just something that teaches you how to promote what it is you bought in the first place.

Yes no maybe

Is There Room At The Top ?

Are you capable of making what the top affiliate is making in the company? Or are you doing all the work, and that person is benefiting the most from it? Look over the compensation plan of the company. If it makes sense go for it. If not, then I would suggest choosing a compensation plan that makes sense to you, and fits what you want.


The Least you Can invest with the Most Profit is Always Niceaffiliate

Now this is a little tricky. In order to make big money you have to invest big money. Or you just have to have the most amazing promotional skills that can get you over 200 sales for a $25 item, versus one or two big time sales for a $2500 item. It all depends on the type of person you are and what kind of business model you want to run. Some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is the price affordable for the everyday person?
  2. Are you gaining substantial knowledge from the product/s?
  3. Are the products something you can use or apply to things outside of the product itself?
  4. How many/much must you sale to hit your monthly income goal?
  5. Does the amount of time and effort put in promoting relate to the potential income you can make?
  6. Would others be interested in buying the products? (i.e. is there a market for what your looking to sell?)



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Quincy & Sirena Tips For Online Marketing

How Online Biz Info Uses Social Media


Its seems as though new social networking sites are popping up left and right ! From new apps, to computer sites to shows about the next best social networking site. With our culture we are always looking for next best things. Delving into the realm of social media marketing can be somewhat interesting. Especially if your disconnected from the “popular” world itself. So how does Online Biz Info use social media to stay connected ?

How Online Biz Info Uses Social Media to Stay connected :Online Biz Info


One of the tools I use to “get in the know” is Twitter.

Twitter has become one of the sources I use to stay up to date on what’s going on in the world. It is a microblogging platform that delivers information in less than 140 characters. Follow the major companies, news networks, celebrities or friends you wish to stay up to date on whats going on in the world and their private lives.

If Twitter is not your thing or you feel you are to old to tweet what you do on a daily basis don’t worry. Not everyone is tweeting their life away. Many individuals use twitter to share blog posts, funny pictures, inspirational quotes or share information others share. Use choose how you wish to use twitter. However if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get in the know, this is the simplest way to do it.

Follow Online Biz Info on Twitter (tell us you came from the blog and well give you a shout out ! )

Scoop.ItOnline Biz Information on Scoop it

Scoop.It is a great tool to share information. Follow individuals in your niche and stay up to date on what is going on. Full length articles and conversation pertaining to a certain topic can be found on

Online Biz Information mainly uses Scoop.It to stay up to date on what’s going on in the online biz world through the eyes of our peers. It is a great way to read from someone else perspective about topics that interest you and things you may not be aware of happening.

Follow Online Biz Info on Scoop.It

 Stumble Upon

This tool or networking site is awesome. It’s completely random and you never know what information is going to show up next. This is a great way to follow and be exposed to all types of information in one setting. Follow niches you choose to follow but also “Stumble ” around on the site to view an assortment of articles that others have written.

I read a lot of cool stuff on Stumble Upon. Though I do not use this tool often it is nice to refresh my perspective on life.

Online Biz Info on Stumble Upon


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Tips For Online Marketing

Is Your Website Mobile Ready ?

mobile ready
It is now, and has been the age of mobile devices. We can literally do everything on our phones nowadays; take pictures, write reports, create spreadsheets, record videos. We can even receive and send money in the blink of an eye. Of course we’ve not yet reached the point where computers are ruled obsolete, but to be honest I can see that happening over the next few decades if we continue at this rate.In 2012 or over 15% of all traffic was driven from a mobile device according to Forbes.
This is a huge portion of the market.

Is your website mobile ready for this traffic?mobile ready , mobile traffic

As an affiliate and email marketer, many offers sent out to my subscriber list may not be mobile friendly should someone choose to look at that offer on their mobile phone. It has since come to my attention, with the ever-growing population of smartphone users, that I make sure the offers I provide are mobile capable. Or at the very least look nice on a smart phone.

Choosing a mobile ready offer

1. Does the offer explicitly indicate that it’s optimized as mobile friendly? Some offers say that they’re mobile capable. An easy way to check this is just to look at the offer on your mobile phone yourself. Is it the same capture page layout as seen on the computer or is it a different layout on your phone? (ie. is it Responsive?) Like many WordPress themes if you look at the website on the computer, it appears one-way, however when you look at it on the phone it appears a different way. This is an example of two different layouts for a single website.

2. Does the offer look good on a mobile phone? So the offer is not mobile ready, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Look at the offer on your mobile phone and make sure it looks nice on the actual phone. If it’s presentable, go ahead and promote the offer, making sure you’ve already gone through the entire funnel to make sure there’s no hiccups while people are going through the actual sales funnel themselves.

Not all offers you promote are going to be mobile ready… yet. Publishers are just now starting to grasp the importance of having mobile friendly offers. It’s good to know your subscriber list and what percentage of those users are looking at your offers via mobile device. Just be mindful that some of your people on your subscriber list are going to be checking their emails from their phones. Getting mobile ready is going to be a great way to help increase your interactions, drive you more leads and convert more sales.

>> Mobile Ready Offer<<

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google plus Tips For Online Marketing

4 Tips on How to Increase Page Rank in Google


how-to-increase-page-ranking-on-Google-1Google is one of the largest, most used search engines on the web. No matter the language everyone knows Google ! Learning how to increase your page rank in Google will be critical in getting your site to the first pages of Google.  In this article I’ll detail four simple steps on How to Increase page rank in Google. Be sure to absorb and understand the information that is given below. If you have questions feel free to ask !

How To Increase Page Rank In Google

Tip 1 Create Relevant Titles:

It is important that your title be relevant to the content on your page. This is the first thing people see and what search engines “crawl” for. If your title does not relate to the content you are providing, this reflects negatively upon your website.

If your website has multiple pages be sure to create unique titles for all of your pages. No longer are the days of “Page 1” and “Page 2” titles for websites. Make each pages it’s own by creating a unique title for it, this title will also help differentiate the pages from one another. Also, use each title for each page to describe the content on that particular page.

Tip 2 Create A Descriptive Meta Tag:

The description meta tag gives Google and Other search engines a summary of what the page is about. Google has the option to display your description meta tag as a snippet for your page or choose a relevant section of your pages text to match a users query. It is dependent upon what Google thinks is best for the users search query.

With the description meta tag be sure to accurately summarize the pages content. This will play into the relevancy of your content and whether or not Google deems it fit to display on a particular Google search query. Also use unique descriptions for each page. Same as the titles, make each page its own description relevant to what the page is about.

Meta Tag Description

Tip 3 URLs:

Create simple to read and understandable URL’s that convey the pages content information easily. Easy URL’s help visitor remember your site and can lead to better crawling of your website by search engines.

Remember URL’s are displayed in the search engine results below the title and above the meta tag description. If the search engine query appears in the the URL this may be more appealing to the searcher. This alone can help build traffic to your website.

Also, use words in your URL’s, they are easy to read and remember. Again be sure they are relevant to the content on your page. It is much easier to remember than

With any website be sure to only provide one URL for a given page. Assigning multiple URL’s to one page of content can split the reputation of the page between the  URL’s, reflecting negatively upon that page.

Tip 4 Easy Navigation:SiteMap

Make your site easy to navigate for individuals and search engines. Plan the navigation of your site based upon your homepage. Creating a simple directory structure that individuals can follow, as well as search engines. Organize your website so that users can navigate through it much easier. If your website has tons of pages, creating a simple to navigate system will help individuals find information they are looking for on your website. There have been plenty of websites I have visited and left because the amount of time spent looking for a particular set of information took me to long to find. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has left websites because of this. So be sure to make your website easy to navigate. If a 65 year old grandparent can’t navigate your site you might want to re-do the structure of your site.

If you have a large website use a breadcrumb list. Google explains, “a breadcrumb is a row of internal links at the top or bottom of the page that allows visitors to quickly navigate back to a previous section or root page .” With the breadcrumb list displayed on every page this allows individuals the ability to keep track of how they got to a particular page and how they can navigate back to a previous page. Personally I love websites with breadcrumb lists. There’s always information on the previous page I want to go return back to and look at ! The breadcrumb list allows me to do so, easily.

Another thing we may not think of is the capability of part of a URL to be re-moved. Your site should be equipped for this should an individual decide to create a “quick link” of their own to find find more specific information for another page or should they accidently not copy paste the entire URL.

For example : If a URL reads , where will this URL redirect me if I only copy Does it take me to a custom 404 page or does it take me to a directory of pages related to Easy Money ?

Also, Make 2 site maps. Yes 2. One for users and the other for search engines. Users and search engines navigate your site in two totally different ways. So make navigation easy for both.

How to Increase Google Page Rank in a Nutshell…

  1. Create Relevant Brief and Descriptive Titles That are Unique to Every Page
  2. Use the Descriptive meta Tag, Make sure each pages has its own unique Meta Tag
  3. Create Simple to Use, ” Navigable ” and Remember URLs
  4. Create an XML and an HTML site map for your website

Free FaceBook Likes

These are the beginning steps to help you increase your Google page rank and rank higher in Google ! The information provide should kick start your success to ranking higher in Google.

Sirena Williams

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Make Easy Money Online Tips For Online Marketing

Best Way To Make Money Online

est way to make money online

If your interested in making money online and building a substantial income that can lead to you living the life you’ve always wanted to live you are in luck !

In order to understand the best way to make money online you must first understand the two ways to make money online.

The Two ways to Make Money Online :

  1. Create your Own Product
  2. Market Someones elses

Quincy details the two ways to make money online, benefits and Cons !

The Two Ways To Make Money Online


best way to make money online

Now after listening to the video you should understand the best way to make money online is creating your own product. Starting off this may seem hard. So to get the flow of becoming a voice online start off by marketing someone elses product until you are comfortable with every aspect of the business.

Learn the products or services they offer, the angle they take to market their product or service, the tools they use maintain their product/service, if they use outsourcing and things of this nature. Ask questions and be active in the community if the product or service you decide to join has one. This will help you when you delve into the best way to make money online.

If you are looking for a phenomenal product to start off with I would suggest Empower Network. It is what we started off with and grown from !  Join our team and lets us walk you through the path of online success !

Best Way To Make Money Online —-> Empower Network


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How to Improve your business Tips For Online Marketing

Viral Marketing Through Video Marketing & Why it Works


A Few of you may be up to the idea of video marketing . If this is you then you will enjoy what I have to say in the is quick video.

Video Marketing and Why It Works

 What is Video Marketing?videomarketing

Marketing through video, dependent on the product, is a simple way to market your product online. Video marketing helps with branding and allowing individuals to get to know and trust you through video. Take actors and actress for instance, they are constantly creating movies and show casing their talents. Doing interviews , posting home videos and starring in commercials. You most often see them in the comfort of your own home, where you are more receptive to information. You may watch their TV series every Thursday night at 10, you get to know their character and may even start to associate their character with who they are as a person outside of acting. You see them selling a product, because you have watched them on TV for a number of months you feel you can trust their judgement, you like how they carry themselves and present themselves on TV so you follow the products they offer to you. You may choose to buy one or two of the products they are promoting why ? because you feel as though you know them and they wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction. Most of the products you buy that they promote are already products you where thinking about buying anyway but now that you know your favorite actor uses it , it make the product that much more appealing !

Don’t worry I fall victim to this as well , Kerry Washington sold me a pair of shoes through a music video she was featured in !

We are all exposed to video marketing and it has different effects on everyone, so don’t feel bad if Tom Cruise sells you a vacuum.



If you like Information Like this and would like to learn more please check out our Webinar Series Where we teach you how to become an Online Marketer !

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Blog Tips Quincy & Sirena Tips For Online Marketing

Top 2 Tips on How to Use Social Media To your Benefit


Social Media marketing when done right can bring in tons of traffic to your website. It behooves you to use this to your advantage. Many social networking sites are free to join and offer paid advertising on their platform. The top to social networking sites offering these options being Facebook and Twitter.

Provide Quality Content People would Want To Share

Content is King. At the moment “Memes” are the go to thing that people are finding hilarious and sharing like crazy. There is not one day that goes by that I myself find laughing at a funny Meme, screen shooting it and sending to my network of friends. Free syndication for the site whose URL is displayed on the meme.

Figure out a way to incorporate your companies content into different art forms.

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 7.12.28 PM

Become Social

If you looking to build clientele become active on all social networks. You do not gain followers on twitter overnight, unless you pay for them.

Tweet daily and provide quality tweets. utilize the hash-tags, upload images, favorite tweets and reply to other.

Facebook daily. Post regularly , like post and share content.

We are social beings. It is the only way we were able to survive on this planet. Depending on who you ask.

Lets utilize our love of being social and make it work to our benefit ! People enjoy sharing things when you have like one of their recent pictures, commented on a status or replied to a comment they left on your page or blog. Be human and reply.


Another life long fan added to Oprah’s List.

Moral of the post ! Be social and have fun. Of course there is fine line between having to much and promoting a business. Figure out your fine line between business business and business pleasure or fun I should say.

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Tips For Online Marketing

Tips For Online Marketing


Things you should know when marketing online ! online-marketing

Great you have an online business or offline business you are looking to take online or vamp up your marketing strategies you already have online.

When it comes to marketing online there is most definitely a learning curve we all go through. In the beginning no-one gets online and knows exactly what to do, when to post and where to syndicate. If you do you .. Your a Genius !

I have put together 3 key tips I think all should implement when starting off online.

Online Marketing Tip 1

Get a Blog ! Blogging is one of the most popular online accessories a person can have at the moment. It is a great way to share your products and for your followers to get to know you along the way. Be sure you are blogging daily and providing quality content. If you skip a beat this is perfectly fine. Providing good high quality content is what is going to make your followers come back for more and you the authority figure of your subject matter.


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Online Marketing Tip 2tlalsocialmedia4

Syndicate your content ! In other words share what you have written. Be it on social networking sites, forums, comments on other blogs, or forums. It is important that after you have written you post you share it to the world for people to see and read.

Great Social Networking Site To Share Your Info On:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Stumble Upon

Online Marketing Tip 3

Market. Market. Market. Solo Ads, Craigslist, PPC, PPV, CPC. Use all outlets to market your material. No one outlet is better than the other. Depending on your product one may favor your product better than the others. Figure out what works best for you as well as the strategy you would like to execute while using it.

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 Join our Bi-Weekly Training Session where we cover the diverse topics of Facebook business linking to how to receive ads for less than a $.01 !

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This is a non-refundable fee. Spots are limited, should you cancel less than 24hrs of the scheduled meeting time you are responsible of 35% of the total cost.
Upon which the Webinar has started or concluded there are no refunds.
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