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How Can I Monetize My Website

how can i monetize my website
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How can i monetize my website So you have a website, great what is it for ? Company Website, Personal Website, Blog ? Now that you have a platform to speak on you are probably wondering how can I monetize my website and start bringing in a steady revenue stream from it ?

If you are unfamiliar with website monetization, it is the act of converting existing website traffic into sales or revenue. If this sounds like a great idea to you continue reading.

How Can I Monetize My Website ? #top10ways

1. Banner Ads: Banner ads are the rectangular or square ads you see displayed on almost every website you have ever visited. They normally entail adding embedded coding to your website for the ad to display properly. The great thing about banner ads is that they don’t interrupt the content on your page. They are off to the side and normally conform with the content on your page. There’s nothing like having a website on fashion and beauty and having matching banner ads displaying promotions for Mac, Ulta or Sephora.

2. Text Ads: A text ad is contextual advertising. A specific keyword or keywords are matched with an ad relating to that keyword. Text ads are a great way to introduce products to readers. One thing to take note on about text ads is that many times an ad will appear in the middle of a sentence, which can defer some people from finishing the article and clicking on the ad. So be sure your content is worth staying on the page for and the ad is worth returning to to click

3. Affiliate Programs: Join an Affiliate Program. Working as an affiliate for a company allows you to make a commission on sales your generate from your website. You can join affiliate networks, that serve as a central hub for many companies looking to pay individual commissions for sale made on their site or you can join a specific affiliate program, that pays your a certain amount of commissions based upon the products you sale.

4. Sponsorship: Most sponsorships go to the website with the highest traffic. If your a small website start off with local sponsors asking them to donate what they can to your site. Think of creative ways to promote your sponsor. Product review, blog post promotion or maybe a free give away.

5. Sell Ad Space: Its your website ! Monetize it by selling the free space you have available on your site. What is your space worth to you ?How Can I monetize my webiste ?

6. Paid Subscription Membership: Do you have valuable content that you feel should be paid for ? Have individuals pay for a subscription to your exclusive email newsletter that offers different promotional coupons for your site only. Or maybe you have your own personal webinars where you teach individuals to do certain things. You decided.

7. News Letter Marketing: Market to your currently followers. They are following you because they love your content or they find it useful. Include links to products they may also like in your emails. Another term for news letter marketing is Solo Ad marketing.

8. Featured Guest Posts: Do you have people emailing you in regards to guest posting ? Let them know your price. You can charge for links,  posts in general, whether or not its a featured post and more. This is your website so determine what you find valuable enough.

9. Write an eBook: Make an eBook of the content you have available going into further detail. With the new wave of eBooks now being popular and easy to carry around, go ahead and make yourself one.

10. CPM: Cost per Mile. There are some ad networks that pay you for cost per impression. So if you are a high traffic blog try applying for an ad network that pays you on the amount of impressions a certain ad may get.

After reading through the 10 ways to monetize your website you should have an understanding to your original question, how can I monetize my website. Be aware there are more ways to monetize your website. These just happen to be my favorite ways.

 If you have a product you would like us to review, a post you would like featured, ad space you would like to buy or personal coaching you would like to invest in feel free to email us at

Looking forward to working with you ! :)

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