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How to Blog : Content & Linking

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Blogging is fun !

Whether it be to sell an item or share a story.

In both situations you want to make sure you are providing “Golden Content”.

If you want readers to continually visit your page, it behooves you to provide eye catching, cleverly worded articles to get them to come back for more.

The content you are to provide is dependent on the nature of your blog, be it personal or business.

In both cases you are blogging in a niche. Yes even in your personal life there is a niche you belong to. Niche marketing does not only apply to business, but personal stories as well. Who knew !

Content is King !

In any post you want to have at least 500 words and a keyword density of 3-5%. Some sites will let you get away with 300 word minimum , but shooting for 500 words is best. It is not a lengthy article but it keeps the reader on your site a little longer than 300 words.

With a keyword density of 3-5%, when search engine spiders crawl through your post they are able to see what that particular post is about. To help you achieve a 3-5% density you can use different variations of the word , and different context. Linking your keyword to relative post related to it will also help.

Obtaining a 500 word post with 3-5% keyword density will help with your on page SEO.

With the new Google penguin , search engines now rank your post based on relevancy to your keyword, how long people stay on your site and leaving, and social interaction.

If your content is compelling or informative enough you can have someone clicking around on your site for hours.

>>Learn How Content Equals Cash<<

Linking Text content

  1. Highlight Text you wish to Be linked
  2. Click the Link Symbol (it is only illuminated when text is highlighted )
  3. Pink the URL you wish the Text to be linked to
  4. Hit Add link

* to unlink highlight and click the Un-Link symbol, also only illuminated when text highlighted or already linked.

Linking text is a great tool to use when suggesting other website for individuals to check out.

With text linking you can link any URL you wish, capture page, YouTube Video, Twitter, Pintrest Profile, you name it.

Text link one form blogs may use to charge companies to advertise on their blog.

I am sure you have come across blogs, where if you hover over a certain word an ad pops up. If you click the ad you are taken to the offer and that blogger makes whatever the company has negotiated with her/him. Great easy way to make some quick cash.

Now that you are aware of linking text be sure not to get link happy. Dependent on the length of the article linking 2 – 3 words or phrases is fine. If you begin to link at least one word in every sentence it will distract the reader from the article. Remember you are trying to keep them on your site.  Keep the text linking to a minimum on only link to important information you wish the reader to know. Also ensure that the word being linked is relative to the page you are having them sent to.

Content creation is one of the hardest things in blogging. It can make or break a blogger.

Starting off you may have all sorts of ideas to write about, write them down.

Good Luck Creating Content and finding the balance between linking words.


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