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How to Blog: WordPress Media

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Text on a plain page can be somewhat boring at times.wordpress media

Spice your page up with some Media !

When adding media there is a fine line between to many pictures and not enough. The number of images added to a post is dependent on the nature of the post. As you may or may not have noticed most business articles only have 1 image, sometimes 2. They do not want the reader distracted from information that is being provided. Most blogs may have 2 or 3 images through out the post. Dependent on the blog, it may be a more personal business feel or life journey that one wants to express with the reader. At times images can help explain what words can’t.

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WordPress Media

Directly below the WordPress Post Option there is a Media Option. It is in this section where you can upload images from your computer to place into your blog posts. It is also here where you can manage the images that are in your media library.

Lets take WordPress Media a step further !

Image Edit Options:

  • Caption
  • Description
  • Alternate Text

Caption: A short title that explains the image

Description: 1 – 2 sentence description of what is going on in the picture

Alternate Text: Keywords for the image and blog post can be place in this section. This is a meta-description search engine spiders read.

Of all of the Edit options available, they are optional. You do not have to fill them out. The benefit however is if someone is unable to view the image there is a description there for them to read.

The decision to utilize what you have available is always up to you !

Have fun !

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