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How to Blog: WordPress Navigation

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If you are new to WordPress the Easy Blogging mode can look extremely scary and confusing.WordPress

Well guess what ?

It is not as bad as it seems.

Navigating WordPress is very click and go simple. WordPress Easy Mode shows you the basics you need to build a successful blog. The main categories New Post, New Page, All Post ect. Technically if your sole goal is blogging these are the only buttons you actually need.

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Lets Step it up a notch and exit WordPress easy mode !

This WordPress Dashboard is a little more intense and breaks down each available thing that WordPress offers. Post are broken down into subsections, All Post, Add New, Categories, and Tags. New options appear, such as ; Links, Media, Tools and a few more. You will have to check around and exit easy mode to find out what other great options WordPress has to offer !

WordPress Post

Under this option you find :

  • All Post
  • Add New
  • Tags
  • Categories

All Post: Displays all the posts you have ever written, both published and drafts

Add New: Takes you to the blogging screen. Here is where you will write your new blog post

Tags: What are tags ? Tags are keywords for your article. It is in this section where you can modify your keywords for your articles. You can create a special URl slug for a particular keyword as well as add a description for that keyword.

Categories: Categories are our broad keywords that we place our blog post under. Here you can also customize a URL slug , add a description and also choose a parent category if necessary.

WordPress Post is the most important aspect of WordPress You will Use !

Get use to using it and master it ! The quicker you learn how to navigate the post screen the better.

Good luck and have fun posting away !

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