How to Improve your business

How to Improve Your Business

How to improve your business
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How To Improve Your business

If your business is currently struggling or you are looking for ways to improve what you already have you may want to evaluate what you are currently doing.

Business is always changing and it is important that you stay up with the times if you don’t want to get left in the dust!

In the following post I hope to detail a few simple tips on How to Improve your Business! They’re not out of the box or to crazy to incorporate into what you are already doing, but very simple and subtle changes that you can make to make your business a better work environment and maybe even increase sales and customer satisfaction!

Tips On How to Improve Your Businessenvironment (1)

  1. Change Your Environment
  2. Keep an Open Rapport With Employees
  3. Stay up To Date on New Trainings
  4. Maintain a Social Network Presence

Change your Environment

Working from home creates a relaxed atmosphere. There are so many different things you can do at home: watch T.V., eat, sleep, play with your kids and/or walk the dog; if you find that your motivation about working from home is slowly depleting move your workstation. Try working in a different environment outside of your home, say the nearest coffee shop or your neighbor’s house. You will be surprised at how a little change of environment can bring you new motivation and inspiration to help improve your business.

This is the same for an offline business. Ever notice how your house feels like a new home when you remodel it or just simply rearrange the furniture?  If capable, move stuff around in the office, rearrange your desks, throw old things away, or buy a plant! Every little thing you can do to make your environment a more conducive work area the better. You will feel happier and be more productive than you were before.

Keep an Open Rapport with Employees

These people work for you and you for them! Make sure you keep them happy. Happy employees lead to better business. At some point in time there has been an authority figure in your life where you just wanted to make that person proud! This same emotion you felt for that person is the same type of emotions your employees should feel for you. To achieve this feeling you need to talk to them, know whom they are as a person, what they like to do in their free time. Building healthy relationships with your employees not only will make your work environment healthier but it will also improve your business. Whether it is an online business or an offline business, happy employees always work harder and are easier to work with.

Fun Things To does With Your EmployeesWinner

  • Weekly Contest
  • Monthly BBQ’s
  • Friday Feed on the Boss
  • Guess my Baby Picture
  • Team Games

Stay up To Day on New Trainings

Outside of the basic training, what do you have to offer your employees to make their life easier in the work place? Being the head person in charge of your business there is always some knowledge you have to offer to your employees, as well as some knowledge your employees can offer you. Have team building sessions and give your employees the chance to voice concerns they have or things they are lacking. This is not to say that all things mentioned need to be handled but listen to what they say and execute as necessary.  Include them in your business and things you are learning along the way. Send out weekly emails teaching them something new. Make them feel as though they are the business, because in actuality they are the ones running the company for your, or at least the grunt work.

Social Network Presence

If you are not aware of what Facebook is you have already lost. Being active on social networks is a great way to see how your customers interact with your company, the good and the bad. It is important that your company have some type of social network presence. This is one of the key aspects when learning how to improve your business.

Top Company Social Networking Sites

Being active on any one, or all, of these social networking sites will allow you to connect with your followers. You will be able to cater to their needs, as necessary.

Listen, Understand, Execute

Listen to what your followers/audience/customers are saying.

Understand what exactly it is that they are looking for or need.

Execute the proper plan to get them what they want.

People enjoy talking to, buying from and interacting with people! Let’s be honest, how many times do you hit zero on the automated machine? I know I hit zero until someone picks ups. Now if you and I both are hitting zero how many others do you think hit zero? If I had to guess I would say 80% of the population hits zero until they hear a person. So, be human on your social networking sites !

In conclusion, if you able to incorporate at least one tip a month on How to improve your business, I am sure you will see a change for the better. These are simple things you can do for yourself and your employees. If you are your own employee then take these tips as a stepping stone to change your outlook on your life and how to can live better and build a better you!

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