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How to Twitter

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how to twitter, how to use twitter

What is Twitter ?

How to Twitter ?

What is it Good for ?

What is a Tweet ?

These are a few questions that people new to social networking ask themselves when ever the topic of Twitter arises.

Twitter is a program that allows you to follow individuals you wish and be updated via Tweets about their every movement and the latest news in their life.

Twitter is also a great way to syndicate content and get new followers. Between the Hash tagging , trending topics and twitter Marketing , twitter is a great way to connect with your target audience.


How to Twitter, How To use Twitter Katt Williams

How To Twitter: Building the perfect Tweet

  • Hashtag Keyword
  • @YourName
  • Link To Page
  • Eye Catching Text

When it comes to twitter having the most interesting tweet is going to get you the click to your link.

For Example: If you notice there are a lot of celebrity accounts whose tweets will read ” I just lost 20lbs ” or “He said Yes “.

“He Said Yes” was tweeted by a fake Kim Kardashian account, but as you can imagine, with the pregnancy between her and Kanye West stirring in the media tons of fans where interested to see if “he said yes” to a wedding. Out of pure curiosity I clicked the link and of course it took me to a website that had tons of good information but not what I was looking for. The site that it took me to was the top 10 celebrity weddings, which is similar to the information given in the tweet, but not what I “assumed” it would be.

How to Twitter : Gaining Followershow to twitter, how to use twitter

  • Tweet Daily
  • Good Content
  • Engage

If you are looking to build followers tweeting good content consistently throughout the day and engaging your followers is how you are going to build a stellar audience.

Twitter is a social networking site. Social Networking . Engaging your audience is going to be the key factor in building your audience.

Engage your followers with Golden Content and Awesome Tweets and watch your list of followers grow !



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