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I hate My Job

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I hate My Job !

** Video at bottom of post **

Ssssccccream it to the world ! It will make you feel sssooo much better !

People might think you are a little nuts but who cares what they think !

Soooo this is not my a typical I hate my job story.

Where I trash talk my boss, complain about how my coworkers sleep during work hours, or how I don’t get paid enough.

None of that is here !

I hate my job because it is so easy !

How can this be ?

I literally blog everyday and get awesome income outcomes from doing this. It is really that simple !

–>> Start Hating Your Job Like Me <<–

I hate my job because I have more time in the day to do what it is I love to do !

What is that you ask ?

Follow my dream to pursue my professional track career as a 100 Hurdler ! Currently running for Rahn Sheffield Elite ! Woo Hoo ! Be happy for me please :) !

Unlike this guy —->>i hate my job,

If you hate your job and would like to continue to dwell in it… let others tell you what to build someone else empire & more than likely look like that guy in the process.. you should check this article out .. What to do when you Hate Your Job

Keep Your “I Hate My Job” Thoughts to Yourself

Even if you do hate your job, keep it to yourself and your family or close friends. Don’t tell the world, because the wrong person is probably going to see what you posted. Search Twitter for “I hate my job” to get an idea of what I mean.

Employees aren’t the only ones using social networking sites. Employers are there, too, and if you say it someone will probably read it. Tweets, for example, show up in Google search. And, if you aren’t careful about your Facebook privacy settings, you’re opening yourself up for the wrong person to see it there, as well.

Continue Reading…

–>>I can’t take it any more I hate my job so much I want to sign up now ! <<–

Now if you would like to hate your job the way I hate my job… continue reading !

What is so awesome about why I hate my job is that once I mastered the fundamentals, It was like second nature to me.. I went from spending countless hours on the computer doing research and studying, to blogging for about an hour and just searching the web for fun.

What really helped was when I got all in ! The training Dave & Dave offer is phenomenal ! Initially I only bought the $25 level.. how lame of me... I came to the conclusion that when I made enough money, I would upgrade to the next levels. That was taking entirely too long, I wasn’t really committed and I felt like I was missing out on a lot of information.

–>>Learn How Content = Cash ! <<—

And I was. By going all in it forced me to take the business seriously. I had just invested almost all my savings (ok I cheated.. I put it all on a credit card.. but still interest adds up over time ! ). Yet and still I needed to make that money back ! Guess What ? I DID !

It felt ssssoooo great ! Now everything I make is profit. I’m not making $15k a month like everyone else but I am most definitely on my way ! Had my first $997.53 day just last week and this week just started.. so yea… you get the picture ! I don’t know about you but an extra $1k on to of your part time or full time job is pretty nice to have.

The benefit of joining my team is I don’t want to see anyone struggle like I did ! I am here to help ! So not only do you have Dave & Dave, you have me. Let’s just say I am a guru at this stuff now . Oh lets not forget my teammate Quincy ! You can check out our website Money Making Monsters to see how awesome we are ! Just click Money Making Monsters !

–>> This is not for everyone.. Only those dedicated to changing their life & income… If this does not interest you please leave this page<<—

We have so much free training to offer you that your business is pretty much fail proof… if you are doing everything we are saying as well as Dave & Dave. I kid you not !

Wouldn’t it be nice to hate your job like me !

I can show to the way ! :)

I hate my job because it’s so AWESOME !

I love it !

–>>Join Me in Hating my Job ! <<—

Time is the only thing we have for sale .

Lets make sure we are getting paid what we are worth.

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