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Kids Make Money Blogging

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Kids Make Money Blogging

This is a picture of a Kid making money and placing the money earned in a Piggy Bank

A lot a parents are looking for cool ways to teach their children financial responsibility, commitment, writing and grammar , confidence. you name it !

I suggest Blogging !

It will develop their writing skills and build self confidence at the same time !

Benefits of Kids Blogging

There are many benefits to kids blogging, including:

Better Communication: Blogging gives kids the opportunity to keep in touch with relatives who live far away. It also gives relatives a glimpse into their kids lives that they might not get otherwise.

Technology: Kids are growing up with technology all around them. Blogging helps them keep up with new developments in technology, which can give them an edge when they start jobs or businesses of their own.

Writing Skills: Writing on a regular basis for a blog will improve your kids’ writing skills tremendously. Especially when they know their friends and family are reading, because they will work hard to produce their “best work”. Blogging on a regular basis will also help kids learn how to present their ideas clearly to other people.

Improved Spelling and Grammar: Most blogs have spell-checkers built in, which will help your child improve both their spelling and grammar when writing.

Commitment and Responsibility: Blogging for children can be a great way to learn discipline if they commit to posting on a regular basis. If they know their readers are expecting several posts a week, they will want to keep up so they don’t disappoint their friends and family.

Business Skills: Assuming your kids use their blog to make money, they will learn about advertising, how to promote products and they will learn money skills as they start to earn money.

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Where can they blog ? Why not here ! Not only are your kids blogging for fun but over time their blog can become a source of income .

I would like to think of this new year as the year of new possibilities.

Kids Make Money Blogging

A Small Child Placing Money into a Cash Register

Check out this article I found about teaching kids financial responsibility.

Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility
Submitted by Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves
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For many parents in their 40’s, a loud and disturbing wake-up call is beginning to happen. This wake-up call is the dilemma between figuring out how to catch up on the savings to be able to achieve a comfortable retirement and also ensuring you put enough money away to pay for your children’s college education costs. This quandary has put an extreme amount of pressure on mid 40’s parents on how they will come up with a solution on making both of these goals a reality. Since many parent’s will not be able to fully fund a children’s college education, it can be a great time as they go through middle school into the early years of high school to teach them financial responsibility as they will likely have to service their own college debt down the road.

Kids Make Money Blogging

A Happy Family

I think it’s important for all parents in this age range to understand that you cannot be afraid to discuss money with your kids no matter how great or dire your financial situation is at this time. I know many parents don’t want to burden their kids or have their kids worry about what may be going on financial in the household, but you know that you’ve crossed over the line when you are worried about telling your kids that you may not be able to take that Christmas vacation to the Cayman Islands. Trying to do a cover up for your kids and neighbors is only going to squeeze the financial vice harder creating more day to day pressure on you. What can you teach your kids that will allow them to help you and help themselves do better financially?

1.Show them a few of the bills after you have dinner- With our busy schedules between work and kid’s activities, it leaves little time to make dinners at home. Many of us eat out at local casual fare restaurants so we don’t exactly have to eat fast food even though these restaurants still try to turn our tables over. If you have a family of four, one great exercise is to show your kids the breakdown of the cost of a bill from dinner. For a family of four, by the time you add fountain drinks for everyone, some appetizer like queso and cheese dip, and the main mean, you could be staring at a $60 or $70 bill. Show your kids how much it costs for the Coca-Cola’s, the appetizer, how you calculated the tip, etc. You can show your kids that just by ordering water at one of these going out meals a week or skipping the appetizer, just how much money you could save over the course of the year. It will be an eye opener for them.

2.Plan the family vacation together- Most of us had one or two super cool trips during our childhood. As parents in our 40’s, we want our children’s experiences to be better than the ones we had as kids. This is why we feel so much pressure to have a beach house right on the beach vs. near the beach. We want the best holiday vacation in the Ritz Carlton vs. staying at a Best Western. We want Spring Break to be at the best property in Disney vs. a hotel near Disney. All of this which you and I know adds up to a ton of money out of our pockets. You can show your kids the initial stages of how to plan for a trip and where you may be able to save money. A great example is just using something like Expedia or Kayak to show them the same trip with a number of different cost options. Maybe they wouldn’t care as much if you were in a 3-star hotel vs. a 5-star hotel if you told them it could be the difference of paying for all of their college instead of giving them a head start.

You can read more of the article by clicking —-> Here

I believe it is important to teach your kids financial responsibility. In the long run they will understand money management and how to optimize the little things. Money management is a great skill to take with you through college. Almost all college students struggles with money issues at some point in time. If you already have the skill set to combat money issues you are already far ahead of the crowd !

Now the fun Part ?

How Can Kids Make Money Blogging ?

Through Affiliate Programs such as Empower Network (To Understand in depth how exactly blogging drives traffic watch Content Equals Cash). Empower Network pays out %100 Commissions . Yes your read right ! %100 ! And it only cost $25 to join (Learn about the affiliate Program)! It does not get any better than this. This business in a box will be one of the best investments you make on your child. Why ? because you can make your money back on it right away !

If I could have done this as a kid , I would have ! I’m most positive my parents would love me even more that they already do. And Who knows had I started early I could have been a millionaire the time I graduated high school. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your child understand financial responsibility and is a making money while doing it ? Most people would agree.

Get Started With Kids Make Money Blogging System Now!

Kids Make Money Blogging ! Its Easy !

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