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Learn the Formula , Be the Formula– Key factors to business success

key factors to success
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Many people start working online thinking that they are going to just create money out of thin air in no time at all, with little to no experience, and no knowledge of exactly how to create the income they desire. That’s the reason that a lot of people will sign up for free offers that promise to deliver huge results with little to no effort.

The reality is that most programs like that don’t deliver on their promises because they don’t encourage the average user to truly understand the process of exactly how to utilize and leverage their system to make money.

I’m sure that you’ve run across many of these, as have we, and you may or may not have been drawn in thinking that you’re going to really cash in big time this time!

Learn to Be A Scientist

What does a scientist do? He/she works with a formula.

Once you find a formula that works, you repeat the process until you have perfected it. You work it over and over, tweaking here and there until it produces the desired results.

The formula of Empower Network is a proven one, but in order to make it work for you, you have to work the formula. You have to tweak it to speak to the specific needs, wants and desires of your target market ~ your niche.

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Tell Others
  3. Make Money

Understanding Empower

The beauty of this formula is that it works for every business model out there, but in order to make it work properly, you’ve got to be a scientist and work the formula.

Understand What WorksOnline Biz Information School

When you understand what works, you can wash, rinse and repeat with exacting results every time.

The biggest question is how do you find out what works? You must read and listen to others who have gone before. Those who have blazed the trail, so to speak, and have produced the results that you truly want.

Follow the leader.

Follow the formula.

Pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t. Discard what doesn’t work, and work on perfecting what does work.

There is always room for improvement.


Don’t Treat Your Business Like A Hobby

People don’t want a job. They want a business, and business should never be a job.

Think about this, as an employee with a good work ethic, you did your utmost to perform the tasks you were assigned with as much perfection as you could.


Because you wanted that raise, or bonus, or whatever other perk your boss was offering!

Treat your business with the same respect and performance, and you will achieve the results that you truly want!


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