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List Building Tips

List building tips
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For starters, everyone needs to understand that they NEED a list. Without a list your online business is virtually nothing, or at least only what you make off of your initial promotion. Or your OTO (one time offer) It is very important that you grasp the concept of list building and how it can help your grow your business, become a staple in the online  marketing community, and build you a strong lasting  income.
If you checked out the 5 Figure Day Review , then you are aware this is one of the many tools we use to help grow our list. If you haven’t checked it out yet,  go check it out now before  continuing on in this article.
In the article I will detail list building tips and how to use your 5 Figure Day  and how to grow your list.

List Building Tips

1. Capture Page: The capture page is exactly what is sounds like. A page that captures information, in this case emails. Be sure to have a policy disclosure statement on you capture page to ensure the consumer knows what they are getting into an what they can  expect once they have given their email to you.
2. Free Item: Give them something for free or something of value in exchange for their email. What are they getting in return ? A chance to win a new corvette ? Maybe a $10 Amazon gift card ? Ebook that details what they need to build an online business ? You decide. Your capture page is your store front. And just like any store front , there is always something being offered to the consumer. This item can be given on the next page or , after they have confirmed their email, you decide when you want to give it. It’s your business.
3. Thank you Page: Thank them for their email an inquiring about the opportunity at hand. They have already decided to give you their email so go ahead and thank them for it. Begin building their trust here.List Building Tips
 List building tips
4. AutoResponder: You NEED a autoresponder. I have talked to many individuals who claim they are marketing online and making money , but when asked what autoresponder they are using they have no clue what an autoresponder is ! If you want to make the big bucks you NEED NEED NEED an autoresponder ! Or some tool that allows to you capture emails that you can market to later. The autoresponders we personally use are Aweber and GetResponse. You choose your preference . Both are great tools.
5. Paid Advertising Techniques: When creating a campaign for your system, if it be 5 Figure Day, be sure the campaign keywords and traffic you are sending to your Capture page are congruent with the offer on the page. For example: I do not want to send people who are looking for health advice to my 5 figure Day capture page. Why ? because they are not interested in learning how to make money online. Same thing goes for individuals who are looking to make money online. I would not send traffic to the 5 figure Day capture page who are interested in being paid per survey filled out. Yes this is a form of making money online but if I target for an individual who is looking for a paid per survey service the chances they are interested in my offer may not be as high as if I’m targeting someone who is interested in learning how to make money online. Catch my drift ?
6. Free Advertising: Free advertising is exactly that, free and often times free means more work for little return or will take you a long period of time to build a list. Unless you are a go getter and work hard. Just starting out, I myself did a lot of free advertising techniques. Facebook , Twiiter, Craigslist, Backpage, Free email exchange networks. You name it. It was very time consuming and I received very little return on my time invested. It was quite frustrating to see all this time an effort put in and nothing much in return. Slowly I started implement paid advertising technique. Blew a lot of money fast, mainly because I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, but I kept at it and now campaigns are so pin pointed I have got paid advertising down to a science.
If I had to rank the most important list building tips the top two would be a capture page and an autoresponder. I can not stress enough how necessary these two tools are. If any list building tips you take away from this article those are the top two !
Remember if you are currently struggling in you business and looking for guidance you can always check out our consulting page !
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