Niche Market

How to Find your Niche Market

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So where are they ? Under a Rock, in the grocery store, at home , Tim buck two ?Niche market

They are everywhere ! Everyone is a potential client !

Now and days you would think you can go buy a niche market ! But you can’t !

Unless you are an online marketer who understand solo ad marketing…

For the sake of this article we will not get into that.

Potentially every one is a prospect. Unless you are a mind reader you do not know what the next person wants aside from what you actually want !

How many times do you ask yourself what you want ?

Me personally at least once a day.. For example, what do I want to do today ?

Finding your niche market is going to be hard work. It is not easy. If it way every one would have a successful business where people are constantly coming in on a daily basis buying things everyday.

Your Niche Market Offline

Finding your niche market offline has to do with Location. Location Location Location.

I randomly turned on Toni Braxtons family Values, or something of that nature, and in the episodes one of her sister was trying to set up a spa which include , hair , nails, waxing and all of the above.

She was asking her father to invest in the company and took him to the location of which the property he would be investing in.

What she failed to realize was that there was a spa and a barber shop two doors down and across the way from where she wanted to place her spa.

The issue, not only are there two established businesses in that location, but now she would have to compete for clientele that is more than likely already use to going to their local business.

Two things can happen:

  1. She build her spa and brings in clientele and shuts down the mom and pop barber shop and spa
  2. She builds her spa and the customers from the mom and pop barber shop and spa stay loyal to their location and she fails.

Either scenario someone fails. So the main point I want to make about finding you niche offline is Location. Make sure you find a great location to place your business where you are the only one providing that product or service.

Your Niche Market Online

Being online you do not have to worry about location ! Whew you can wipe the sweat from your forehead off now. Your only location is the web.

Online your niche market is much easier to find, especially with all of the tools you can use to make your site more visible once you have figured out the keywords you would like to target for SEO purposes.

Locations of your Online Niche Market:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Dating Sites
  • Organic Searches
  • and So on !

The web is a huge space that I have no interest in fully understanding. Just know that everyone on the web is a potential client. It behooves you not to outcast any person on the web or in life in general. You never know what they have to offer.

One Tool That Helped me Find my Niche Market Was This –> OnlineBizInformationSchool

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