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Niche Marketing : What Is a Niche Market ?

What is a Niche Market
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Starting out in business it is pertinent that you hone in on your skills, knowledge and Niche Market service.

Be aware of your strengths and weakness as a business person. These will all come to light during the building phase of your business.

It is important to know what type of person you are and how you operate when finding your niche market.

For the most part your niche market is something you “pick” , yet you do not pick. After you have decided to do what it is you want to do, your customers, or followers, will fine tune what you are offering to fit their needs. Listen close to what they are saying and the feed back they are giving. This is going to make or break you.

For Example, you may start off blogging or selling one thing and then find that the people visiting your site or store would like something other than what you are predominantly offering.

Most often it is in the same realm of services , just something you may have thought the people would not be interested in. They want a more specific product or want you to touch on more diverse topics in the world of Motor car racing. Understand what they are saying this will help you determine your true niche market.

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What is a Niche Market ?

Niche Marketing is marketing a specific product/service to a specific group of people.Niche Market

This is not like the local grocery story who sells all types of fruits and veggies but more so a specialty store, like the local bakery on the the corner who sells cupcakes on Wednesdays.

Now that is not to say your niche market can’t be the grocery store selling the best fresh foods in town. If you would like to offer an assortment of service you will switch your focus or niche marketing , to the people you would like to attract to your company. Is it the person who only consumes organic local food ? or maybe the thrift shopping mom who is looking for good food at affordable prices ? You decide.

The same thing applies to building a business online. The only difference is the content or product/service you are providing.

If you have a blog, is your blog for the beginner to network marketing ? or for the pro who pretty much knows everything but likes detailed refresher courses on personality types and how to market to them ?

If it is a product or service, is your product is to use ? or for a certain age group ? is the service you provide affordable or are you looking for high end clientele ?

Understand who you are as a person and what your audience wants is huge in building a business offline or online. Listen to your audience and trust that what you are doing is going to work. When in doubt seek help from other businesses that went through what you are going through. Not your Mom, Dad, Sister , Brother, Cousin, Spouse, but someone who is going to tell you the hard core truth and not sugar coat it so that you “feel” ok. Hearing things from a non-neutral party sticks with us more than when a family member says the same thing. So keep this in mind when you need advice. Ask around. The worst answer you will get is NO and that just means you are in the same place you started.

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