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On Page Seo Factor List

on page seo factors
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On Page Seo


What is On Page Seo ?

On Page Seo are the aspects and keywords of your page that encourage search engine ranking. On page seo factors optimize your results in the search engines.

When dealing with on page seo there are a number of factors you want to include in your blog post or website.

On Page Seo Factor 1:

It is best to have your keyword in your domain/file Name.

For example if I am a bakery that solely sales chocolate chip cookies, a good domain name would be . My keywords are Chocolate Chip Cookies, this is what I would be aiming to rank for in the search engines eyes.

On Page Seo Factor 2:

Make sure your Keyword or words are included in the title. This lets search engines know what exactly your article or website is about . Increasing your on page seo rank !

On Page Seo Factor 3:

Have an H1 Tag in your blog post or website with your keywords.

On Page Seo Factor 4:

Use descriptive keywords as well as your keyword. Different variations of your keywords to be used is a plus ! Fill your article with different variations of the keyword if possible ! Be sure to have your keywords and variations of your keyword in the first and last paragraph. Let the search engine spiders know that this article is about that particular keyword.

On Page Seo Factor 5:

Include an image alt tag. Different variation of your keyword being use on your site or blog post is another way of ranking high in the search engines. Lets the engines know that not only is text related keyword available on the site but images as well .

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