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Online Business Strategies:The Online Biz Way

Online Business Strategies
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Working from home is the best option we as people have to getting paid our worth. We literally get paid dependent upon how hard we work or how little. Working from home spoils us. We can become lackadaisical with our work, procrastinate since we are our boss and “call out sick ” when we feel like. Here are some online business strategies I use to keep my eye on the prize!

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Get Dressed

If you are strictly working from home it is important that you get ready. It is very easy to work from home in your Pjs. However lets think about this. Would you work at a 9 – 5 in your pjs ? A lot of us would love to do this, but for the most part 99.9% of us would not go to work in our pjs. Why ? Because it is not business professional. When you wake up. Get ready. You never know what you’re going to do that day online. If you need to shoot a video. Bam ! You are already dressed for the part.

Getting dressed in the morning for your day gets you in the money making mindset. You are a business professional in your own home. We can all agree that when we are fully dressed there is some sort of essence that goes along with it. You feel fresh and ready to work. Versus in our pjs when we are relaxed.

Now that we have gotten dressed, what’s next ?

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Online Business Strategies, Online Biz

Online Business Strategies, Map out your Day

Map Out your Day

The night before write out a day plan that you would like to accomplish the next day. If makes life much easier and your day will go by much smoother. For example my day looks something like this.

  • 900 Wake Up & Get Dressed
  • 930 Eat
  • 10 Write Blog Post
  • 11 Syndicate
  • 1115 Eat
  • 1130 Get Ready for training
  • 12 – 3 Training
  • 330 Eat
  • 400 Read

and so on and so forth… you get the picture.

My day always goes by smoothly when I know what it is that I am doing the next day. No confusion.

Online Business Strategies 3

Treat your online business like a job not a hobby.

If you want to become successful in the online world you need to be serious about your online biz. This is probably one the most important online business strategies.

Most people that join online biz opportunities are looking to make the quick easy cash and are supplementing it to the job they currently have, only working part time on their online biz. If you want to make the big bucks you need to Get all In and go Full time in your Online biz niche.

All the down time you have, if you are working a full time job, use it to find ways to make your online biz more successful. Continue learning. The online world is forever evolving . Utilize your time to learn as much as you can about your niche in the online biz world.

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Online Business Strategies , Online Biz

Online Business Strategies, Be Available

Be available

It is important to be connected with your customers and business partners. Let them get to know who you are and be personable.

Building connections is what is really going to help you grow and help with branding yourself in the online community. If you make yourself available to people they will be able to see that you are someone they can trust and know you are more than willing to help you in your success.

Online Business Strategies 5

Online Business Strategies, online biz

Online Business Strategies Success

Keep Track of what works for you

It is important to keep a log of things that work for you versus things that didn’t. This is how you will continue to refine your business techniques. Ultimately leading you to the greatest online biz system.

It makes no sense to continue doing something that does not work for you.

If you are running ad campaigns, solo ads, ppc, ppv campaigns it is important to keep track of traffic. You need to know what is bringing you the greatest amount of traffic and what people are responding to . Keep track of your landing pages, capture pages, you are using for your paid advertising campaigns.

If you are doing free advertising keep track of the times you are posting, what information you are giving and what sites are responsive to the content you are providing.

Learn to apply these 5 online business strategies and watch your business grow !

Below I have compiled a list of articles discussing more online biz strategies.

Pleas enjoy !



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