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Learn the Formula , Be the Formula– Key factors to business success

key factors to success

Many people start working online thinking that they are going to just create money out of thin air in no time at all, with little to no experience, and no knowledge of exactly how to create the income they desire. That’s the reason that a lot of people will sign up for free offers that promise to deliver huge results with little to no effort.

The reality is that most programs like that don’t deliver on their promises because they don’t encourage the average user to truly understand the process of exactly how to utilize and leverage their system to make money.

I’m sure that you’ve run across many of these, as have we, and you may or may not have been drawn in thinking that you’re going to really cash in big time this time!

Learn to Be A Scientist

What does a scientist do? He/she works with a formula.

Once you find a formula that works, you repeat the process until you have perfected it. You work it over and over, tweaking here and there until it produces the desired results.

The formula of Empower Network is a proven one, but in order to make it work for you, you have to work the formula. You have to tweak it to speak to the specific needs, wants and desires of your target market ~ your niche.

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Tell Others
  3. Make Money

Understanding Empower

The beauty of this formula is that it works for every business model out there, but in order to make it work properly, you’ve got to be a scientist and work the formula.

Understand What WorksOnline Biz Information School

When you understand what works, you can wash, rinse and repeat with exacting results every time.

The biggest question is how do you find out what works? You must read and listen to others who have gone before. Those who have blazed the trail, so to speak, and have produced the results that you truly want.

Follow the leader.

Follow the formula.

Pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t. Discard what doesn’t work, and work on perfecting what does work.

There is always room for improvement.


Don’t Treat Your Business Like A Hobby

People don’t want a job. They want a business, and business should never be a job.

Think about this, as an employee with a good work ethic, you did your utmost to perform the tasks you were assigned with as much perfection as you could.


Because you wanted that raise, or bonus, or whatever other perk your boss was offering!

Treat your business with the same respect and performance, and you will achieve the results that you truly want!


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Free Advertising for your Blog !

Free advertising for your blog

Blog BLog BLOG !

Free Advertising for your Blog ! Nothing is better than free ! Want to know how to get free advertising for your blog ?

Listen up !

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Clear Intentions for 2013

This is a fresh new year, most people take a moment to look at their current situations and make assessments on what things will be different for the new year and what things will remain the same.

All too often this yields a list of resolutions or open ended promises/wishes that we make to ourselves in hopes of having different results as we start a new calendar. Sadly these resolutions evaporate just as quickly as they were created and we are back to square numero uno.

In life and in business it is extremely important to set clear intentions, not resolutions.

Dictionary .com defines intention as:

[in-ten-shuhn] noun

1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

2. the end or object intended; purpose.

3. intentions.

a. purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct: a bungler with good intentions.

b. purpose or attitude with respect to marriage: Our friends are beginning to ask what our intentions are.

4. the act or fact of intending.

In other words, your intentions set not only a clear goal, but a plan in which to achieve that goal that you can clearly visualize yourself achieving(mouth full I know).

With that Set your Intentsions and make them clear ! No need to be confused by what it is that you want to achieve !

I want to Join Team Money Making Monsters Now !

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#1 Reason Why People Fail!

#1Reason Why People Fail !

Procrastination ! Procrastination ! Procrastination !

Anyone can succeed, it is those who have the DO IT NOW mentality that get the farthest in life ! We all fall subject to procrastination at times, it is human nature. It is those who don’t procrastinate as much that make it to the top quicker !

I found this great article written by Andrea Bolder that can benefit us all ! Check it out below.

Have some people tell it, and you’d think making money online was as hard as winning the lottery. Without question one of the biggest differences between those who find success at making money online and those who continuously struggle… is the ability to be CONSISTENT in their activities… If you can not find a way to consistently ‘get things done’, you are doomed from the beginning. This is probably something you already know but it is a problem that 95% of aspiring online entrepreneurs face. Over the last few assignments we’ve talked a lot about vision, planning, and success mapping. But I can bet my last dollar that most of you probably still don’t have a PAN for making sure you stay focused and consistent.

Procrastination is a Dream Killer

For most of us, building a business online is just one other thing on a long list of ‘to-do’s. With jobs, family, friends, and just day to day life, it can be tough NOT putting things off till tomorrow. But you have to be disciplined enough and determined enough to fight through the urge to procrastinate. The longer you out things off, the farther away you’ll be from accomplishing your goals when it comes to making money online. It’s the first work day of the new year. Make 2013 the year you GET THINGS DONE…

  • You’ve got your goals. You’ve got your marketing methods. You’ve create a plan. Now go take action!!

cropped-rsz_01.gif====>> Click Here To Partner With Us And Learn How to Turn $25 into $30,000 <<====

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Kids Make Money Blogging–looking for ways to teach your children financial responsibility?

Kids Make Money Blogging

Save up for College Education!

A lot a parents are looking for cool ways to teach their children financial responsibility, commitment, writing and grammar , confidence. you name it !

I suggest Blogging !

** Video at bottom of post **

It will develop their writing skills and build self confidence, at the same time !

Benefits of Kids Blogging

There are many benefits to kids blogging, including:

Better Communication: Blogging gives kids the opportunity to keep in touch with relatives who live far away. It also gives relatives a glimpse into their kids lives that they might not get otherwise.

Technology: Kids are growing up with technology all around them. Blogging helps them keep up with new developments in technology, which can give them an edge when they start jobs or businesses of their own.

Writing Skills: Writing on a regular basis for a blog will improve your kids’ writing skills tremendously. Especially when they know their friends and family are reading, because they will work hard to produce their “best work”. Blogging on a regular basis will also help kids learn how to present their ideas clearly to other people.

Improved Spelling and Grammar: Most blogs have spell-checkers built in, which will help your child improve both their spelling and grammar when writing.

Commitment and Responsibility: Blogging for children can be a great way to learn discipline if they commit to posting on a regular basis. If they know their readers are expecting several posts a week, they will want to keep up so they don’t disappoint their friends and family.

Business Skills: Assuming your kids use their blog to make money, they will learn about advertising, how to promote products and they will learn money skills as they start to earn money.

Continue Reading …

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Highway Etiquette– how it translates to your business success

Highway etiquette

Highway Etiquette

Ugh! Doesn’t it anger you whenever there is a slow car driving in the fast lane? or is that just me ?
To some extent there is Highway Etiquette. Everyone knows there’s a fast last, “the middle lane “, and the slow lane. There are these three lanes for a reason.
Sometimes I find myself in the slow lane driving fast. Why? Because there is no one in that lane. I mean really who would want to be in the slow lane of life!
Sometimes people hop in the fast lane thinking everyone else will conform to what it is they are doing. However if you’re driven, this is not going to work! This “roadblock” of a person blocking the fast lane is just going to get passed and left behind.

There are two ways we can look at these slow lane people:

1.If you are a slow lane person stay in the slow lane until you are ready to graduate into the fast lane. There is a process to success! You cannot just skip step 1 -3 and start at step 10. It is not going to work that way. Learn the fundamentals you need and then climb the ladder. Imagine a pyramid. If you start at the top you have no base. You will easily topple over at the sign of weakness, but if you start at the bottom and work you way up. Once you have reach the top you are sturdy and well versed in hard work. It will be much harder to knock you over

2. This slow lane person is a “roadblock”. Something that is trying to block you from the greatness you are about to achieve. Reroute your path to success and continue on. You may get stuck at this roadblock for a period of time, but once you have figured out the necessary steps to get around it do so. And DO IT THEN!


When it comes to driving I am a go with the flow of traffic kind of gal. If traffic in the fast lane is moving at 75mph, then I am moving at 75mph. If it is 5 o ‘clock and the traffic is moving at 5 mph then I am moving at 5 mph. There is a time a place for speed limits, know them well.

If the initial flow of traffic is 75mph in the fast lane and you are driving 60mph DO NOT hop in the fast lane. How are you suppose to know the flow of traffic is moving that fast? Well if you look in your rear view mirror and objects appear to be moving at a speed greater than the one you are traveling get out of that lane. Kind of like when you see cop lights behind you and move out of the path of the cop (I can’t stand when people slow down when cop lights come on lol if you are not doing anything wrong why are you slowing down? and if you are, slowly move to slow lane and get off the freeway or out sight of the cop, you didn’t hear that from me lol).

When it comes to business and success I am a slow lane kind of gal. I like to learn everything it is I need to know about what ever it is I’m pursuing and build up! I do not want to be the slow lane gal in the fast lane market. Why? I will have to B. S. almost every answer given when questioned (sometimes that works). Or I will be blocking others from success and I do not want to be the leach in the fast lane without any knowledge to bring to the table.

The fastest way to get in the fast lane is to TAKE ACTION. I say I am a slow lane gal but with everything I learn, the minute I learn it I apply it. Guaranteeing that I’m going to graduate into that fast lane quickly (I don’t talk about the middle land because I identify that lane as people who are complacent their life. If you are this person that is perfectly fine there is nothing wrong with that, the middle lane just isn’t for me 80% of the time). TAKE ACTION! Doesn’t matter what it is you are doing! Taking action is the biggest part of getting things done and achieving your goal. We can always talk about what we want to do, but it is more beneficial if we are taking action to achieve what we want to do. Are you #aboutthatlife? The taking action life that is.

—> Click here to join Online Biz Information  school and unleash your inner success dragon <—-

With that next time you are in the fast lane and you see a car rapidly approaching just get out of the way. It is better for you and better them. They are on a path and they know where they are going and they need to get there quick. No sense in being a “roadblock “. Nobody likes them.

If you are in the slow lane of success trying to get to the fast lane, TAKE ACTION. Do it then and Do it now! Watch what it is the fast lane is doing and immolate what they are doing, there’s a reason why they are going that fast. That is where you want to be.

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Advertisements on Your Personal Blog


Recently I did a post on Mypinkgrasshopper and how awesome her blog site is and how I have been able to watch it grow .

Today I want to talk about how to turn your personal blog in to a money making machine !


Many of you may or may not know that you can have advertisements on your blog (we are not talking about your empower network blog at the moment). They can be subtle or over the top. Which ever you choose.

When advertising you should have links or advertisements on your page to things that relate to your blog.

For example , is a fashion blog, so it is only suiting that the blog contain links to online clothing markets. If there is a link to Home Improvement it is not likely that I am going to click the link

Types of Subtle Advertising:

  • Banner Ads/Sidebar Widget
  • Text Links
  • Sponsored Post
  • Product Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Site skins/Takeovers

Over the Top Advertising:

  • Pop Up Ads
  • Capture Pages

Check out the video to delve into how to make money on your personal blog

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Google Plus ! How to Add Google Plus to Your WordPress Blog

how to add google plus to your profile

Secrete SEO Tip !

Google Plus !

Add Google Plus to your Successful blog or website !

Google is one of the key search engines most people use when searching for things on the internet . It is vital to get in the good graces of Google to make a successful blog or website.

To build a successful blog or website, it is only right to have your WordPress blog or website linked to it.

The benefit of this ?

Google is able to recognize the authorship of your successful blog or website more quickly ! Ranking you higher in the Google search engine.

Now isn’t that nice of Google Plus !

Linking your successful blog or website with Google Plus increases the visibility of your content and the trust. Thus allowing users to trust the content you are promoting and adversely click on your link.

The bond you create with Google Plus by linking your content to your profile is what optimizes the visibility . You become a trusted site to Google once this profile is made and your content is linked. Being a trusted site in Google Plus gives Google the green light to organically rank your site when relevant content to your site is search. This is FREE advertising for you !

Want to know something else cool Google Plus does ?

It also centralizes all of your content in your Google plus profile ! Making it easier for users to search your content. You can stack out your Google Plus profile with all of the information you want your content searchers to know. From linking your Facebook Account, Twitter, Pintrest, Professional webpage, everything, you name it, centralized on your Google Plus profile.

So get started today and link your Google Plus Profile to your Google Gmail !

Google Plus !

Google Plus will help make your successful blog or website !

—>>Learn How to Make a successful blog ! <<—

cropped-rsz_01.gifHow can I get a Blog ?

Join Money Making Monsters and Start Building your successful Blog !

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I hate My Job

I hate My Job !

** Video at bottom of post **

Ssssccccream it to the world ! It will make you feel sssooo much better !

People might think you are a little nuts but who cares what they think !

Soooo this is not my a typical I hate my job story.

Where I trash talk my boss, complain about how my coworkers sleep during work hours, or how I don’t get paid enough.

None of that is here !

I hate my job because it is so easy !

How can this be ?

I literally blog everyday and get awesome income outcomes from doing this. It is really that simple !

–>> Start Hating Your Job Like Me <<–

I hate my job because I have more time in the day to do what it is I love to do !

What is that you ask ?

Follow my dream to pursue my professional track career as a 100 Hurdler ! Currently running for Rahn Sheffield Elite ! Woo Hoo ! Be happy for me please :) !

Unlike this guy —->>i hate my job,

If you hate your job and would like to continue to dwell in it… let others tell you what to build someone else empire & more than likely look like that guy in the process.. you should check this article out .. What to do when you Hate Your Job

Keep Your “I Hate My Job” Thoughts to Yourself

Even if you do hate your job, keep it to yourself and your family or close friends. Don’t tell the world, because the wrong person is probably going to see what you posted. Search Twitter for “I hate my job” to get an idea of what I mean.

Employees aren’t the only ones using social networking sites. Employers are there, too, and if you say it someone will probably read it. Tweets, for example, show up in Google search. And, if you aren’t careful about your Facebook privacy settings, you’re opening yourself up for the wrong person to see it there, as well.

Continue Reading…

–>>I can’t take it any more I hate my job so much I want to sign up now ! <<–

Now if you would like to hate your job the way I hate my job… continue reading !

What is so awesome about why I hate my job is that once I mastered the fundamentals, It was like second nature to me.. I went from spending countless hours on the computer doing research and studying, to blogging for about an hour and just searching the web for fun.

What really helped was when I got all in ! The training Dave & Dave offer is phenomenal ! Initially I only bought the $25 level.. how lame of me... I came to the conclusion that when I made enough money, I would upgrade to the next levels. That was taking entirely too long, I wasn’t really committed and I felt like I was missing out on a lot of information.

–>>Learn How Content = Cash ! <<—

And I was. By going all in it forced me to take the business seriously. I had just invested almost all my savings (ok I cheated.. I put it all on a credit card.. but still interest adds up over time ! ). Yet and still I needed to make that money back ! Guess What ? I DID !

It felt ssssoooo great ! Now everything I make is profit. I’m not making $15k a month like everyone else but I am most definitely on my way ! Had my first $997.53 day just last week and this week just started.. so yea… you get the picture ! I don’t know about you but an extra $1k on to of your part time or full time job is pretty nice to have.

The benefit of joining my team is I don’t want to see anyone struggle like I did ! I am here to help ! So not only do you have Dave & Dave, you have me. Let’s just say I am a guru at this stuff now . Oh lets not forget my teammate Quincy ! You can check out our website Money Making Monsters to see how awesome we are ! Just click Money Making Monsters !

–>> This is not for everyone.. Only those dedicated to changing their life & income… If this does not interest you please leave this page<<—

We have so much free training to offer you that your business is pretty much fail proof… if you are doing everything we are saying as well as Dave & Dave. I kid you not !

Wouldn’t it be nice to hate your job like me !

I can show to the way ! :)

I hate my job because it’s so AWESOME !

I love it !

–>>Join Me in Hating my Job ! <<—

Time is the only thing we have for sale .

Lets make sure we are getting paid what we are worth.

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A Pep Talk From a Kid President

A Pep Talk From a Kid President

Sometimes we just need a Little Pep Talk and encouragement from others ! ** (Video at bottom of post) **

Daily Pep Talk From A BestFriend

This isn’t a contest.

Pep talk: Your life is your one of a kind experience here on earth. Yours will be very different than another person’s, so there’s no point comparing or competing. Racing to catch up to imaginary benchmarks limits you. You don’t have to follow the road many have already walked. Perhaps you’re destined for other adventures.

Today remind yourself: This isn’t a contest.

Continue Reading…

As an athlete, I understand the importance of training hard and having the right mindset. Believe it or not competing and all athleticism, comes down to 10% talent and 90% mindset.

You can have all the talent in the world but if you are not mentally prepared for the day, you will go unnoticed .

That’s what pep talks are for !

Pep TalkPep Talk, sirena williams, solo ad

Pep talks are our coaches, parents, teachers, and friends way of mentally preparing us for our “sport” and they help ! It doesn’t matter what you are doing. The mental preparation needed for a speech, a recital, a performance.. across the board, are all the same.

Now of course each pep talk is different, but they all hold the same purpose !

To get you mentally prepared to show case your talent !

The Free Dictionary
pep talk

Informal an enthusiastic talk designed to increase confidence, production, cooperation, etc.

A Pep Talk is a Pep Talk that Pep Talks you to Greatness !

What Did you Want to Be when you were a Kid ?

I notice as adults we seem to forget our dreams. We become robots to society. Helping others build their dreams instead of chasing our own.

We loose sight of all of the possibilities that are out there for us to pursue and continue in our monotonous life .

Financially making the same paycheck we have made for years, working that good ol 9-5 job, traveling the same places traveled before, giving family and friends the same excuses as to why we can’t be at their event.

Well I challenge you !

To do something spontaneous this week !

Live a little.

Take control of your Worth, and YOUR LIFE ! Whether it be changing your financial situation by taking a leap of faith and investing in something that may be out of the ordinary for you. Making that promise that you will no longer work that boring 9 – 5. Starting up that business you have always wanted to start, but kept telling yourself you weren’t ready. The Hardest part is starting! Taking that trip to Europe that you have always wanted to take, but the “kids” weren’t old enough yet. Hooking up with old friends just to see how they are. Stop with the excuses for not doing it, and start making excuses for WHY YOU GOING TO!

Do something Wild !

Everyone’s Wild is different so define your own !

Learn to be adventurous and spontaneous in life!

Get back to being a kid again !

Your Inner Kid misses you !

A Pep Talk From A Kid President

“We all need a little encouragement every now and then. Kid President, knowing this, has put together a video you can play each morning as you wake up or to share with your friend who needs a kick in the right direction. Take a moment and spread some encouragement. “It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.” – SoulPancake

Take control of Your Worth !

Set your own Hours !



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