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Kids Make Money Blogging

Kids Make Money Blogging

This is a picture of a Kid making money and placing the money earned in a Piggy Bank

A lot a parents are looking for cool ways to teach their children financial responsibility, commitment, writing and grammar , confidence. you name it !

I suggest Blogging !

It will develop their writing skills and build self confidence at the same time !

Benefits of Kids Blogging

There are many benefits to kids blogging, including:

Better Communication: Blogging gives kids the opportunity to keep in touch with relatives who live far away. It also gives relatives a glimpse into their kids lives that they might not get otherwise.

Technology: Kids are growing up with technology all around them. Blogging helps them keep up with new developments in technology, which can give them an edge when they start jobs or businesses of their own.

Writing Skills: Writing on a regular basis for a blog will improve your kids’ writing skills tremendously. Especially when they know their friends and family are reading, because they will work hard to produce their “best work”. Blogging on a regular basis will also help kids learn how to present their ideas clearly to other people.

Improved Spelling and Grammar: Most blogs have spell-checkers built in, which will help your child improve both their spelling and grammar when writing.

Commitment and Responsibility: Blogging for children can be a great way to learn discipline if they commit to posting on a regular basis. If they know their readers are expecting several posts a week, they will want to keep up so they don’t disappoint their friends and family.

Business Skills: Assuming your kids use their blog to make money, they will learn about advertising, how to promote products and they will learn money skills as they start to earn money.

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