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Affiliate Programs Tips For Online Marketing

Choosing The Best Affiliate Product


There really is no huge secret to choosing the best affiliate opportunity. They all work. Some better than others, but all in all, they all work to some degree. Your online success is solely dependent upon how much effort you put into building your network. Little to No effort = Little to No Success. Now that’s not to say if you put a ton of effort into your online biz you will automatically succeed. You need to put the right, “smart effort” into your online biz to have the best chance at success. Stick with one product, program or opportunity. Learn how it works and the best ways to advertise and promote for it. Don’t change focus until you’ve learned all the ins and outs of your business and achieved some degree of success.

How to Choose The Best Affiliate Product Run Down..

Do You Like it ?

Some say it doesn’t matter if you like the product or not, and are more concerned with whether or not it can make you money. First starting off you will probably look for products that seem easy, can get you rich quick. Avoid this. From talking with many clients and well established marketers on the phone, hosting webinars and speaking about the issues they came across when they first started online, many said they went for the “get rich quick” opportunity. Some saw minimal success and others just gave up. The get rich quick schemes benefit those who are already established in the online biz community and those who are ready to promote the mess out of the product all over the internet. No one is safe. Established affiliate marketers benefit the most from these opportunities. They already have a list of subscribers they can market to and know their percentages of how much they can look to make if they promote the product. The  problem with beginners is that they give up or just don’t know what to do. We suggest purchasing a product that is going to detail how to adequately use it and much more. A product that will tell you everything you need to know to succeed online and apply to any business model. And not just something that teaches you how to promote what it is you bought in the first place.

Yes no maybe

Is There Room At The Top ?

Are you capable of making what the top affiliate is making in the company? Or are you doing all the work, and that person is benefiting the most from it? Look over the compensation plan of the company. If it makes sense go for it. If not, then I would suggest choosing a compensation plan that makes sense to you, and fits what you want.


The Least you Can invest with the Most Profit is Always Niceaffiliate

Now this is a little tricky. In order to make big money you have to invest big money. Or you just have to have the most amazing promotional skills that can get you over 200 sales for a $25 item, versus one or two big time sales for a $2500 item. It all depends on the type of person you are and what kind of business model you want to run. Some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Is the price affordable for the everyday person?
  2. Are you gaining substantial knowledge from the product/s?
  3. Are the products something you can use or apply to things outside of the product itself?
  4. How many/much must you sale to hit your monthly income goal?
  5. Does the amount of time and effort put in promoting relate to the potential income you can make?
  6. Would others be interested in buying the products? (i.e. is there a market for what your looking to sell?)



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Make Easy Money Online

How to Make Money On Your Blog

how to make money on your blog

So you have a blog. Great ! You may be at the point now where you are wondering.. can this make me money ? How can I make money from my website ? Should I even be thinking about making money from my website ? If this is you this post is for you.  Many people monetize their personal website for various reason. Ok mainly one main reason. TO MAKE MONEY. Nothing is wrong with adding an additional income stream, just be sure what you choose to promote fits your website.  In this video I detail how to make money on your blog or current website and also show examples of how different websites have monetized their own blogs. Check it out Below.

How To Make Money On Your Blog

So If you checked out the video you should have a basic understanding how to make money on your blog. I realize the examples used are well established websites , but the concept they have incorporated into adding an additional income streams still apply.

How To Choose The Right Ads for Your Blog

Now when choosing the type of route you want to incorporate into your current blog be sure it fits with the nature of your blog and you as an individual. If it is not normal for you to promote The Latest aftershave products on your website then don’t do it.. Its just that simple !
You can sign up for affiliate networks to pick which ads you wish to promote on your site. This gives you full control of what you want to have on your website. Keep track of what’s being clicked and what’s not being clicked. This will help you choose which ads your followers are interested in.
Affiliate Network We are Involved With:How to make money on your blog
Recap Of Ways To Monetize Your Website:
  • Banner Ads/Sidebar Widget
  • Text Links
  • Sponsored Post
  • Product Reviews
  • Giveaways
  • Site skins/Takeovers
  • Guest Posting
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Quincy & Sirena

Key Factor To Success: Consistency #success #obi

Key factor to success

Everyone wants to achieve success, but many do not know how. To be completely honest there really is only one key factor to success… Consistency.. But before we talk about consistency lets first touch on the factors you will need to incorporate into you success machine to ensure it.

Mindset Key Factor To success

Do you have the right outlook on life? Are you open minded about the avenues you are looking to take to achieve success? Are you open to new ideas introduced by others? A lot of times when we are looking to achieve optimal success we go into tunnel vision and information overload. Not listening to others who may be trying to help us, and spending all our time learning  about what we are trying to do, and never actually “doing” it. It is so important to learn how to take in information from others, filter out the malarkey and execute the remaining useful information. There are going to be hard times throughout this journey, you are going to want to give up, quit and break down, but is important that you remember why you started. Keep your end goal in mind at all times. The things you need to do along the way to get there will slowly fall in place.

An Idea

How is your idea different from others? Have you done research to see if anyone else has done this already? If so, what make yours unique? Do you have a solid plan of execution? Have you written out every possible direction your idea can be taken or interpreted? How is this idea going to impact the world ? Is this idea beneficial to those you’re trying to reach? Can the everyday person benefit from this idea ? What/who is your target audience?

Everyone starts with an idea. It’s those who nurture, develop and EXECUTE their idea who get there message out there and to the masses. Never let anyone tell you your idea is dumb or impossible to achieve.  You never know what people will buy or want.  (Great examples of this are things like “snuggies” “shake weights” and the “pet rock”. How many people do you think told those guys that those we dumb ideas?)

#1 Key Factor to Success: Consistency Key factor to success

Now of course this is Online Biz Information’s experience, but here is where we loose 95% of the people who have an “idea”. And this is in their lack of consistency in their efforts. After you have your idea, product or service continue to promote it til you can’t anymore… and then promote it some more ! Ideas are pretty much waiting games. If you keep saying or doing the same things for long enough eventually people will follow suit. These are some quotes to live by when it comes to pursuing your business and life goals:



Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.
– Newt Gingrich

Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.
– William Feather

How long should you try? Until.
– Jim Rohn

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Quincy & Sirena Tips For Online Marketing

How Online Biz Info Uses Social Media


Its seems as though new social networking sites are popping up left and right ! From new apps, to computer sites to shows about the next best social networking site. With our culture we are always looking for next best things. Delving into the realm of social media marketing can be somewhat interesting. Especially if your disconnected from the “popular” world itself. So how does Online Biz Info use social media to stay connected ?

How Online Biz Info Uses Social Media to Stay connected :Online Biz Info


One of the tools I use to “get in the know” is Twitter.

Twitter has become one of the sources I use to stay up to date on what’s going on in the world. It is a microblogging platform that delivers information in less than 140 characters. Follow the major companies, news networks, celebrities or friends you wish to stay up to date on whats going on in the world and their private lives.

If Twitter is not your thing or you feel you are to old to tweet what you do on a daily basis don’t worry. Not everyone is tweeting their life away. Many individuals use twitter to share blog posts, funny pictures, inspirational quotes or share information others share. Use choose how you wish to use twitter. However if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get in the know, this is the simplest way to do it.

Follow Online Biz Info on Twitter (tell us you came from the blog and well give you a shout out ! )

Scoop.ItOnline Biz Information on Scoop it

Scoop.It is a great tool to share information. Follow individuals in your niche and stay up to date on what is going on. Full length articles and conversation pertaining to a certain topic can be found on

Online Biz Information mainly uses Scoop.It to stay up to date on what’s going on in the online biz world through the eyes of our peers. It is a great way to read from someone else perspective about topics that interest you and things you may not be aware of happening.

Follow Online Biz Info on Scoop.It

 Stumble Upon

This tool or networking site is awesome. It’s completely random and you never know what information is going to show up next. This is a great way to follow and be exposed to all types of information in one setting. Follow niches you choose to follow but also “Stumble ” around on the site to view an assortment of articles that others have written.

I read a lot of cool stuff on Stumble Upon. Though I do not use this tool often it is nice to refresh my perspective on life.

Online Biz Info on Stumble Upon


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Make Easy Money Online

The 3 Componets of Building a Successful Online Biz

Building a Successful online Biz

Building a successful online biz is tough. It takes time, dedication, coaching and self education. If you’re looking to build a business online there are 3 main things you must have.

An audience, a platform and a Product.

Your Audience

Your audience is potentially every person you come in contact with. The famous cliche, don’t judge a book by it’s cover is prevalent in all aspects of business. You never know what someone wants or is interested in until you present them with it. The difference between face to face network marketing, and online marketing is the ability to target specific individuals. The beauty of online marketing is that if you have a specific product, you can target those individuals looking for that specific product. How, through content marketing and paid advertising methods. You can find out where your audience “lives” online and market it there. Your audience online is a lot simpler to find than your audience in everyday life.

Building a successful onlinen biz , audience

A Platform

You will need a platform to reach your audience. How are people going to know you are starting an online business if you are not anywhere on the internet ? Get on track to building a successful online biz by choosing the platform or platforms that best suite you, and the product’s you are promoting. A hint, you should be active in all of these networks.

Types of Platforms:social-media-buttons

  • Blog
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Pintrest
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Google +

A Product

Building a Successful online biz requires a product or service. Promote products you can make money from. Anything from online business opportunities, to the selling of physical items that require shipping. This is your online income life line. Without a product or service, you will not make any money online. Find something that interests you or you can make money from, and get promoting.

Online Business Opportunities, such as The Blog Beast, teach you everything you need to know about how to make money online. And when I say everything, I mean every little thing you could possibly think of. You can also join affiliate networks offered by major online companies like Amazon or Clickbank. Almost all businesses online offer the opportunity to sell their products.

Building a successful online biz takes time. It’s not going to happen over night. The 3 main components listed in this article today are the bare minimum you will need to get the ball rolling.

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Quincy & Sirena

The Death of the Online Business Free Mentality (Getting over this negative mindest)

free mentality

Quincy on The Free Mentality

The free mentality and why it’ll be the end of your business goals

Everyone likes free, right? The word itself does have a nice ring to it, and I have to admit, I never want to pass up on something, especially when its free. But unfortunately, the word “free” will be the death of your online business. For more reasons than the obvious. The Death of the Online Business Free Mentality will keep you afloat and thriving. Clearly, if all you have to offer people are free products, or free samples, or free services, that business model just wont last long. But if you can’t break your mental tie to what you think having something for free will bring you, you’re always going to be stuck wondering why you can’t take your business to the next level.Online Biz Information School

Need Help Getting on The right Track ?

>>Check out Online biz Information School <<

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How To Twitter

Twitter for Business and Social Media Growth


What is Twitter ?

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to share information with fellow twitter users. Twitter allows you 140 characters to express how you feel to the world.

Twitter For Business and  Social Media Growth Twitter for business

Many People use twitter as a form to stay up to date with whats going on in the world, with friends and follow their favorite celebrities. There are also those who have got the hint to use Twitter for Business. With over  100 million active daily users, you can almost guarantee someone will be interested in what you have to offer. Twitter for business is a great way to tap into your potential twitter audience by tweeting daily.

How to Grow Your Fan Base

  1. Paid
  2. Free

Paid: Now there are two options you can use with paid advertising. The first is outsourcing. There are various 3rd party sites you can use to purchase followers in bulk. The second paid option is to go to twitter directly. Twitter has upgraded its paid aspects of marketing, you can check them out here.

Free: Building followers the free way is going to take time, effort and a lot of tweeting. Get in the habit of tweeting daily and learning how to use hashtags, and follow individuals in your niche to help gain exposure. Be sure to respond to any reply or direct message sent.

Creating a s solid twitter fan base is a great way to syndicate your content and gain new followers and exposure. Using Twitter for business is also a great way to connect with your younger generation followers. Have fun figuring out the direction you want to take your twitter.

Join Twitter

Follow Online Biz Information

How To Twitter

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The Importance of Cross Promotion


What is Cross Promotion?cross promotion

Cross promotion is a form of marketing in which an individual or business of particular products and services, promotes similar products that may of interest to their customers and followers.

An example of cross promotion, is one marketer promoting another, and vice versa. Not only does this edify each individual who is being promoted, but you also personally brand yourself as the person to look towards for information.

Why Cross Promote?

  • Edification
  • Gain new followers
  • Exposure
  • Win-Win situation for both parties
  • Cost of promotion is cheaper (most cases free)
  • One of the beneficial types of promotion

How To Cross Promote :

Find Individuals in your Niche: Look for people who are interested in the same types of information you are sharing. Cross promotion of individuals in your niche is a great way to grow your business and build relationships. “Everyone you ever meet will know something you don’t.”

Explain the benefit of the relationship: what can you help them achieve ? How does this benefit them ?  Can you guarantee them any thing? Is your relationship a “I scratch your back you scratch mine” or do the two parties involved genuinely care about the success of the other. People are always looking to know what they can benefit from building a partnership with others. So sell yourself on this part. Surround yourself by those achieving success and you will too.

Discuss a cross promotion scheme: One time website featured or continued partnership ? Be sure both parties on the same page when it comes to cross promotion. understand the agreement arrange and leave no detail unclear.

If you are unfamiliar with cross promotion this is a great way to gain new followers and expand your reach, as mention in Why Cross Promote. Not everyone who follows you is going to like you as an individual, so why not suggest someone who they might like to follow. May give you brownie points.

How To Cross Promote Without Selling Out


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Blog Tips

How to Write a Blog in WordPress for Beginners


There are tons of individuals in the world who have thought about starting a blog. Many become overwhelmed with what to blog about ? How To Write a Blog ? How do I get a Blog ? And many other questions along the lines of starting a blog. Blogging is extremely easy to do, and you should most definitely be doing it. In this article I will detail How to Write a blog in WordPress.

How to Write a blog in 6 easy steps

1. Login into your Back office: If you’re reading this article I’m under the assumption that you have already set up your or WordPress.Org site. Of you’ve already uploaded wordpress to your own domain and hosting account. (If you haven’t done that, or don’t know what to do or how it, you’ll want to join OBI School  as well as join our newsletter) If you do have a site you can login to your back office at If  you have a WordPress.Org site, in other words if you are hosting your own WordPress site, you can login at the specified url your hosting site has given you.

How to  write a blog

2. Click Post: Add new: This will be your home for the longevity of your blog. How to  write a blog

3. Write a 300 -500 word blog post. 300 -500 words a blog post is a good length to aim for. You should be use to writing 1000 word essays in high school so this shouldn’t be to difficult. If you find yourself having writers block take a break and return back to it !

4. Include Images: Give your followers something stimulating to look at. Nothing reads boring like a blog post full of words. how to wrtie a blog

5. Edit your post: Give your article a quick read through to make sure everything you’ve written makes sense. If your not great at editing your own work, have someone else read it over and correct it for you.


6. Hit Publish ! Boom ! After you’ve written your blog post, publish it and show the world what you have written !

how to write a Blog

Get through these simple steps of How to Write a Blog in WordPress and begin your road to success !

Interested in learning how to create a successful blog ?

Get on the List for OBI School and learn How !

>>Get on The List<<

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