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Search Engine Optimization

SEO Tutorial and Training 101 ; Search Engine Optimization How to


Welcome to SEO tutorial and Training 101. This SEO Tutorial is meant to detail the very basic needs you will need to know and understand when getting started with search engine optimization how to. Please be aware that in the SEO tutorial all practices discussed, mention or suggested are all thing Online Biz Information uses and implements daily!

To start off this SEO tutorial and training we’re going to give a basic run down of what SEO is.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‘s “natural” or un-paid (“organic“) search results.

– Wiki

in lament terms, “tricking” your website out with the goal to appear on the first page of any and all search engines. Got it ? If not check out our article On Page SEO Factors List. This article goes into more detail.

Now lets move on to the next phase of this SEO Tutorial, SEO Tips and Tricks…

SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO Tip and Trick 1:

Create Quality Content: Why ? Well you want people to visit your site and stay once they get there right ? And you want those individuals to continue to visit correct ?  Well create content they want to read and value. Quality content helps with personal branding and building trust with search engines and followers. We all like Mashable. Why ? Because we know we can look to that brand for quality content we can learn from. So create your own quality content.

SEO Tip and Trick 2:SEO Tutorial and Training

Add Images: Many people forget that images can also be a traffic source for your blog or website. Be sure to include images in all blog post. Even if it’s just one. Be sure to SEO your image as well to help it rank in the image search query. Do not expect a lot of traffic from image search engine queries but do expect some. ( I thought this image was funny –>)

SEO Tip and Trick 3:

Syndicate your content: Share your Content. Encourage Facebook Likes, Google shares, Twitter RT and Shares. These all help with exposing your content to the masses. Showing individuals who might have not come across your content on their own. Facebook is great for showing your friends what you are doing. Showing which posts you have liked and also allowing you to share information on your profile to friends. One share can go a long way.

Now For the nitty gritty.. SEO Training

SEO Training 101

Exercise Quality Lengthy Content:

Get in the habit of writing at 300 – 500 word articles. Anything less than that is a frowned upon by search engines (if they could frown at least). We all should be use to writing essays of at least 1000 words. So 300 -500 should be easy peasy. If there is anything to take away from this SEO tutorial, this would be the main thing.

SEO Images:

Get in the habit of at least titling and adding a description for your images. Not everyone has the latest Mac Desktop. Creating a title or descriptive text for your image is a great way for you to connect with those who may have a slower computer or a web browsers that do not display images. Let them hover over the image to see what exactly the image is about. The can rely upon their imagination to draw the picture out in their head.

Link it Up:

Include links to previous content you have written. If I am a first time visitor to your site suggest articles that relate to an article I just read or further explain a certain topic briefly discussed in the article I just read. This is also great for creating backlinks.

Focus Point:

Pick a keyword and focus your writing around it. Before I get started writing I like to pick a topic to discuss. I typically write down everything I would type into Google to find that topic and then begin writing, focusing on the purpose of the article. Keywording is tricky. You don’t want to add your keyword so much that it’s repetitive, but you also don’t want to add it so little that search engines don’t recognize what the article is about. A good keyword is normally filtered throughout your post. The density of your keyword should be 2 – 5  %. For example in a 100 word essay your keyword should appear 2 – 5 times.

Share it:SEO Tutorial

Link your website/blog to your social accounts. Let your blog posts post to your social accounts immediately after they are written to let your followers know ” Hey ! I wrote a New Article ! Come check it out and learn ! ” You can also encourage your followers to share your content. Let them feel comfortable telling others about your site. Of course the content you share is a reflection of you. So are you sharing quality content ? Keep in mind, sharing content across the web also helps with personal branding. Those who think your content is valuable will naturally share your content, these people are naturally the ones most individuals look towards for advice. Do you fall in that category ?

This is an SEO Tutorial and Training shortlist. Bookmark this page as a reference for when you get stuck and need a quick reminder. Many times starting off, we fall into information overload. We have a hard time filtering out what we need to know and what we don’t need to know. To help with that bookmark the basics. Everything else will slowly fall into place as your knowledge of blogging grows.

For more content similar to this SEO Tutorial and Training article check out OBI School . Your one stop shop towards personal branding and getting on the web.

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Quincy & Sirena

Personal Branding to Grow Your Business

Personal Branding with OBISCHOOL

If you want to become successful in all aspects of your business, regardless of your niche, personal branding is the way to go. If you’re told anything otherwise, that is a flat out bold face lie.  Look to the world of online marketing for instance. There are very few household names that almost every individual knows when it comes to building a business online. Why is that ? Because they’ve taken the necessary steps towards personally branding themselves as the authority in that niche or space.

The main struggle for most people boils down to two main things:Personal Branding1

1.When starting out, they choose a market with too large of competition and too large in scope.

2.Do nothing to set themselves apart. (No Personal Branding)

Before you even begin to get started in building your online business, you really need to hone in on what it is you want to become. (You become what you think about most) Try to remember this. If you don’t already have your own products or services your looking to promote, chances are your looking to build your business online as an affiliate marketer. (Because you already know that there’s 2 ways to make money online) Which is great!

You might ask yourself. If I’m looking to become an affiliate marketer/promoter of other peoples products and services, if personal branding is key, how would I go about personally branding myself? Good question.

If you’ve already been in any online program for any amount of time, or tried to sell products and services in the past or currently, chances are you’ve made little to no money. And I can almost guarantee with 100% certainty, that you’ve only promoted these services or programs, as the programs themselves. In other words, you’ve done nothing else but present what it is you have to offer to potential customers. You’ve done nothing to set yourself apart from another affiliates or people selling the exact same thing. And this, this right here, is the NUMBER 1 reason why you will have ZERO success with your online business. Ask yourself a question. When you decided to join someone, or promote a particular product or services…. Why did you do it? Really think about that question for a second…. Why did you join?

Was the product or service just what you needed? Did the person selling/presenting to you show you a lot of value or give you an offer you couldn’t refuse? What was it that made you make the buying decision?

Now ask yourself this. Is the way in which you’re presenting this product or service; selling what you have to offer in conjunction with the actual product? Or is it just the product itself, and you just happen to be selling it?

If the latter is the case, why should I even buy from you? Why would I want to buy from you?Personal Branding

If you’ve sold anything in the past chances are the person/people who did buy from you only bought from you because they knew you in some way. (friend, family member etc.) See how I underlined in “some way”. You don’t want people to buy from you because they know you in “some way” rather, you want them to buy because they know you for a particular REASON. If a person isn’t buying from you for a certain reason they’ll only be what I like to call, “a passive buyer“. This is someone like your friend or family member who is only buying from you because of just that, they’re your friend. They know you in some way that almost obligates them to buying from you. This is why most people end up burning out their warm market, (these aren’t people who are really interested in buying) they then have no other way in which to generate leads and make sales.

What you want to have/create are “active buyers“. These are people who are nearly begging you to buy whatever it is you have to sell.  The only way to do this is to get people to know you. Not in “some way”, but for a “REASON“. And the only way to do that is to personally brand yourself in your niche.

The importance of personal branding:

More important than anything is branding yourself. It’s so important in fact, that if you don’t ever do it, you’ll never build a sustainable business model. To brand yourself in your niche or community is another way of saying to distinguish yourself from everyone else. If you want to have success in any business endeavor (fashion, cooking, mom and pop shop, photography, affiliate marketing, MLM programs… literally any business model!) you need to define yourself from the rest of the crowd. (ie. your market) And define yourself as a leader or authority in that space!

Now don’t start out too big, remember I said the first thing most people struggle with is choosing a market that has to much competition or too large in scope. Just because you need to set yourself apart and brand yourself as a leader, does not mean that you have to be different in every single way! Even the slightest difference can be enough to redefine yourself within your niche. (I go into much more specific detail on how to do this in OBI School- finding and defining your niche.)

Now, if you do not (yet) possess the skills necessary to be a leader, find a leader you’d like to be mentored by. Study, learn and emulate how they go about running their business. As you build your small community of followers, brand yourself as the go to guy who knows and works closely with the leader/s. In turn, people will begin to come to you, and before you know it, you’re “the go to guy”.

Personal Branding sets you in the community as an authority and solidifies you as a staple in that community. People will in turn look to you for advice, and demand to buy your products, services and recommended services. And even purchase personal coaching themselves, should you ever decide to offer it.

Personal Branding is how you become the business owner/online marketer you want to become.

The necessary steps towards personal branding:

  • Define your niche
  • Create quality content
  • Distribute content
  •  Answer questions

For more information on steps necessary for personal branding check out: How to Brand Yourself

Once your personal branding takes offOnline Biz Information School

Dependent upon how much time and effort you put into personally branding yourself, as well as how consist you are and all your efforts will determine your results.
Above all consistency is key! Branding and relationship building takes time, but is well worth it in the end. When done right, your brand will become your largest asset. Something that you will be able to use to your benefit in whatever future paths you decide to walk on. Get started building your brand today. If  you need help in getting your brand off the ground be sure to have a look at OBI School we’ve put this training center together to help you in as much detail as possible. Good Luck!

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Quincy & Sirena

Do You Believe What’s Not True?


Do you believe what’s not true? No? Well, maybe you should…..

So, I’m on many different fellow marketers and entrepreneurs lists, and I happened to receive an email from a smart man by the name of Mark Manson. He sent me a message for which he spoke on a concept I’ve tried to explain to others, which he’s so eloquently coined: 

“Believe Not What’s True, But What’s Helpful”

Do You Believe What's Not True?

Well what does this even mean? And how does it apply to me or my business?

(you can read the entire letter here if you’d like, which is pretty long.. I’ll condense what I’ve taken way and the point from the article through the rest of this post)

Lets break it down-

What I’ve personally come to realize through the course of my life is that your own perception of yourself is the only thing that really matters. Because everything under the sun, regardless of the event, topic, proof or belief is “debatable” to some degree.

For example:

“Everything we think and believe today at some point along the way we made the decision to buy into it, to decide it was true for us. This applies to everything.
You and I never actually saw the Napoleonic Wars. We didn’t witness the Holocaust or the Moon Landing. We just accept them on fact because enough people have said they happened.
(And sure enough, there are some loons who question that these occurrences happened. They’ve, once again, chosen to adopt different beliefs.)
Almost everything we know is secondhand and based on belief.”

There is even plenty of scientific evidence which shows that our own firsthand experiences are very unreliable…. (So even when we are physically, personally there, our prior beliefs shape our perception of the actual event/s that took or have taken place. This is known as confirmation bias.)

Confirmation bias, closes your mind to seeing or adopting new beliefs or outcomes, because you’re already going into a situation with a mindset of what the outcome is to already be. 

The point is, at the end of the day everything, from the Moon Landing, to the existence of God, to whether OJ Simpson did it or not…. Is DEBATABLE. 

And the only thing that matters is what YOU PERSONALLY BELIEVE with regard to whatever the situation or topic is at any given time. Because it is though your own personal beliefs, which dictates the way in which you behave, and the Actions you take.

So why shouldn’t you just believe whatever you want? 

Good question….

Do You Believe What's Not True?

“The problem is that not every belief helps us. And some beliefs hurt us.” 

How many times in life have you seen or met someone that you thought was extremely talented in some way. And based on seeing that talent you assumed that they must be very successful, rich or well respected. To then find out that, that individual was extremely insecure in their own abilities. And it greatly affected the way in which they interacted with others and hindered their ability to let their true talents shine through?

And on the flip side, you met someone who you thought was “average at best” at what they do. But was very confident in their own abilities, leading them to be very successful, rich and well respected in their field.

How does this happen?

Well this is a result of each individuals own personal belief in themselves and their overall self perception. 

And if you believe that you can, or that you can’t do something……. Either way, you’re right! 

(Really think about that for a second)

“A lot of times our problems are not actually problems, but rather symptoms of unhelpful beliefs.”

“It doesn’t matter whether a belief is true or not, what matters is whether it’s helpful.” 

Believing you’re not good enough, talented enough, smart enough, or know enough to start, create or run your own business or do anything for that matter —

“may or may not be true in various circumstances. But they can never be proven one way or another. So why not assume they’re untrue? What do you have to lose?”

I know that reprogramming your mind to believe in starting something that everyone else my feel is “stupid” or “won’t work”, can be a hard thing to do. There is a process to building up your confidence in taking the first steps.

BUTDo You Believe What's Not True?

“The next time you feel stupid or insecure, ask yourself if that’s a useful belief to have.” 

“The next time you feel incompetent or like you’re incapable of accomplishing something, ask yourself if that’s a useful belief to have”

The next time you feel something won’t work, ask yourself. Is that a useful belief to have?

“Because it doesn’t matter what’s true or what’s not. The truth is up for endless debate in most circumstances. So why not debate on the side that helps you?

I Hope to have empowered you to think a bit differently today Start building your dreams: Forget what anyone else has to say about it.

Do you believe whats not true?

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Tips For Online Marketing

Is Your Website Mobile Ready ?

mobile ready
It is now, and has been the age of mobile devices. We can literally do everything on our phones nowadays; take pictures, write reports, create spreadsheets, record videos. We can even receive and send money in the blink of an eye. Of course we’ve not yet reached the point where computers are ruled obsolete, but to be honest I can see that happening over the next few decades if we continue at this rate.In 2012 or over 15% of all traffic was driven from a mobile device according to Forbes.
This is a huge portion of the market.

Is your website mobile ready for this traffic?mobile ready , mobile traffic

As an affiliate and email marketer, many offers sent out to my subscriber list may not be mobile friendly should someone choose to look at that offer on their mobile phone. It has since come to my attention, with the ever-growing population of smartphone users, that I make sure the offers I provide are mobile capable. Or at the very least look nice on a smart phone.

Choosing a mobile ready offer

1. Does the offer explicitly indicate that it’s optimized as mobile friendly? Some offers say that they’re mobile capable. An easy way to check this is just to look at the offer on your mobile phone yourself. Is it the same capture page layout as seen on the computer or is it a different layout on your phone? (ie. is it Responsive?) Like many WordPress themes if you look at the website on the computer, it appears one-way, however when you look at it on the phone it appears a different way. This is an example of two different layouts for a single website.

2. Does the offer look good on a mobile phone? So the offer is not mobile ready, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Look at the offer on your mobile phone and make sure it looks nice on the actual phone. If it’s presentable, go ahead and promote the offer, making sure you’ve already gone through the entire funnel to make sure there’s no hiccups while people are going through the actual sales funnel themselves.

Not all offers you promote are going to be mobile ready… yet. Publishers are just now starting to grasp the importance of having mobile friendly offers. It’s good to know your subscriber list and what percentage of those users are looking at your offers via mobile device. Just be mindful that some of your people on your subscriber list are going to be checking their emails from their phones. Getting mobile ready is going to be a great way to help increase your interactions, drive you more leads and convert more sales.

>> Mobile Ready Offer<<

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Affiliate Programs

The Blog Beast is Coming !


As of today you will no longer see affiliates promoting Empower Network links. I know some of you are probably rejoicing, while others are wondering what Empower Network is in the first place. For those who do not know what Empower Network is here is a quick explanation.

Empower Network: Is an online training school that teaches you the ins and out of how to build and sustain an income generating blog (with residual income potential) using its system. All things learned in Empower can be used to help you not only better promote your current products, business, or websites, but also your affiliate programs, MLM programs and more. (It’s basically a online biz/marketing school) It’s a school that people will (unfortunately) have no access to joining in the coming days.

All Empower Network links will be shut down and all individuals inquiring about Empower Network will be redirected to THE BLOG BEAST !blog-beast-blog

What is the Blog Beast ?

Pretty much Empower Network on Steroids, is what it is ! If you love the Empower Network blogging platform you are going to love the new integrative Blog Beast ! Blog Beast is taking Blogging and affiliate marketing to a new level. Various aspects that let you share and communicate information differently among your team and followers, and most impressively an easy navigable blogging platform on your phone !  (And obviously much more. Don’t want to spill the beans just yet.) The phone blogging capabilities is what’s super crazy though and what people should be most excited about.

For those of you who want to get on the list before it launches and to find out more information Click Here.

What does the Blog Beast mean for the current affiliate ?

A new blogging platform, that you will be grandfathered in to, will now be officially promotable.

What does this mean for the individual not in Empower Network ?

You will not be grandfathered in to the new system. Today is the last day to purchase your Empower Network Blogging Platform 1.0. After today it will no longer be available.

So, now the decision is yours. Do you hop on the wave or stay in the sand.  Getting in to an established affiliate program at the start of the launch is always a huge contributing factor to success. There was a time when it was just right to invest in apple, this is no different. Don’t be the one kicking yourself about this later, because trust me…… you will

Join our Team and Ride the Wave of Success.

Get your Empower System Now !

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Solo Ads

List Building Tips

List building tips
For starters, everyone needs to understand that they NEED a list. Without a list your online business is virtually nothing, or at least only what you make off of your initial promotion. Or your OTO (one time offer) It is very important that you grasp the concept of list building and how it can help your grow your business, become a staple in the online  marketing community, and build you a strong lasting  income.
If you checked out the 5 Figure Day Review , then you are aware this is one of the many tools we use to help grow our list. If you haven’t checked it out yet,  go check it out now before  continuing on in this article.
In the article I will detail list building tips and how to use your 5 Figure Day  and how to grow your list.

List Building Tips

1. Capture Page: The capture page is exactly what is sounds like. A page that captures information, in this case emails. Be sure to have a policy disclosure statement on you capture page to ensure the consumer knows what they are getting into an what they can  expect once they have given their email to you.
2. Free Item: Give them something for free or something of value in exchange for their email. What are they getting in return ? A chance to win a new corvette ? Maybe a $10 Amazon gift card ? Ebook that details what they need to build an online business ? You decide. Your capture page is your store front. And just like any store front , there is always something being offered to the consumer. This item can be given on the next page or , after they have confirmed their email, you decide when you want to give it. It’s your business.
3. Thank you Page: Thank them for their email an inquiring about the opportunity at hand. They have already decided to give you their email so go ahead and thank them for it. Begin building their trust here.List Building Tips
 List building tips
4. AutoResponder: You NEED a autoresponder. I have talked to many individuals who claim they are marketing online and making money , but when asked what autoresponder they are using they have no clue what an autoresponder is ! If you want to make the big bucks you NEED NEED NEED an autoresponder ! Or some tool that allows to you capture emails that you can market to later. The autoresponders we personally use are Aweber and GetResponse. You choose your preference . Both are great tools.
5. Paid Advertising Techniques: When creating a campaign for your system, if it be 5 Figure Day, be sure the campaign keywords and traffic you are sending to your Capture page are congruent with the offer on the page. For example: I do not want to send people who are looking for health advice to my 5 figure Day capture page. Why ? because they are not interested in learning how to make money online. Same thing goes for individuals who are looking to make money online. I would not send traffic to the 5 figure Day capture page who are interested in being paid per survey filled out. Yes this is a form of making money online but if I target for an individual who is looking for a paid per survey service the chances they are interested in my offer may not be as high as if I’m targeting someone who is interested in learning how to make money online. Catch my drift ?
6. Free Advertising: Free advertising is exactly that, free and often times free means more work for little return or will take you a long period of time to build a list. Unless you are a go getter and work hard. Just starting out, I myself did a lot of free advertising techniques. Facebook , Twiiter, Craigslist, Backpage, Free email exchange networks. You name it. It was very time consuming and I received very little return on my time invested. It was quite frustrating to see all this time an effort put in and nothing much in return. Slowly I started implement paid advertising technique. Blew a lot of money fast, mainly because I didn’t exactly know what I was doing, but I kept at it and now campaigns are so pin pointed I have got paid advertising down to a science.
If I had to rank the most important list building tips the top two would be a capture page and an autoresponder. I can not stress enough how necessary these two tools are. If any list building tips you take away from this article those are the top two !
Remember if you are currently struggling in you business and looking for guidance you can always check out our consulting page !
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Youtube Tips

The Youtube Community Guidelines

youtube community guidelines

Staying in the good graces of YouTube is one thing, but be aware you also have to stay in the good graces of the YouTube Community. What is the YouTube Community ? Well it is composed of your peers. Staying in the good graces of peers (most of which you do not know) can be hard. There are millions of YouTube watchers and users, and not everyone may view your channel the same way as you. Listed below are the YouTube Community Guidelines, taken straight from the YouTube help center. If you are not aware of the guidelines become aware.

The YouTube Community Guidelines

Youtube Community Guidlines

  • YouTube is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. If this describes your video, even if it’s a video of yourself, don’t post it on YouTube. Also, be advised that we work closely with law enforcement and we report child exploitation. Please read our Safety Center and stay safe on YouTube.
  • Don’t post videos showing bad stuff like animal abuse, drug abuse, under-age drinking and smoking, or bomb making.
  • Graphic or gratuitous violence is not allowed. If your video shows someone being physically hurt, attacked, or humiliated, don’t post it.
  • YouTube is not a shock site. Don’t post gross-out videos of accidents, dead bodies or similar things intended to shock or disgust.
  • Respect copyright. Only upload videos that you made or that you are authorized to use. This means don’t upload videos you didn’t make, or use content in your videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users, without necessary authorizations. Read our Copyright Tips for more information.
  • We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).
  • Things like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other people’s personal information, and inciting others to commit violent acts or to violate the Terms of Use are taken very seriously. Anyone caught doing these things may be permanently banned from YouTube.
  • Everyone hates spam. Don’t create misleading descriptions, tags, titles or thumbnails in order to increase views. It’s not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.

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Things you Need to Know about YouTube Community Guidelines and FlaggingYouTube Community Guidelines

  1. It only takes one flag to have your video viewed and deleted. Once a red flag is sent to the YouTube compliance it is then the person reviewing your contents job to either delete your video or reinstated.
  2. If you are mindlessly flagging other users this will backfire on you. It is not good business to flag your competitions YouTube videos. This creates bad karma for you. If you are worried another channel is stealing your shine negotiate a collaboration with that channel and cross promote. Help build each other up versus tear each other down.
  3. You can appeal a video 1 time. After you appeal a video, if the YouTube reviewer decides to uphold the original decision of deleting the video you have to wait 6 months before you can appeal another video should one of your videos be flagged again.
  4. YouTube Community Guidelines and YouTube Copyright Guidelines are two separate things. You can be in trouble with the community and YouTube itself at the same time.

For more Tips on staying in the good graces of YouTube Check out YouTube Community Tips.

YouTube is one of the largest video platforms people go to look for videos and watch content. Getting in the good graces of you community is going to be key with sustaining the longevity of your YouTube Channel . Be sure to practice creating good quality unique content that your views want to see !

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Affiliate Programs

5 Figure Day Review

email list building

What is 5 Figure Day ?

5 Figure Day is an awesome list building tool. With any (and EVERY) affiliate program, you want to build a list. A list of what you might ask? A list of individuals (ie. subscribers) who are interested in whatever it is your doing to earn an income online. It’s your “job” once you establish this list, to give them the information they have opted in or subscribed for.

With the 5 Figure Day system you are given a great FREE tool to help build your own list, and FAST. It’s your job to effectively market your website and the system.

5 figure day

How Can It Help ?

5 Figure Day can help you build a massive email list. Through promoting any affiliate program or online business, it’s through your list where you’re going to stay in contact with all of those who come across your program and want to receive more information. If you’ve ever heard the saying ” The money is in the list”, this is exactly the reason why.

What Have I Gained Using My 5 Figure Day System?

5 figure Day Money Back

I went all in right out the blocks with my 5 Figure Day system (Bought both the $1 Trial, and the one time upsell.. For obvious reasons) and since using the 5 Figure Day system I have grown my list to well over 1,000 subscribers and $679 in Residual Income in about 2 weeks, both through my active promotions as well as through the viral effect of the 5 Figure Day system itself, passively. (The video explains how that works) Mainly through follow up emails, and providing additional FREE webinar training showing exactly how I get to 1,000 subscribers so fast and teach you step-by-step how to do it too. (This training is only sent exclusively to the inbox of those who create their free website through my 5 Figure Day links)

So through marketing to my list that I have established over the past 8 months. As well as buying Solo Ads I have introduced new team members, all at varying  levels of network and affiliate marketing who now appreciate and fully understand the art of list building. The next thing I plan to do a training on is how to improve their ad copy for higher click through rates and more targeted leads. We go over this type of information on our Live Monday webinars (Join our newsletter to get updates on when we hold these Free Money Getting webinars). I also record these live webinars and upload them to an exclusive training center for my 5 Figure Day team members. So you don’t miss out on any important information.

The beauty in 5 Figure Day is that it is a PROVEN system that works when you are taught how to market it correctly. Any skill level marketer (don’t know a thing—–>Expert) can benefit from 5 Figure Day and any financial level can join and use it to build your list. (Both Free and Paid Versions) From the individual with no money or a very tight budget, to the intense affiliate marketer bringing in $5k+ a week. All individuals can benefit from this product and program.


Watch the sales video so you get a true understanding of the value of the product. Like I said, after I watched the video I went ALL IN and bought everything they had to offer. BUT at the very least implement the Free version of this software so you can start building your very own email list today!

Click Here to Claim You FREE 5 Figure Day Website and Exclusive Training From Quincy Amarikwa


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content equals cash!

How Can I Monetize My Website

how can i monetize my website

How can i monetize my website So you have a website, great what is it for ? Company Website, Personal Website, Blog ? Now that you have a platform to speak on you are probably wondering how can I monetize my website and start bringing in a steady revenue stream from it ?

If you are unfamiliar with website monetization, it is the act of converting existing website traffic into sales or revenue. If this sounds like a great idea to you continue reading.

How Can I Monetize My Website ? #top10ways

1. Banner Ads: Banner ads are the rectangular or square ads you see displayed on almost every website you have ever visited. They normally entail adding embedded coding to your website for the ad to display properly. The great thing about banner ads is that they don’t interrupt the content on your page. They are off to the side and normally conform with the content on your page. There’s nothing like having a website on fashion and beauty and having matching banner ads displaying promotions for Mac, Ulta or Sephora.

2. Text Ads: A text ad is contextual advertising. A specific keyword or keywords are matched with an ad relating to that keyword. Text ads are a great way to introduce products to readers. One thing to take note on about text ads is that many times an ad will appear in the middle of a sentence, which can defer some people from finishing the article and clicking on the ad. So be sure your content is worth staying on the page for and the ad is worth returning to to click

3. Affiliate Programs: Join an Affiliate Program. Working as an affiliate for a company allows you to make a commission on sales your generate from your website. You can join affiliate networks, that serve as a central hub for many companies looking to pay individual commissions for sale made on their site or you can join a specific affiliate program, that pays your a certain amount of commissions based upon the products you sale.

4. Sponsorship: Most sponsorships go to the website with the highest traffic. If your a small website start off with local sponsors asking them to donate what they can to your site. Think of creative ways to promote your sponsor. Product review, blog post promotion or maybe a free give away.

5. Sell Ad Space: Its your website ! Monetize it by selling the free space you have available on your site. What is your space worth to you ?How Can I monetize my webiste ?

6. Paid Subscription Membership: Do you have valuable content that you feel should be paid for ? Have individuals pay for a subscription to your exclusive email newsletter that offers different promotional coupons for your site only. Or maybe you have your own personal webinars where you teach individuals to do certain things. You decided.

7. News Letter Marketing: Market to your currently followers. They are following you because they love your content or they find it useful. Include links to products they may also like in your emails. Another term for news letter marketing is Solo Ad marketing.

8. Featured Guest Posts: Do you have people emailing you in regards to guest posting ? Let them know your price. You can charge for links,  posts in general, whether or not its a featured post and more. This is your website so determine what you find valuable enough.

9. Write an eBook: Make an eBook of the content you have available going into further detail. With the new wave of eBooks now being popular and easy to carry around, go ahead and make yourself one.

10. CPM: Cost per Mile. There are some ad networks that pay you for cost per impression. So if you are a high traffic blog try applying for an ad network that pays you on the amount of impressions a certain ad may get.

After reading through the 10 ways to monetize your website you should have an understanding to your original question, how can I monetize my website. Be aware there are more ways to monetize your website. These just happen to be my favorite ways.

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Looking forward to working with you ! :)

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How To Create an Engaging Facebook Home Page

OnlineBizINfo oN Facebook

The Facebook Home Page is a great way to expand your businesses social reach. With millions of users actively checking their Facebook daily, this is a great way to gain  followers and expand your social media presence.

What a Fellow Facebook-er Sees On your Facebook Home Page

The first thing an individual sees when looking at your Facebook home page is your profile picture, the cover header and your about section. Heighten your Facebook presence through filling out your Facebook home pages profile in its entirety. Before getting started ask yourself these questions.

Question to Ask Yourself 

  • Is my profile picture appealing ?
  • Does my profile picture relate to my page ?
  • Is it a picture of me or my company ?
  • Is my cover photo appealing ?
  • Do I have words describing my company or an image ?
  • Does my cover photo engage individuals ?
  • Is my description section appealing and accurate ?
  • Is the section filled out completely ?

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The Profile Picture: Choose a profile picture that best describes your page and company. If it is a celebrity page include the picture of the celebrity. If it’s an auto body shop, include the shops logo and maybe the face of the company if it is privately own. The profile picture is what fellow Facebook-ers will see every time your page posts content. Be recognizable.

The Cover Header: You can get creative here. When someone is on your actual page you can include a creative image, larger than your profile picture, to further describe your page. Logo or photo ? A Logo helps with branding your company. A photo is inviting. Maybe there is an image of a situation that someone can relate to in the picture. This can seem more inviting to a person, maybe they can see themselves in that situation and relate to the photo making your page more personable.

The Description: Be as cleverly concise and detailed as possible. This is just a short snippet of what your page is about. Writing something compelling that is going to make that person understand what your page is about and continue to search around on it.

Sirena Williams on Facebook , Facebook home page set up


Lets scroll down your Facebook Home Page…..

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Your Content. what type of content is on your Facebook Home Page ?

Before I “like” a page, I scroll through the content. Are there: pictures, quotes, engaging comments, blog posts ? Create compelling content that people want to read, follow and engage. Most of your follower may not engage your posts but thanks to the new Facebook tool that breaks down your post stats, you are now able to view which posts are most engaging to your audience on your page.

Facebook home Page post Analysis

How To Create An Engaging Facebook Home Page Post

Facebook Home Page Content

1.Include an Inviting Picture: People love looking at pictures. Try to include a picture in 60% of your posts. It is not over kill, but just enough to keep people engaged in your page. Also play with how often you post pictures to see if the engagement shifts through many people engaging your photos to few. Dependent on the page type, include pictures of yourself doing things, quotes on nice backgrounds, scenery and any other type of photo that goes with your page.

2.Include a Link Directing back to your website. Give individuals something to click on if they are interested in more. Giving a “pre visual ” to what they are about to see is a great way to “warm them up” to the content they are being directed to.

3.Include a short description of your photo and the link you are posting. Describe further in detail what they are currently looking at on your Facebook Home Page and what they will be directed to looking at on your website

4.”Like” your Post. You posted it why not like it ? Help with the visibility of your post amongst your friend.

5.Engage anyone who engages your post. Let them know its ok to like and comment. Encourage it. Be personable. People like talking to people. NOT automated messages so keep your responses natural. BE HUMAN. It’s OK to be politically incorrect.

Be the Facebook Home Page

In order to become a master at your art you must learn your art. Experiment with your Facebook home page. There is no perfect blue print to mastering the perfect Facebook Home Page. Only suggestions from others who have seemed to have figured it out. Learn what your audience responds to and likes. The first few month will be a trial period for you to figure out the direction you want to take your page and how to get your visitors to interact. Have fun, be patient and try everything, you never know what your audience will respond to.


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