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SEO Tutorial and Training 101 ; Search Engine Optimization How to

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Welcome to SEO tutorial and Training 101. This SEO Tutorial is meant to detail the very basic needs you will need to know and understand when getting started with search engine optimization how to. Please be aware that in the SEO tutorial all practices discussed, mention or suggested are all thing Online Biz Information uses and implements daily!

To start off this SEO tutorial and training we’re going to give a basic run down of what SEO is.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‘s “natural” or un-paid (“organic“) search results.

– Wiki

in lament terms, “tricking” your website out with the goal to appear on the first page of any and all search engines. Got it ? If not check out our article On Page SEO Factors List. This article goes into more detail.

Now lets move on to the next phase of this SEO Tutorial, SEO Tips and Tricks…

SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO Tip and Trick 1:

Create Quality Content: Why ? Well you want people to visit your site and stay once they get there right ? And you want those individuals to continue to visit correct ?  Well create content they want to read and value. Quality content helps with personal branding and building trust with search engines and followers. We all like Mashable. Why ? Because we know we can look to that brand for quality content we can learn from. So create your own quality content.

SEO Tip and Trick 2:SEO Tutorial and Training

Add Images: Many people forget that images can also be a traffic source for your blog or website. Be sure to include images in all blog post. Even if it’s just one. Be sure to SEO your image as well to help it rank in the image search query. Do not expect a lot of traffic from image search engine queries but do expect some. ( I thought this image was funny –>)

SEO Tip and Trick 3:

Syndicate your content: Share your Content. Encourage Facebook Likes, Google shares, Twitter RT and Shares. These all help with exposing your content to the masses. Showing individuals who might have not come across your content on their own. Facebook is great for showing your friends what you are doing. Showing which posts you have liked and also allowing you to share information on your profile to friends. One share can go a long way.

Now For the nitty gritty.. SEO Training

SEO Training 101

Exercise Quality Lengthy Content:

Get in the habit of writing at 300 – 500 word articles. Anything less than that is a frowned upon by search engines (if they could frown at least). We all should be use to writing essays of at least 1000 words. So 300 -500 should be easy peasy. If there is anything to take away from this SEO tutorial, this would be the main thing.

SEO Images:

Get in the habit of at least titling and adding a description for your images. Not everyone has the latest Mac Desktop. Creating a title or descriptive text for your image is a great way for you to connect with those who may have a slower computer or a web browsers that do not display images. Let them hover over the image to see what exactly the image is about. The can rely upon their imagination to draw the picture out in their head.

Link it Up:

Include links to previous content you have written. If I am a first time visitor to your site suggest articles that relate to an article I just read or further explain a certain topic briefly discussed in the article I just read. This is also great for creating backlinks.

Focus Point:

Pick a keyword and focus your writing around it. Before I get started writing I like to pick a topic to discuss. I typically write down everything I would type into Google to find that topic and then begin writing, focusing on the purpose of the article. Keywording is tricky. You don’t want to add your keyword so much that it’s repetitive, but you also don’t want to add it so little that search engines don’t recognize what the article is about. A good keyword is normally filtered throughout your post. The density of your keyword should be 2 – 5  %. For example in a 100 word essay your keyword should appear 2 – 5 times.

Share it:SEO Tutorial

Link your website/blog to your social accounts. Let your blog posts post to your social accounts immediately after they are written to let your followers know ” Hey ! I wrote a New Article ! Come check it out and learn ! ” You can also encourage your followers to share your content. Let them feel comfortable telling others about your site. Of course the content you share is a reflection of you. So are you sharing quality content ? Keep in mind, sharing content across the web also helps with personal branding. Those who think your content is valuable will naturally share your content, these people are naturally the ones most individuals look towards for advice. Do you fall in that category ?

This is an SEO Tutorial and Training shortlist. Bookmark this page as a reference for when you get stuck and need a quick reminder. Many times starting off, we fall into information overload. We have a hard time filtering out what we need to know and what we don’t need to know. To help with that bookmark the basics. Everything else will slowly fall into place as your knowledge of blogging grows.

For more content similar to this SEO Tutorial and Training article check out OBI School . Your one stop shop towards personal branding and getting on the web.

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