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Personal Branding to Grow Your Business

Personal Branding with OBISCHOOL

If you want to become successful in all aspects of your business, regardless of your niche, personal branding is the way to go. If you’re told anything otherwise, that is a flat out bold face lie.  Look to the world of online marketing for instance. There are very few household names that almost every individual knows when it comes to building a business online. Why is that ? Because they’ve taken the necessary steps towards personally branding themselves as the authority in that niche or space.

The main struggle for most people boils down to two main things:Personal Branding1

1.When starting out, they choose a market with too large of competition and too large in scope.

2.Do nothing to set themselves apart. (No Personal Branding)

Before you even begin to get started in building your online business, you really need to hone in on what it is you want to become. (You become what you think about most) Try to remember this. If you don’t already have your own products or services your looking to promote, chances are your looking to build your business online as an affiliate marketer. (Because you already know that there’s 2 ways to make money online) Which is great!

You might ask yourself. If I’m looking to become an affiliate marketer/promoter of other peoples products and services, if personal branding is key, how would I go about personally branding myself? Good question.

If you’ve already been in any online program for any amount of time, or tried to sell products and services in the past or currently, chances are you’ve made little to no money. And I can almost guarantee with 100% certainty, that you’ve only promoted these services or programs, as the programs themselves. In other words, you’ve done nothing else but present what it is you have to offer to potential customers. You’ve done nothing to set yourself apart from another affiliates or people selling the exact same thing. And this, this right here, is the NUMBER 1 reason why you will have ZERO success with your online business. Ask yourself a question. When you decided to join someone, or promote a particular product or services…. Why did you do it? Really think about that question for a second…. Why did you join?

Was the product or service just what you needed? Did the person selling/presenting to you show you a lot of value or give you an offer you couldn’t refuse? What was it that made you make the buying decision?

Now ask yourself this. Is the way in which you’re presenting this product or service; selling what you have to offer in conjunction with the actual product? Or is it just the product itself, and you just happen to be selling it?

If the latter is the case, why should I even buy from you? Why would I want to buy from you?Personal Branding

If you’ve sold anything in the past chances are the person/people who did buy from you only bought from you because they knew you in some way. (friend, family member etc.) See how I underlined in “some way”. You don’t want people to buy from you because they know you in “some way” rather, you want them to buy because they know you for a particular REASON. If a person isn’t buying from you for a certain reason they’ll only be what I like to call, “a passive buyer“. This is someone like your friend or family member who is only buying from you because of just that, they’re your friend. They know you in some way that almost obligates them to buying from you. This is why most people end up burning out their warm market, (these aren’t people who are really interested in buying) they then have no other way in which to generate leads and make sales.

What you want to have/create are “active buyers“. These are people who are nearly begging you to buy whatever it is you have to sell.  The only way to do this is to get people to know you. Not in “some way”, but for a “REASON“. And the only way to do that is to personally brand yourself in your niche.

The importance of personal branding:

More important than anything is branding yourself. It’s so important in fact, that if you don’t ever do it, you’ll never build a sustainable business model. To brand yourself in your niche or community is another way of saying to distinguish yourself from everyone else. If you want to have success in any business endeavor (fashion, cooking, mom and pop shop, photography, affiliate marketing, MLM programs… literally any business model!) you need to define yourself from the rest of the crowd. (ie. your market) And define yourself as a leader or authority in that space!

Now don’t start out too big, remember I said the first thing most people struggle with is choosing a market that has to much competition or too large in scope. Just because you need to set yourself apart and brand yourself as a leader, does not mean that you have to be different in every single way! Even the slightest difference can be enough to redefine yourself within your niche. (I go into much more specific detail on how to do this in OBI School- finding and defining your niche.)

Now, if you do not (yet) possess the skills necessary to be a leader, find a leader you’d like to be mentored by. Study, learn and emulate how they go about running their business. As you build your small community of followers, brand yourself as the go to guy who knows and works closely with the leader/s. In turn, people will begin to come to you, and before you know it, you’re “the go to guy”.

Personal Branding sets you in the community as an authority and solidifies you as a staple in that community. People will in turn look to you for advice, and demand to buy your products, services and recommended services. And even purchase personal coaching themselves, should you ever decide to offer it.

Personal Branding is how you become the business owner/online marketer you want to become.

The necessary steps towards personal branding:

  • Define your niche
  • Create quality content
  • Distribute content
  •  Answer questions

For more information on steps necessary for personal branding check out: How to Brand Yourself

Once your personal branding takes offOnline Biz Information School

Dependent upon how much time and effort you put into personally branding yourself, as well as how consist you are and all your efforts will determine your results.
Above all consistency is key! Branding and relationship building takes time, but is well worth it in the end. When done right, your brand will become your largest asset. Something that you will be able to use to your benefit in whatever future paths you decide to walk on. Get started building your brand today. If  you need help in getting your brand off the ground be sure to have a look at OBI School we’ve put this training center together to help you in as much detail as possible. Good Luck!

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