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How To Create an Engaging Facebook Home Page

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The Facebook Home Page is a great way to expand your businesses social reach. With millions of users actively checking their Facebook daily, this is a great way to gain  followers and expand your social media presence.

What a Fellow Facebook-er Sees On your Facebook Home Page

The first thing an individual sees when looking at your Facebook home page is your profile picture, the cover header and your about section. Heighten your Facebook presence through filling out your Facebook home pages profile in its entirety. Before getting started ask yourself these questions.

Question to Ask Yourself 

  • Is my profile picture appealing ?
  • Does my profile picture relate to my page ?
  • Is it a picture of me or my company ?
  • Is my cover photo appealing ?
  • Do I have words describing my company or an image ?
  • Does my cover photo engage individuals ?
  • Is my description section appealing and accurate ?
  • Is the section filled out completely ?

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The Profile Picture: Choose a profile picture that best describes your page and company. If it is a celebrity page include the picture of the celebrity. If it’s an auto body shop, include the shops logo and maybe the face of the company if it is privately own. The profile picture is what fellow Facebook-ers will see every time your page posts content. Be recognizable.

The Cover Header: You can get creative here. When someone is on your actual page you can include a creative image, larger than your profile picture, to further describe your page. Logo or photo ? A Logo helps with branding your company. A photo is inviting. Maybe there is an image of a situation that someone can relate to in the picture. This can seem more inviting to a person, maybe they can see themselves in that situation and relate to the photo making your page more personable.

The Description: Be as cleverly concise and detailed as possible. This is just a short snippet of what your page is about. Writing something compelling that is going to make that person understand what your page is about and continue to search around on it.

Sirena Williams on Facebook , Facebook home page set up


Lets scroll down your Facebook Home Page…..

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Your Content. what type of content is on your Facebook Home Page ?

Before I “like” a page, I scroll through the content. Are there: pictures, quotes, engaging comments, blog posts ? Create compelling content that people want to read, follow and engage. Most of your follower may not engage your posts but thanks to the new Facebook tool that breaks down your post stats, you are now able to view which posts are most engaging to your audience on your page.

Facebook home Page post Analysis

How To Create An Engaging Facebook Home Page Post

Facebook Home Page Content

1.Include an Inviting Picture: People love looking at pictures. Try to include a picture in 60% of your posts. It is not over kill, but just enough to keep people engaged in your page. Also play with how often you post pictures to see if the engagement shifts through many people engaging your photos to few. Dependent on the page type, include pictures of yourself doing things, quotes on nice backgrounds, scenery and any other type of photo that goes with your page.

2.Include a Link Directing back to your website. Give individuals something to click on if they are interested in more. Giving a “pre visual ” to what they are about to see is a great way to “warm them up” to the content they are being directed to.

3.Include a short description of your photo and the link you are posting. Describe further in detail what they are currently looking at on your Facebook Home Page and what they will be directed to looking at on your website

4.”Like” your Post. You posted it why not like it ? Help with the visibility of your post amongst your friend.

5.Engage anyone who engages your post. Let them know its ok to like and comment. Encourage it. Be personable. People like talking to people. NOT automated messages so keep your responses natural. BE HUMAN. It’s OK to be politically incorrect.

Be the Facebook Home Page

In order to become a master at your art you must learn your art. Experiment with your Facebook home page. There is no perfect blue print to mastering the perfect Facebook Home Page. Only suggestions from others who have seemed to have figured it out. Learn what your audience responds to and likes. The first few month will be a trial period for you to figure out the direction you want to take your page and how to get your visitors to interact. Have fun, be patient and try everything, you never know what your audience will respond to.


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