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Benefits of A Facebook Page

benefits of a facebook page

Why create a Facebook page ? There are tons of  benefits to creating Fan pages. They can be used by new or existing business, as well as public figures or individuals who want to give their fans more accessibility to their respective brands.  And are great for showcasing products and services, allowing for more exposure to new groups of people and potential customers.  The list of benefits is endless, if used correctly. Through this article I will cover the largest 3 benefits of a Facebook page.

Track User Engagement

Facebook allows you to visually track your user engagement. You’re able to see the virility of your post (or lack there of) and further make improvements on how you want to continue with your future Facebook posts. Creating user engagement is what’s key to getting your information out there and seen by the masses.

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How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

how to create a facebook fan page

How To Create a Facebook Fan Page

Learning How To Create A Facebook Fan Page is fairly simple when you follow these steps I walk you through in the video. Creating a Facebook Fan Page is a great way to keep your private Facebook separate from your business activities or outside activities. With a Facebook Fan Page you are able to reach more individuals on a daily basis as well as do paid advertising, promote posts or promote your page. With the statistical tracking on the Facebook Fan Page you can keep track of what your audience engages in dependent upon the posts that you posts and more. So, sit back relax and take out a pen and pad and learn how to create a Facebook Fan Page.

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

If you enjoy watching this video How To Create A Facebook Fan Page and what to learn how to promote your Fan Page Check out our webinar series, where we teach you how to build your Facebook Fan Page Audience, gain engagement through post, how to create a custom URL for your Fan Page, how to create a viral marketing campaign and how to create content that people will like and share.

Webinar Series

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Facebook FanPage Use it as A Weapon !

Facebook is a free tool for everyone to use, but as a network marketer are you using it to its full potential ?

1 Simple Ways for the Network Marketer To increase Facebook Traffic

Facebook fanpage, facebook fan page

Create a Facebook FanPage

Creating a Facebook FanPage in 5 Simple Steps

  1. On the left side of your Facebook there is a Pages Section , Click More
  2. Top Right Click Create a Page
  3. Click the topic best suited for your page
  4. Chose a Category and List your product or service
  5. Click Get Started and trick out your FanPage !

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The benefits of creating a Facebook FanPage

1. You can post all business related information to this Fan page. Only people who like the page are exposed to the offer. Now you don’t have to worry about spamming your friends and family. When creating the page make sure the about section details what it is the page is about it. You can invite your friends to like the page if they choose to. It is a great way to introduce your warm market to what it is you have been doing in your business endeavors.

2. Anyone Can view your Fan Page. Dependent on your privacy settings for your Facebook account, it is rare to come across a profile that is open to the public now and days. The fan page has global reach. Anyone can view ! Thus increasing your reach on the social networking site. Allowing you to work with more than just your warm market individuals.


Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 11.20.41 AM

3. You can advertise your Fanpage. Unlike your actual profile, you can run a paid advertising campaign for your Fanpage. This will help build your audience and increase your Facebook engagement. If you prefer not to go the paid route you can build your audience manually(i.e. share your page in groups, invite friends, post on your personal wall ect.)

4. Facebook Fanpage offers statistical analysis for your Fanpage. Fanpage Insight lets you know your social reach, who is talking about your post and also keeps track of your posts. Facebook Fanpage also takes it a step further by analyzing each posts reach, both viral and organically. This is a great tool to utilize when developing your audience and building relationships with individuals online.

Facebook Fanpage is a great tool to utilize as a network marketer. There are pages created for almost anything you wish to know ! Click the like button and follow a few to get to see how to effectively utilize the Fan Page Tool !

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