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How to make a Successful Blog 4 simple tips


Building a Successful Blog

Make a Successful Blog

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You are a new blogger or you’ve been around the blogging block and you want to know how to build a successful blogor revamp the one you currently have…. Your in luck!

Here are 4 simple tips to building a successful blog:

  1. Have a set schedule and post regularly. Get in the habit of waking up and posting. Creating content, VALUABLE content. This is going to draw the most traffic and get you the highest rankings in Google. *The best analogy I can think of is; most people run out and buy the newest best gym equipment. Work out hard only one day a week. And then wonder why they don’t see any results. Don’t be this person! Even if you can only commit a little time, DO IT! 20 minutes everyday, brings way more results than 140mins once a week* (consistency is key, this will make a successful blog!)
  2. Have diverse topics within your realm of interest to write about. When making a successful blog you MUST be diverse in your topics ! This prevents fresh content from seeming repetitive. Talk about yourself every now and then. If the main purpose of your blog is to make money online. Become personable, and someone people feel “actually exists“. People like working with people, and support people. Not robots. And not systems.

    successful blog, solo ad, money making monsters, google plus, google Adwords, Adwords

    Building A Successful Blog

  3. Target specific days for your posts. If you are able to stick to a daily routine where you are posting on certain subject on certain day this will build expectations for your input on that particular subject matter. Your audience will love the new content and come to appreciate the predictability of your posts. In turn, creating repeat viewers, and eventually repeat CUSTOMERS! :) Building a successful blog takes time!
  4. Keep your posts concise and clear. When creating a successful blog, it is nice to give your readers all the detail and information they desire, however if your blog is too long or wordy, your readers will lose interest. Most people who read blogs are looking for clear and concise information rather than complicated details. They want the main points. And will reach out to you if more details are required. Now thats a Successful Blog !

Apply these 4 tips to the knowledge you already have about blogging and watch your viewers increase. With proper application of these tips, you should be well on your way to creating a blog worth reading and returning to .

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For more Tips on how to build a successful blog check out Key Factors to success.

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Oodles of Noodles: How to Choose the MLM For you

Ooodles of Noodles

Oh Gee Oh My are there Oodles of Noodles !

I would like to say that affiliate programs are like oodles of Noodles !

There are so many noodles out there how do you know which one to choose.

Like any good shopper you do your research first. Some questions you might ask are:

  • How long has this brand of noodles been around ?
  • Do these noodles cook in less than a minute ?
  • How many variations of noodles does this brand have ?
  • Do the noodles stick to each other after boiling ?
  • Which brand is the cheapest but has the best quality ?

Now lets look at affiliate marketing. Of all the programs out there you ended on this site reading this article. Why ? Maybe you typed Oodles of Noodles into Google, yahoo or Bing and my blog post popped up.

Maybe you are interested in learning how to make money blogging online.

If not, I am sure you probably typed into Google make money blogging or How can I make money bloggingand tooonnnsss of website probably popped up !


You clicked mine and You are here Now !

You may or may not have watched the video on Dave & Dave. Looked around this blog and clicked on different blog post that I have written. Who knows !?!?!

What I do know is that you are here and I am sure you are ready to start digging and doing research (hopefully)!

Similar to the research done to find your favorite brand of noodles that optimizes taste for good low cost .

In the blogging sense you are looking to optimize profit with low business cost ;).

Now once you have picked your noodles you want to know what you can do with them.

Be it spaghetti noodles, Angle Hair to be exact. You know exactly what you want to do with them ! Make Spaghetti. However you know how to make spaghetti ? Maybe or Maybe not.

Say you don’t. Let just look up the recipe.

Recipe for Spaghetti —> Click Here

Like choosing your brand of noodles you are choosing your brand for blogging the brand being Empower Network. And what do you want to do with the brand .. well use the blogging system to generate you money of course !

Do you know how to do that ? Eh maybe maybe not . If you not you do more research

—> click here to join online biz information and Learn How to turn blogging into and income stream<—-

Hopefully you guys are understanding the point now !

In everything in life there is a process that we must go through. Sometimes it is second nature, sometimes it is not(most things are second nature because we have already taken the time to learn them once and repeat.. also know as “habits” ..kind of).

Choosing to go with Empower Network you will learn the process of blogging and generating a blog that it becomes second nature to you (kind of like how I am typing this blog post now. Will probably only take me 30min max after I am done with this sentence).

So with that being said enjoy your Oodles of Noodles
spaghetti dinner, if you followed the link.

And if you have eaten yet I am sure you are hungry now !

Tootles Oodles of Noodles

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Can You sell Ice to an Eskimo ?

Can you sell Ice to an Eskimo?Can you sell ice to an eskimo

It is every sales persons dream to be able to sell on command. Even a product that does not necessarily fit his or her clients/customers needs. However, doing sales in this manner might give you instant sales, but will not generate long-term, long-lasting business relationships. When first starting out in sales, and marketing in general, you want to first learn: what exactly is your market, or better yet your “perfect customer”? What needs does this person need filled? And how can YOU fill that need?

Understand this, and you will unlock the secret to wealth…

Can you sell Ice to An Eskimo ?

Value is in the eyes of the person who needs services. Provide more VALUE than the cost, and money no longer becomes an issue.

When starting off you need to be thinking about where the people who need your services are and where/how you will find them. These are the people you are going to market to. It makes no sense to try to sell “ice to an Eskimo,” unless that is…..

You are able to show an Eskimo the VALUE of your ice and how, your ice can fill the needs that his ice does not.

Making money online simply comes down to your ability to showcase the right offer, at the right time, to the right audience. It’s really a matter of figuring out where and when to promote your products/offers/ and capture pages. Learning the proper outlets to syndicate and promote yourself and your offers is the key to accumulating leads and acquiring the right audience. Leading to sales, and ultimately long term, loyal customers.

So Can you Sell Ice to an Eskimo ?

–→ Gain the skills necessary to optimize your business and reach the right audience←—

Remember, the name of the game is target marketing.

Once you master this art, only greatness will come of it !

—→ Join the Money Making Monsters to learn how to reach your target market & More Key success factors←—

Can you Sell Ice to an Eskimo ?


Can You sell Ice To An Eskimo ?

Leave your comments below on the strategies you use !

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MLM Secrets How to Choose the Best MLM For you !


Let’s face it !

There are tons of MLM businesses out there !

Probably more so now than ever !

When it comes to building an Online business, there are Tons of way to make easy money online. You just need to figure out what MLM works for you! What exactly are the MLM secrets ?

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what MLM you decide to use or get involved with to generate your income. They all work, if they didn’t people wouldn’t be promoting them in the first place and scams get weeded out quickly.

MLM Secrets: How To Choose the Best MLM For You !

MLM Secret 1

MLM Secrets

Grass is Greener Where you Water It !

The really successful individuals are the ones who stick with one opportunity and work hard at it for a long period of time. Plain and simple.

If you are steady hopping from opportunity to opportunity you are never going to make any money ! Why? because you are steadily investing in another opportunity before mastering the initial one that you invested in.

It is like the saying goes. The grass is always greener on the other side… WRONG ! The Grass is Greener where you water it !

Take time with your opportunity. If you water it just right you will be seeing Dollar Signs $$$ every time you wake up !

MLM Secret 2

Make Sure there is Room at the Top for You !

What does that mean ? Make Sure your companies culture promotes a TEAM atmosphere ! Ask questions about the FOUNDERS of the company.

  1. Is there a Long Term Vision about the Company ?
  2. Are they personable, down to earth?
  3. What tactics are they using to recruit people into the industry ?
  4. Do they protect their Reps ?
  5. Are they big EGO-Maniacs ?
  6. Do they want to help you and see you succeed ?
Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 10.41.01 AM

Dave Wood has got our backs!

Dave Wood
There is an organized group going around flagging Empower Network reps YouTube videos (videos that aren’t even remotely breaking Youtube terms)

I have no idea who you are, but I’m guessing you’re on my Facebook wall. Be warned:


I’m in the process of having lawyers research into whether or not we can sue the shit out of you. I don’t like lawsuits, but what you’re doing hurts the little guy, and is about the most unethical thing that you can possibly do.

There are part time moms and dads, families, who put thousands of hours of effort into their videos – and what you’re are doing is bull shit, and you know it, and you need to realize how much it hurts – not me, but the thousands of people who are just trying to make it happen.

There is nothing wrong with these videos you’re flagging, and you know it.

If I can, and I have the money, I’ll get a court to subpoena your contact information from YouTube, and will sue you for damages against ALL of the affiliates that you are targeting.

I could give a crap about me – but you are messing with my family. Back the fuck down.

Pass the word on. It’s time that this stops. After I sue you, and find out who you are, you will go into a hall of shame, for being the most unethical, garbage marketer ever.

If you want to come out and make a public apology, now is your chance, and your last chance. That being said –

I love you guys in Empower Network. I have your back.

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MLM Secret 3

Work in a healthy MLM environment, Make sure your sponsor is there to help !

Is everyone in the MLM competing with each other or are they helping ? Is your sponsor readily available to give you the coaching that you need ?

When starting off in the MLM world online a lot of times people recruit you into the business with no intentions of helping you. Make sure the MLM you decide go with has a healthy community and your sponsor is there to help… at all times !

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