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What is Success ?

what is success

What is Success ?What is Success

” success if the continuous realization of the outcomes or results you desire”

-Herbert Harris

Success is 100% MINDSET. Never anything different.

Success is not something you buy at the grocery store, success is something you obtain through hard-work and dedication.

To be successful you must be consistent in your efforts. Success is a long road traveled. Stay on track to obtain the goal you are trying to reach. Of course there will be road blocks along away, challenges that may seem difficult at the time and people who will tell your goal is dumb and not worthy of time and effort. With all of this negativity that is going to travel with you on your road never lose focus of what it is that you are trying to reach.
To be successful you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. Get away from the Debbie Downers and Negative Nancy’s. They want to keep you where you are at. They are comfortable in their pathetic complacent lives. They don’t want to see you succeed ! They want you to remain at the bottom of the barrel . Just as they are ! You MUST get away from this . Break the mindset that your current situation is ok . Its not ! You deserve better !

To be successful you must be willing to CHANGE your life completely ! So your use to living a 30k life. That nice . To be honest that is all you need to survive. Successful people are not living to SURVIVE. They are living to PROVIDE. They are living to ENJOY their life. They are living to GET PAID THEIR WORTH! Not what the government decides they should make an hour. If you haven’t noticed already most successful people are entrepreneurs . They understand that you must take a leap of faith to obtain the type of lifestyle they want to live . They understand there will be trials and tribulations. If success was easy everyone would be doing it ! Success is not for everyone , sadly. Only those willing to sacrifice what they have to reach their goal. It is ok to be complacent in your life, but when you recognize another individual pursuing their dream or starting up a business support them and give advice that can help them succeed, do not bring them down or call the system they join or business they start a scam or dumb idea. Most “dumb ideas” go viral ! Take the Harlem shake for example (not to say that was a dumb idea).

What is Success Once success is obtain share how you got there with others ! It will be one of the most self fulling things you can do ! Its an amazing feeling when you know you have helped someone else achieve their Goals !

What is Success to you ?

Define your own success and obtain it !


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Blog Tips How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online

How to Use Your Blog

How To Use Your Blog How To use Your Blog

Now that you have a blogging platform or your thinking about starting a blog, it is important that you understand how to use your blog to gain the maximum benefits possible !

If you are a corporation looking into blogging great ! A blog will save you tons of advertising money !

“Corporations who are trying to target a specific market should invest in several blogs that cater to that market. It’s a cheaper, more effective and measurable way of advertising,” Schawbel said.

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Having a blog is a like a secret gold mine waiting to be discovered by gold diggers ! Once your niche audience finds your Blog its like they struck it rich. That is assuming you are providing them with “Golden content” !

How To Use Your Blog Tip 1

Use a well establish blogging platform as leverage for your company or personal blog. Start blogging on a platform that is well know to search engines as an authority site. Along with keywords and seo optimization if your blog posts are written to optimize your search engines results you can see yourself ranking high and bringing in traffic sooner than you think. Make your blog work for you ! Blogs are consistently update unlike static websites. When search engines recognize that your blog is being consistently update they will begin to trust the content you are posting is valuable to those searching for what you are providing. This works in hand in hand with the visitors you attract. The more frequently you update your blog and the more frequent visitors visit your site the better. Use a well know blog site as leverage to help you rank faster in search engines and attract visitors.

How To use your blog How To Use Your Blog Tip 2

Use you blog build relationships with customers/followers online. If you are using your blog to promote your offline business this is a great way for your customers to get to know you and your company. Share whats new in your company. Share your experiences and struggles that it took to build your company to what it is today. If there is a new study coming out let your audience know. Maybe you did a review on something, share your findings. Do blog post give-aways, that are exclusive to the customers that follow your blog and things of that nature. Building a relationship with your clients is a key factor to your success. The more comfortable your customers feel about your business the more willing they are to invest and spend money with you. The same for your personal blog. If you are doing reviews on products and looking to eventually sell the product be genuine in your review. Be personable and honest. Become the authority in your niche ! People build trust through readership. If you are constantly providing your audience with “Golden Content” they will continue to look towards you for answers and products.

“There is a definite trend we’ve seen where people trust the opinion of a regular person, we trust any person force more than any corporate force when it comes to getting advice and recommendations,” Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Experience can now be seen as expertise, if an individual reviews a lip balm, their opinion becomes more important than what a beauty magazine says.”

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How To Use Your Blog Tip 3How To use Your Blog

Market your blog on different social media sites, web 2.0 and forums. Make sure to let your audience know that you have “Golden Content” you would like to provide them with. This will GROW your audience and attract more customers or followers to your business or blog. By doing this you will slowly become the authoritative figure for the content that you are providing. Thus in turn branding yourself in the online community. Getting your content out there is going to be the most important thing in growing your audience. Make sure you let everyone you know know ! Use your blog to grow your audience.

It is important that you understand how to use your blog and how a blog can help you in your business and personal endeavors.

Whether its for marketing or personal use your blog is your gold mine !

There is always someone out there looking for the content you are willing to provide. You just need to write it and let them know its there !

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How to Improve your business Search Engine Optimization

What is Off Page SEO ?

What is Off Page SEO ?

So, What Is Off Page SEO ?Off page Seo, Anchor Text

Laments terms..


Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.[1]

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Off Page SEO is the number of back links you have directed towards your site.

Off Page seo, Anchor Text Off Page SEO and Anchor Text

With backlinks you want to make sure you are varying your anchor text. There are 4 different variations of anchor text you can have when setting up your backlinks. In your main post be sure to use descriptive keyword rich anchor text.

Anchor Text Type 1 : Exact Match Anchor Text

With Exact match anchor text, you want to make sure you are using this 25-40% of the time with your back links.

For example: If your keyword is Hot Wheels, you should make sure that anchor text is hyper linked to valuable content linking back to your original blog , or website.

Anchor Text Type 2 : Partial Match Anchor Text

With Partial Match Anchor text, you want to make sure you are using this 10-20% of the time with your back links.

For example: We will use the same keyword Hot Wheels, a partial match for this would be something like Hot Wheels Supplies or Hot Wheels on Sale. The main keyword is still in the anchor text however now you are partially matching the link.

Anchor Text Type 3: Random Anchor Text

With Random Anchor text you want to make sure you are using this 15-25% of the time with your backlinks.

Examples of this are : Click here, more information, continue reading, and so on and so forth.

These you can use with more low quality links.

Anchor Text Type 4: URL Anchor Text

With URL Anchor text you want to use this 20-30% of the time . Most of your URL anchor text links you want to post on videos.

Examples of this are; Website.com, www.website.com. http://website.com and so on and so forth.

Now none of these percentages are set in stone. Google is forever changing and evolving. Coming out with new algorithms to post the most relevant content to its viewers. These percentages are just suggestions. Figure out what works for you.

Off page Seo, anchor text , backlinksOff Page SEO: Backlinks Basics

Off Page SEO: Backlinks Basic Tip 1

When setting up backlinks for your site make sure you have link diversity. You can obtain link diversity by having links from various sources and IP addresses. Sources such as Web 2.0 Sites, Social Networking Site, Forums ect.

The new Google Penguin also likes to see multiple visitors to your site that comment and share. This lets Google know your site is valuable. Now this does not mean to go out on Fiverr and hire a bunch of people to comment on your post. There can be cost and benefits to doing this. Cost, you want high quality comments. You are only paying these people $5 for there service. So you can figure out how much quality a $5 post is. Benefit, you have a comment from a different IP address and your site may or may not be shared dependent upon what that person is offering.

Off Page SEO: Backlinks Basic Tip 2

Now that you know the importance of backlinks and how they can help your site it is important to build your backlinks steadily and maintain link velocity as time goes on.

The average new website takes from 3 to 6 months to rank high in Google. So if your site magically 100,000k links and tries to rank over night , get ready for those red flags from Google.

If There is anything to take away from this article it is this….

Start slow and build up… do not build links all at once.. a site does not naturally grow like that.. YOU WANT TO BE….OR AT LEAST LOOK, NATURAL.

Off page seo, backlinks , anchor text

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content equals cash! Empower Network free advertising How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online Paid Adversting

Good Leads, How To Generate Leads 1000+ a Day–For FREE!

Good Leads, How To Generate Leads 1000+ a Day–For FREE!

How I’m generating 1,000 TARGETED, FREE, biz op leads A DAY!

Good leads How to Generate Leads, Email Processing HomeBiz

The Search For How To Generate Good Leads

Good Leads, How To Generate Leads

Hey guys and gals,

In my never ending quest to find the holy grail of good leads, and how to generate them, I’m always looking for high converting offers to promote on the front end to generate enough money to cover my cost to advertise (aren’t we all) and build my list (again..duh) So far, I’ve done “decently” well.. Usually I’m able to re-coop about 75% of my initial cost to advertise on the front end. In turn lowering my CPL (cost per lead) costs dramatically, with the hopes to recoup the remaining costs, and eventually hit profits on the back end.

How I’m generating good leads 1,000+ TARGETED, FREE, biz op leads A DAY!

This strategy has been working, but to be honest not as fast as I would like. Especially since lets say for instance, I spend $1000 on a solo ad promoting an affiliate offer. I then am averaging making $750 in sales while adding to my list, which is great. But then I have to wait for not only the time it takes to build a relationship with my list, and then make my back-end sales. BUT also the time it takes for the Affiliate company to pay your your affiliate sales (ie. that $750). My affiliate company is awesome, and pays in a timely manner, every time, but that still doesn’t negate the fact that I have to wait a full week to be paid for my sales the week before.

So even though I’m making $750 in sales right away, or even if the offer I’m promoting breaks me even. There is still a long period of time I have to wait in order to receive my commissions, to then re-invest that money into more advertising(Which is something I recommend everyone do).

Good leads and how to generate them–1,000+ TARGETED, FREE, biz op leads A DAY!

Now this is a HUGE PROBLEM when I’ve found a really great converting/high paying affiliate product. *oh woe is me*

How to Generate Leads, Email Processing HomeBiz

How To Generate Leads

When I’m breaking even or in some cases even becoming profitable on my front end sales, I personally want to SCALE UP and re-invest that money back into more advertising immediately. Unfortunately, with the time it takes for networks to process your sales and pay you out, the ship might have already sailed.

I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem. And aside from being personal friends with affiliate company owners and getting them to wire you your money early, most people are stuck in Limbo…

LUCKILY though, I have found the affiliate product that has solved this conundrum……… Good Leads, and how to Generate these Leads???

Email Processing HomeBiz… Yes, Email Processing HomeBiz

You might be wondering what the heck I’m talking about, but here’s the link for you to understand more and how you can get started literally in less than an hour:


Good Leads and How to Generate Leads: Email Processing HomeBiz

Essentially its a High Converting Offer, with immediate payout straight to your account (via PayPal). And has been working amazingly well for me. Not only is the money I’m spending to advertise my site capturing me good leads, It’s also CONVERTING ME SALES, and at an awesome rate as well. So much so that I haven’t ran a paid ad for it yet, and not been in profits, on the front end ALONE! ** I still have my followups :)**

That would be great news in itself, but what is really amazing is that the money paid to me for sales of this program come straight to my PayPal account! So I’m able to immediately use that money earned, into purchasing more ads (or food or clothes or whatever you want, I guess its your money to do with what you choose)! Thus Building my LIST with GOOD LEADS….. FOR FREE…Over 1000+ worth…. EVERY DAY.. I can tell, you like the sound of this email processing homebiz right?

How To Generate Leads, Email Processing HomeBiz Also another great thing to note about this system. It teaches you where/when/ and how to post FREE online ads across Craigslist and the like. Not only making it an awesome product for those like me (who prefer paid advertising) but also those who want to go the free route and still be able to make some money.

Anyways that’s it.. That’s my current holy grail to Free Daily thousand plus good lead generation, I recommend you hope on the boat before it sails without you!


To your online Success!

Quincy & Sirena

Good Leads and How to Generate Leads: Email Processing HomeBiz

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Blog Tips

Learn the Formula , Be the Formula– Key factors to business success

key factors to success

Many people start working online thinking that they are going to just create money out of thin air in no time at all, with little to no experience, and no knowledge of exactly how to create the income they desire. That’s the reason that a lot of people will sign up for free offers that promise to deliver huge results with little to no effort.

The reality is that most programs like that don’t deliver on their promises because they don’t encourage the average user to truly understand the process of exactly how to utilize and leverage their system to make money.

I’m sure that you’ve run across many of these, as have we, and you may or may not have been drawn in thinking that you’re going to really cash in big time this time!

Learn to Be A Scientist

What does a scientist do? He/she works with a formula.

Once you find a formula that works, you repeat the process until you have perfected it. You work it over and over, tweaking here and there until it produces the desired results.

The formula of Empower Network is a proven one, but in order to make it work for you, you have to work the formula. You have to tweak it to speak to the specific needs, wants and desires of your target market ~ your niche.

  1. Blog Daily
  2. Tell Others
  3. Make Money

Understanding Empower

The beauty of this formula is that it works for every business model out there, but in order to make it work properly, you’ve got to be a scientist and work the formula.

Understand What WorksOnline Biz Information School

When you understand what works, you can wash, rinse and repeat with exacting results every time.

The biggest question is how do you find out what works? You must read and listen to others who have gone before. Those who have blazed the trail, so to speak, and have produced the results that you truly want.

Follow the leader.

Follow the formula.

Pay attention to what works for you and what doesn’t. Discard what doesn’t work, and work on perfecting what does work.

There is always room for improvement.


Don’t Treat Your Business Like A Hobby

People don’t want a job. They want a business, and business should never be a job.

Think about this, as an employee with a good work ethic, you did your utmost to perform the tasks you were assigned with as much perfection as you could.


Because you wanted that raise, or bonus, or whatever other perk your boss was offering!

Treat your business with the same respect and performance, and you will achieve the results that you truly want!


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Empower Network free advertising Make Easy Money Online

Free Advertising for your Blog !

Free advertising for your blog

Blog BLog BLOG !

Free Advertising for your Blog ! Nothing is better than free ! Want to know how to get free advertising for your blog ?

Listen up !


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Empower Network How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online

Clear Intentions for 2013

This is a fresh new year, most people take a moment to look at their current situations and make assessments on what things will be different for the new year and what things will remain the same.

All too often this yields a list of resolutions or open ended promises/wishes that we make to ourselves in hopes of having different results as we start a new calendar. Sadly these resolutions evaporate just as quickly as they were created and we are back to square numero uno.

In life and in business it is extremely important to set clear intentions, not resolutions.

Dictionary .com defines intention as:

[in-ten-shuhn] noun

1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

2. the end or object intended; purpose.

3. intentions.

a. purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct: a bungler with good intentions.

b. purpose or attitude with respect to marriage: Our friends are beginning to ask what our intentions are.

4. the act or fact of intending.

In other words, your intentions set not only a clear goal, but a plan in which to achieve that goal that you can clearly visualize yourself achieving(mouth full I know).

With that Set your Intentsions and make them clear ! No need to be confused by what it is that you want to achieve !

I want to Join Team Money Making Monsters Now !

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content equals cash! Empower Network How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online Testimonials

#1 Reason Why People Fail!

#1Reason Why People Fail !

Procrastination ! Procrastination ! Procrastination !

Anyone can succeed, it is those who have the DO IT NOW mentality that get the farthest in life ! We all fall subject to procrastination at times, it is human nature. It is those who don’t procrastinate as much that make it to the top quicker !

I found this great article written by Andrea Bolder that can benefit us all ! Check it out below.

Have some people tell it, and you’d think making money online was as hard as winning the lottery. Without question one of the biggest differences between those who find success at making money online and those who continuously struggle… is the ability to be CONSISTENT in their activities… If you can not find a way to consistently ‘get things done’, you are doomed from the beginning. This is probably something you already know but it is a problem that 95% of aspiring online entrepreneurs face. Over the last few assignments we’ve talked a lot about vision, planning, and success mapping. But I can bet my last dollar that most of you probably still don’t have a PAN for making sure you stay focused and consistent.

Procrastination is a Dream Killer

For most of us, building a business online is just one other thing on a long list of ‘to-do’s. With jobs, family, friends, and just day to day life, it can be tough NOT putting things off till tomorrow. But you have to be disciplined enough and determined enough to fight through the urge to procrastinate. The longer you out things off, the farther away you’ll be from accomplishing your goals when it comes to making money online. It’s the first work day of the new year. Make 2013 the year you GET THINGS DONE…

  • You’ve got your goals. You’ve got your marketing methods. You’ve create a plan. Now go take action!!

cropped-rsz_01.gif====>> Click Here To Partner With Us And Learn How to Turn $25 into $30,000 <<====

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Empower Network How to Improve your business Make Easy Money Online Random Testimonials

Get All In !

Everything in life we do we must GET ALL IN! Do not leave any doubt on the table of opportunity!

I will admit, there are a lot of times when I start a project and I am not fully dedicating myself. The majority of the time when I am not dedicated the project never turns out how I like it, go figure. However I have noticed ,with myself and anything that I do, when I am 100% dedicate I get the results I am looking for. I am sure we can all agree to this on some level !

With that being said, this is probably going to be the most honest posts about Empower Network you have read thus far.

My Story IMG_4240

Like any other buyer looking for an opportunity to use my skills to make money online I came across Empower Network. This system is like a business in a box . You mean all I have to do is blog and I will start getting paid ? It is really that simple. I kid you not.They teach you how to build a successful blog on top of that !

Starting off I only invested in the basic things I needed to run a successful blog system… the $25 dollar step.. how lame of me.

I was blogging daily like they said. I would get a lead here and one there every few days. This business was not working out like I hoped. I was not building a successful blog.

I talked to my mom about the progress of my business and she asked me this simple light bulb question that has changed my life !

Did You GET ALL IN ?

The answer…. NO. I hadn’t gotten all in. The only thing about the product I knew was the blogging system. How could I make a successful blog if I did not Get All In ?

Get All In Now and Start Making %100 Commission

How can I expect to make $997.59 a day if I myself have not fully invested in the product ? That makes no sense !

That is when I decided to GET ALL IN. Like Dave & Dave tell you when signing up.

The GET ALL IN Experience

Since upgrading to a (excuse my language) “BadAss”, my online marketing skills have grown phenomenally! My successful blog is en route to ranking in Google organically, yes organically! The training that is offered through Empower Network is like no other training out there!

Its amazing ! I am now seeing the results Dave & Dave talk about. I am receiving my %100 commissions on all levels of payout and it is only up from here.

This successful blog system gives the average person like you and I the opportunity to earn money the gurus make. Without have to launch our own product, create sales funnels, manage pay out systems and all the headaches that come along with launching your own product.

–>> Start Making %100 Commissions Now<<—

Dave & Dave have set that up for us. The Capture Pages, Sales Funnel, Auto Responders, Merchant account, EVERYTHING IS DONE ALREADY ! We just have to blog and master the training and products !

And did I mention that we get paid out on %100 commissions? Yes! Can you imagine what a day looks like when you Get All In and you are no longer getting the emails that tell you you’ve missed out on a commission ? I got a few of those and my heart dropped a little every time. Some one else was taking the business more seriously than I was. All the hard work I was putting in someone else was benefiting off of .

If you do not understanding the importance of this yet Quincy explain to you, click here. He can more than likely tell you best.

The Guru Train of Thought

In order to make big money we need to be willing to spend big money. This is the importance of Getting All In. All of the gurus know this and that is why they continue to remain at the top. They understand the importance of Owning Your Product and getting started off on the right path to success. They understand that you can not expect others to buy at that price point if you can not do so yourself.

Get All In and Own Your Product !

If you don’t care about your success no one else will.

The only thing we have for sale in life is time. Lets make our money work for us and not the other way around.

—->>Learn how blogging 2-5 hours of blogging daily can generate you a residual income of $523 – $4,623.97 daily <<—–

As a Gift to YOU…

the first 5 People to GET ALL IN $1,625 level,

with the Money Making Monsters Team..

I will personally set up premium solo ad campaign for you !

Yes that means right out of the gate you will start generating leads !

No Advertising cost to you !

Free !

Valued at $12,775 !

Free to You !

This offer is going to go quick !

rreeeaaalll quick !

Trust me !

Update only 3 Spots left

Join Money Making Monsters Now to Start Making %100 Commission


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Blog Tips

How to create a successful blog

how to create a successful blog

1 of 2

Creating a successful blog is hard work and dedication. Like anything you apply yourself to in life you want to make sure you are giving it your all. The same goes for blogging. Treat it like you mean business, but you can still have fun at the same time.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the Purpose of My successful blog?
  • What do I want to blog about?
  • What is my Target Audience?
  • How am I going to Market my Blog ?

Answer these four questions and you are good to go.

What is the Purpose of My Blog?

Set clear intentions on what you are starting your blog for. Whether its to make money online, inform people on home remedies, delivering the latest news on your home town etc. Be clear of what niche you would like to target while blogging. A successful blog is able to dial in on what exactly the purpose is.

What Do I want to Blog about ?

Once you have figured out the purpose, figure out what exactly it is that you would like to talk about. If you are informing people of how to make money online some subjects you should blog on are: Affiliate program reviews, how you are using your Empower network blogging platform, how to create a successful blog, new products in the marketplace, how to make a successful blog, how to’s, so on and so fourth.

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