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Keeping the Mojo: 6 Tips for Bloggers

tips for bloggers

Starting a blog and maintaining one takes a lot of effort and hard-work. You have to think of a domain name (or url), name your blog, figure out the type of blog you want, what you’ll write about ect. ect. The cool thing about blogging is that once you get through the tedious stuff, i.e. setting up your blog and figuring out its purpose. Everything else is easy. Below are a few tips to keep the mojo in your blog flowing.

6 Tips for Bloggers

1. Utilize Quick Draft: Utilize the quick draft feature. Very rarely do I write out an entire post in the quick draft area of WordPress but every now and then I do find myself stuck in a blog trance typing away in that little box.  Its a great way to keep track of ideas that you may need to develop out at a later time or date.

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