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Site Traffic: 24 Hour Traffic Plan For Website Ranking

website ranking

Creating constant site traffic is one of the most important things in building your website online and helping with website ranking. website ranking

There are a number of services you can buy to drive to your traffic site 24 hours a day, however when first starting out with a new website online it is important to build slowly. If possible build free !

Site Traffic Plan For Website Ranking

  1. Create & Keyword Content
  2. Socially Sharing
  3. Ping
  4. Re-purpose

Step 1:

Create Content and Keyword your website/blog post. Providing relevant content to your keywords is going to be key. One of the most important things when it comes to search engines ranking your page is relevancy. How relevant is your content to the keyword you are choosing to rank for ? Do you think your going to get away with placing your keyword behind an image tag of an unrelated image ? Think again . Google takes account of keywords associated with images, by placing them in the Google image search section. If you place an image of a buy now button on your page but the keyword associated with it is Hot New Convertible, if your image appears in the Google Image Search section under that particular keyword and is never shared with that associated keyword Google will red flag that image and your site. “Dinging ” your website ranking score and putting you on the naught Google Website list. All forms are content are taken into account when it comes to website ranking, so place relevant content on your site as well as relevant images.

Step 2:social-media-buttons

Social Share your site across all social networking platforms.

  • Google Plus
  • Digg
  • Reddit
  • Stumble Upon
  • Facebook
  • Myspace
  • Twitter

You name it. Any site that attracts visitors share your website on. Post a comment , public service announcement, tweet it however you decide to let it be know you have new content on your site.

Step 3:

Ping your website ! This will let search engines know you have new content on your site. If you are self hosting your site there are some plugins you can download that will “ping search engines for you.

>> If you are unsure of what a Ping is and How this Can help With Site Traffic and Website Ranking you Can Click Here !

Step 4:

Re-purpose, Re-Purpose , Re-purpose. Re-Purpose your content. Ok you wrote a blog post , Great ! Now shoot a video explaining maybe in more depth or a mini commercial for your blog post talking about what the blog post highlights. Write a review for your blog post or website. Submit it to an article base website. Guest blog on a site that already has a substantial amount of viewers or visits per day. In all of the things mentioned be sure to provide a link back to your website. This will allow viewers to view the original content the video, or review is mentioned from.

Creating a 24hour traffic plan is NOT going to happen over night . However if you follow these steps daily I can guarantee that given time you will see your rise in traffic, just be sure you are providing Golden Content ! Content is king, Golden Content, Website Traffic

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