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Viral Marketing


Viral Marketing is not necessarily a type of marketing but more so a “social marketing tactic” that depends solely on the content you are providing and the response to the audience that is watching.

Viral Marketing Explained

Content goes viral because a number of people from all over the world like the information you are providing and decide to share it across all social networking platforms email, text, images and how ever else you can sell content . Nothing more or Nothing less.

How do you make content go viral ? viral_marketing11

Be creative ! You never know what people are going to like. There is no magically formula to make your content go viral, of course you can buy likes, and promote your content but unless people actually like it they are not going to share it. We as individuals decide what goes viral and what does not, we may be influenced by those doing paid advertising but ultimately we decided.

The easiest vessel to make content go viral is through video. People like watching people do things ! Why do you think we get stuck watching TV for hours ? or sporting events ? We just love being entertained !

Good luck with creating content ! Make sure its interesting and fun.. well to be honest I’m not sure the perfect formula to make content go viral so be you and see what happens !



A Viral Marketing Example

The Dancing Man


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