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Niche Marketing Tips



Let me start out first by explaining what a niche market is….

A niche market is a specific group of people in which a particular product appeals to.

The importance of the niche market is  to reach the specific, targeted audience that is looking for the content/product you are providing. Learning how to target the right niche and marketing to them effectively will save you TIME,  MONEY and generate you LARGER PROFITS.

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Niche Market

How to Market to your Niche Market


Marketing. Probably one of the funnest aspect of building a business.

Why ?

With marketing you get to try different techniques to see which ones gel with your company.

Yes they can be very time consuming and even stressful at times. However, once you figure out what marketing techniques works for you you are smooth sailing.

How To Market To your Niche Market

  1. Listen
  2. Provide
  3. Engage

Listen To your Niche Market

I saw a great post about how our hears are the tunnels to our hearts. When placed side by side they actually look like a heart as well.

Think about the time someone told you they loved you, or you won an award or something amazing happened to you that you didn’t think would happen. You hear it first and then you feel it. The same goes for people looking for a product (yes I know most of the time people are looking at ads, “listen” is describe metaphorically here, listen with your eyes).

Step 1 in marketing to your niche market is listening to what they are looking for. Yes you have an awesome product in your opinion, but do the people want it. What people are looking for is relative to their desires not yours. So forget about how you know whats best for people and let them tell you.

Provide For Your Niche MarketNiche Market

Now that you know what they want, give it to them. Don’t wait just act on it at the moment.

Step 2 in marketing to your niche market is provide them with the products they are looking for.

With the way the world is now things come and go just like your food does on a hungry day. Here today, gone tomorrow as they say. Cease the opportunity to be great in the moment. The people will thank you for it.

Engage Your Niche Market

If you would like for repeat business , this is going to be key.

step 3 ENGAGE, Engage , ENGAGE !

Talk with your customers, clients or followers. You are human. Think about what you would want a company you are buying from to do and execute.

You can engage your people on different platforms; blog, twitter, Facebook, forums, company website. If you can’t come up with any ideas to engage your audience ask them.

  • What is something you would like to see from this company ?
  • How can we improve your user experience ?
  • Would you participate in a raffle ?
  • How do you like x,y,z product ?

Engaging plays hand in hand with listening. Once they are actively following your blog or twitter, whether is be from incentives or organically, listen to what they comment or tweet about your company, positive and negative. This is a great way to give direct customer feedback.

Bonus Niche Marketing Tip: How to Market To your Niche Market , paid advertising and free advertising methods. You will need to master the content provide in each aspect of marketing. This you will get from the above. Listen, Provide, Engage. Use what your customers are saying to scale your advertising campaigns.

How to Reach your Niche Market

This Is they System I used to discover Great Techniques For Niche Marketing –> 15k Formula 

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Niche Market

How to Find your Niche Market


So where are they ? Under a Rock, in the grocery store, at home , Tim buck two ?Niche market

They are everywhere ! Everyone is a potential client !

Now and days you would think you can go buy a niche market ! But you can’t !

Unless you are an online marketer who understand solo ad marketing…

For the sake of this article we will not get into that.

Potentially every one is a prospect. Unless you are a mind reader you do not know what the next person wants aside from what you actually want !

How many times do you ask yourself what you want ?

Me personally at least once a day.. For example, what do I want to do today ?

Finding your niche market is going to be hard work. It is not easy. If it way every one would have a successful business where people are constantly coming in on a daily basis buying things everyday.

Your Niche Market Offline

Finding your niche market offline has to do with Location. Location Location Location.

I randomly turned on Toni Braxtons family Values, or something of that nature, and in the episodes one of her sister was trying to set up a spa which include , hair , nails, waxing and all of the above.

She was asking her father to invest in the company and took him to the location of which the property he would be investing in.

What she failed to realize was that there was a spa and a barber shop two doors down and across the way from where she wanted to place her spa.

The issue, not only are there two established businesses in that location, but now she would have to compete for clientele that is more than likely already use to going to their local business.

Two things can happen:

  1. She build her spa and brings in clientele and shuts down the mom and pop barber shop and spa
  2. She builds her spa and the customers from the mom and pop barber shop and spa stay loyal to their location and she fails.

Either scenario someone fails. So the main point I want to make about finding you niche offline is Location. Make sure you find a great location to place your business where you are the only one providing that product or service.

Your Niche Market Online

Being online you do not have to worry about location ! Whew you can wipe the sweat from your forehead off now. Your only location is the web.

Online your niche market is much easier to find, especially with all of the tools you can use to make your site more visible once you have figured out the keywords you would like to target for SEO purposes.

Locations of your Online Niche Market:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Dating Sites
  • Organic Searches
  • and So on !

The web is a huge space that I have no interest in fully understanding. Just know that everyone on the web is a potential client. It behooves you not to outcast any person on the web or in life in general. You never know what they have to offer.

One Tool That Helped me Find my Niche Market Was This –> OnlineBizInformationSchool

Next Niche Market Series: How to Market to your Niche Market


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Niche Market

Niche Marketing : What Is a Niche Market ?

What is a Niche Market

Starting out in business it is pertinent that you hone in on your skills, knowledge and Niche Market service.

Be aware of your strengths and weakness as a business person. These will all come to light during the building phase of your business.

It is important to know what type of person you are and how you operate when finding your niche market.

For the most part your niche market is something you “pick” , yet you do not pick. After you have decided to do what it is you want to do, your customers, or followers, will fine tune what you are offering to fit their needs. Listen close to what they are saying and the feed back they are giving. This is going to make or break you.

For Example, you may start off blogging or selling one thing and then find that the people visiting your site or store would like something other than what you are predominantly offering.

Most often it is in the same realm of services , just something you may have thought the people would not be interested in. They want a more specific product or want you to touch on more diverse topics in the world of Motor car racing. Understand what they are saying this will help you determine your true niche market.

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What is a Niche Market ?

Niche Marketing is marketing a specific product/service to a specific group of people.Niche Market

This is not like the local grocery story who sells all types of fruits and veggies but more so a specialty store, like the local bakery on the the corner who sells cupcakes on Wednesdays.

Now that is not to say your niche market can’t be the grocery store selling the best fresh foods in town. If you would like to offer an assortment of service you will switch your focus or niche marketing , to the people you would like to attract to your company. Is it the person who only consumes organic local food ? or maybe the thrift shopping mom who is looking for good food at affordable prices ? You decide.

The same thing applies to building a business online. The only difference is the content or product/service you are providing.

If you have a blog, is your blog for the beginner to network marketing ? or for the pro who pretty much knows everything but likes detailed refresher courses on personality types and how to market to them ?

If it is a product or service, is your product is to use ? or for a certain age group ? is the service you provide affordable or are you looking for high end clientele ?

Understand who you are as a person and what your audience wants is huge in building a business offline or online. Listen to your audience and trust that what you are doing is going to work. When in doubt seek help from other businesses that went through what you are going through. Not your Mom, Dad, Sister , Brother, Cousin, Spouse, but someone who is going to tell you the hard core truth and not sugar coat it so that you “feel” ok. Hearing things from a non-neutral party sticks with us more than when a family member says the same thing. So keep this in mind when you need advice. Ask around. The worst answer you will get is NO and that just means you are in the same place you started.

Next Niche Market Series: How to Find your Niche Market.


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Niche Market

What is A Niche Market ?

what is a niche market

What is a Niche?What is a niche ?

Merriam Webster


D: a specialized market

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What is A Niche Market?


Niche Market

A niche market [1] is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. So the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment.

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What is a Niche Market?

Importance of your Niche Market

So why is niche marketing so important? The importance of niche marketing is to reach the specific, targeted audience that is looking for the content you are providing. Targeting the right niche and marketing to them effectively will save you much wasted time and in all instances SAVE YOU MONEY and generate you LARGER PROFITS.

Find the market that best suits the content or product being offered.

By narrowing down the market best for your content and product, increases the “buy ability” factor or how likely they are to purchase or engage in your content/services.

For example, if my product is Home business, I want to market to those who are looking for information on how to build a home business, home business success, online entrepreneurs, etc. What I don’t want to do, is market my product to people who are looking for home supplies, how to throw a dinner party, home improvement stores, home remodeling, etc. Marketing to the consumer who is not looking for your information is a large waste of time, leads to unhappy online surfers and wasted advertising budgets.

How mad do you get when you are bombarded with information you are not looking for? It can be pretty frustrating at times. So imagine yourself as the consumer. Where would you be looking for information on Online Home businesses?

What is a niche Market ? Where Is Your Niche Market

Discovering where your niche market is will help you dial in on your marketing strategy.

If I know that my consumer base resides in the Facebook Group, New Online Business, then this is where I am going to market my product. No sense in marketing my product in Fun things I like to do at home. The people in that group may just be looking for fun things to do with their guests when invited over.

Locate your niche market. Do the proper research to find out when and where your niche market is hanging out.

What is Your Niche Market Looking For?

Listen to what your niche market is looking for. Now that you know what your niche market is and where they are, what is it that your niche market wants? Do they want the latest MLM information, do they want to know how SEO works? Maybe they want a success stories of other, or yourself and how you’ve built your online business. Listen and research into what your niche market wants. And how you can fill those needs.

This will help you provide them with the proper content or product they are looking for, at the right time. Saving you, time, effort and MONEY.

what is a niche market ? How are you going to provide your Niche Market with their Needs?

It is important to deliver to your niche market the proper content or services they are looking for. How are you choosing to do this?

Videos, eBooks, webinars, a physical product?

You decide which method of delivery is best for you and your niche market. This is solely dependent on what your niche market is looking for. Dependent upon the product or content they are looking to receive, will dictate how you provide it to them.

Do your research. Fill your niche markets needs by soloving their problems and you will be dealing with some happy customers! And future RE-BUYERS.

So What is a Niche Market ?

You know the answer to that! After reading this article you should have a basic understanding of the steps you need to take in order to succeed in your business.

Good luck!

And don’t forget the consumer is always right!

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