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10 things to do before you launch your Blog

10 things to do before you launch your Blog

10 things to do before you launch your BlogNow I have condensed down everything you need to do into 10 things to do before you launch your blog, assuming you have chosen a domain name and bought hosting. Check them out!

10 things to do before you launch your Blog

1. Figure Out What You want your blog to be about: Actually knowing what it is you want to blog/talk about is going to be fist step you need to take in order to hone in on the content you want to provide, as well as the feel of the blog overall.

2. Figure out your blog post topics: What are your main topics going to be on your blog ? Cooking ? Fashion? DIY? This goes hand in hand with figuring out what your blog is about. Once you have figured out what your blog is about make topics that relate to a central theme.

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7 Tips for Figuring out What to blog about


Having your own blog is hard work and dedication. It takes time and effort to keep it up and running properly. One of the things a new blogger or a veteran blogger may ask themselves is “what do I blog about ?” . If your a new blogger the world is yours. If your a veteran your fan base has already grown to know the type of content you continually put out. Here are some tips when figuring out what to blog about.

7 tips: What to Blog about

1. What do you like ? Blog about things you don’t mind writing about. It is much easier to create a blog around your knowledge and experiences, rather than something you don’t know, or worse don’t care about.

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How To Blog: WordPress Wrap Up


The new trend of 2013 is going to be blogging. Statistical companies who actively blog shield better results than companies without blogs.

In 2013 it is imperative if you do not have a blog to start one, especially if you want to keep up with the competition.

If you are unsure of how to blog there is tons of FREE information out there, like this blog, detailing how to build a successful blog. If you are looking to join an awesome program that teaches you how to build a blog, how to market it, and how to make money while doing it, I would suggest this tool I used to help me learn the information necessary to blogging, on top of what I have already acquired. View Opportunity Here.

Blogging is very simple once you get all the SEO tips to blogging down and learn how to navigate your dashboard. Creating content is what most bloggers struggle with a few months after they have been blogging successfully. Understanding the purpose of your blog is what is going to help you with content creation. As well as insight from your followers.

To highlight some key elements in blogging lets take a look at the following:

WordPress H1, H2, H3 – H6 Headings

Main blogging points. All headings are not necessary to use. Highlight key topic paragraphs or points throughout your post using these headings. Include your keyword in a heading when possible

WordPress Media

1 – 2 images per blog post will suffice. Do not overload your post with pictures unless the post fits.


Try to obtain a keyword density of 3 – 5 %. Obtain this by using different variations of the keyword. Make sure your blog post reads natural.


Aim to reach a 500 word minimum at all times. Sometimes you can get away with 300 words but 500 is the perfect amount to fill all SEO needs.


WordPress Blogging Made Easy

Through the WordPress How to Blog series I have broken down everything there is to know to get you started to creating the successful blog I know you can. Be sure to follow the tips and fine tune where necessary. Learn what works for you and pay attention to the articles your audience reads. This will help you with content creation and how to taller your blog to your audience.

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How to Blog: WordPress Navigation


If you are new to WordPress the Easy Blogging mode can look extremely scary and confusing.WordPress

Well guess what ?

It is not as bad as it seems.

Navigating WordPress is very click and go simple. WordPress Easy Mode shows you the basics you need to build a successful blog. The main categories New Post, New Page, All Post ect. Technically if your sole goal is blogging these are the only buttons you actually need.

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Lets Step it up a notch and exit WordPress easy mode !

This WordPress Dashboard is a little more intense and breaks down each available thing that WordPress offers. Post are broken down into subsections, All Post, Add New, Categories, and Tags. New options appear, such as ; Links, Media, Tools and a few more. You will have to check around and exit easy mode to find out what other great options WordPress has to offer !

WordPress Post

Under this option you find :

  • All Post
  • Add New
  • Tags
  • Categories

All Post: Displays all the posts you have ever written, both published and drafts

Add New: Takes you to the blogging screen. Here is where you will write your new blog post

Tags: What are tags ? Tags are keywords for your article. It is in this section where you can modify your keywords for your articles. You can create a special URl slug for a particular keyword as well as add a description for that keyword.

Categories: Categories are our broad keywords that we place our blog post under. Here you can also customize a URL slug , add a description and also choose a parent category if necessary.

WordPress Post is the most important aspect of WordPress You will Use !

Get use to using it and master it ! The quicker you learn how to navigate the post screen the better.

Good luck and have fun posting away !

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How to Blog : Content & Linking


Blogging is fun !

Whether it be to sell an item or share a story.

In both situations you want to make sure you are providing “Golden Content”.

If you want readers to continually visit your page, it behooves you to provide eye catching, cleverly worded articles to get them to come back for more.

The content you are to provide is dependent on the nature of your blog, be it personal or business.

In both cases you are blogging in a niche. Yes even in your personal life there is a niche you belong to. Niche marketing does not only apply to business, but personal stories as well. Who knew !

Content is King !

In any post you want to have at least 500 words and a keyword density of 3-5%. Some sites will let you get away with 300 word minimum , but shooting for 500 words is best. It is not a lengthy article but it keeps the reader on your site a little longer than 300 words.

With a keyword density of 3-5%, when search engine spiders crawl through your post they are able to see what that particular post is about. To help you achieve a 3-5% density you can use different variations of the word , and different context. Linking your keyword to relative post related to it will also help.

Obtaining a 500 word post with 3-5% keyword density will help with your on page SEO.

With the new Google penguin , search engines now rank your post based on relevancy to your keyword, how long people stay on your site and leaving, and social interaction.

If your content is compelling or informative enough you can have someone clicking around on your site for hours.

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Linking Text content

  1. Highlight Text you wish to Be linked
  2. Click the Link Symbol (it is only illuminated when text is highlighted )
  3. Pink the URL you wish the Text to be linked to
  4. Hit Add link

* to unlink highlight and click the Un-Link symbol, also only illuminated when text highlighted or already linked.

Linking text is a great tool to use when suggesting other website for individuals to check out.

With text linking you can link any URL you wish, capture page, YouTube Video, Twitter, Pintrest Profile, you name it.

Text link one form blogs may use to charge companies to advertise on their blog.

I am sure you have come across blogs, where if you hover over a certain word an ad pops up. If you click the ad you are taken to the offer and that blogger makes whatever the company has negotiated with her/him. Great easy way to make some quick cash.

Now that you are aware of linking text be sure not to get link happy. Dependent on the length of the article linking 2 – 3 words or phrases is fine. If you begin to link at least one word in every sentence it will distract the reader from the article. Remember you are trying to keep them on your site.  Keep the text linking to a minimum on only link to important information you wish the reader to know. Also ensure that the word being linked is relative to the page you are having them sent to.

Content creation is one of the hardest things in blogging. It can make or break a blogger.

Starting off you may have all sorts of ideas to write about, write them down.

Good Luck Creating Content and finding the balance between linking words.


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How to Blog : How To Add Media

add media

add media

Typing text into the text section is great !

But how do you spice up your WordPress blog post with videos and images ?

WordPress offers you two option to add media.

  1. Upload From File
  2. Insert From URL

Upload From File

To upload images from file click select files.

You will be redirected to your image folder where you can select the image you wish to upload.

Once select the image will appear in you Media Library, where you can reference it for later use if necessary.

The image will also be displayed on the right hand side for you to edit.

Before Posting the image you have a few options:

Add Media , How to Blog

Add Media

  •  Title
  • Caption
  • Alternate Text
  • Description
  • Align
  • Link
  • Size

Title: The title is per-populated from what the image is named on your computer. You are more than capable of changing to title to you keywords if you wish.

Caption: The Caption is for readers who may have a slower computer or the image does not load. The caption should detail what the image is about

Alt Text: This is the meta description for the image that search engine spiders will read. Keywords can be put here

Description: This is also a meta description for the image and search engine spiders.

Align: You can align the image Right, Center, Left , No-Alignment . The images text wrap, so you do not have to worry about having a huge white space if align right or left.

Link: If you wish to link your image to another post or webpage you can do so in the link section. If you prefer not to , you can leave this section blank

 Size: If the image is to large you can change the size of the image to better fit your blog post.

Once you have completed all sections offered, or the ones you wish to complete, click insert into post and add your media.

Add Media From Url

To add media from URL is very simple.

After clicking add media , and you are redirected to the add media page click insert from URL .

The only thing you will need is the original URL for the image.

Copy &  Past the URL and then fill out the options available. They will be the same as if you inserted media from files.

You can also link this image to something else if you would like !

What if after you add media and you need to fix it ?

add media

  1. Click the image
  2. Once image is clicked, click the little landscape button
  3. edit image

* If you decide you want to remove the image you can simply click the image and press delete or click the image and click the stop image.

Add a YouTube Video

To insert a YouTube Video you will need to Copy & Paste the URL into the text section of WordPress.

You can also Copy & Paste the embed code into the text section as well if you would like to embed the video.

If you wish to delete the video, simple delete the URL from the text section of the post.

Adding Media is a great way to spice up the look of your page.

Have fun adding pictures and videos.
Try not to overload you page/blog post with images 2 -3 depending on the length of the article is just fine.
Have Fun  !

On page SEO

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How to Use Your Blog

How To Use Your Blog How To use Your Blog

Now that you have a blogging platform or your thinking about starting a blog, it is important that you understand how to use your blog to gain the maximum benefits possible !

If you are a corporation looking into blogging great ! A blog will save you tons of advertising money !

“Corporations who are trying to target a specific market should invest in several blogs that cater to that market. It’s a cheaper, more effective and measurable way of advertising,” Schawbel said.

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Having a blog is a like a secret gold mine waiting to be discovered by gold diggers ! Once your niche audience finds your Blog its like they struck it rich. That is assuming you are providing them with “Golden content” !

How To Use Your Blog Tip 1

Use a well establish blogging platform as leverage for your company or personal blog. Start blogging on a platform that is well know to search engines as an authority site. Along with keywords and seo optimization if your blog posts are written to optimize your search engines results you can see yourself ranking high and bringing in traffic sooner than you think. Make your blog work for you ! Blogs are consistently update unlike static websites. When search engines recognize that your blog is being consistently update they will begin to trust the content you are posting is valuable to those searching for what you are providing. This works in hand in hand with the visitors you attract. The more frequently you update your blog and the more frequent visitors visit your site the better. Use a well know blog site as leverage to help you rank faster in search engines and attract visitors.

How To use your blog How To Use Your Blog Tip 2

Use you blog build relationships with customers/followers online. If you are using your blog to promote your offline business this is a great way for your customers to get to know you and your company. Share whats new in your company. Share your experiences and struggles that it took to build your company to what it is today. If there is a new study coming out let your audience know. Maybe you did a review on something, share your findings. Do blog post give-aways, that are exclusive to the customers that follow your blog and things of that nature. Building a relationship with your clients is a key factor to your success. The more comfortable your customers feel about your business the more willing they are to invest and spend money with you. The same for your personal blog. If you are doing reviews on products and looking to eventually sell the product be genuine in your review. Be personable and honest. Become the authority in your niche ! People build trust through readership. If you are constantly providing your audience with “Golden Content” they will continue to look towards you for answers and products.

“There is a definite trend we’ve seen where people trust the opinion of a regular person, we trust any person force more than any corporate force when it comes to getting advice and recommendations,” Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Experience can now be seen as expertise, if an individual reviews a lip balm, their opinion becomes more important than what a beauty magazine says.”

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How To Use Your Blog Tip 3How To use Your Blog

Market your blog on different social media sites, web 2.0 and forums. Make sure to let your audience know that you have “Golden Content” you would like to provide them with. This will GROW your audience and attract more customers or followers to your business or blog. By doing this you will slowly become the authoritative figure for the content that you are providing. Thus in turn branding yourself in the online community. Getting your content out there is going to be the most important thing in growing your audience. Make sure you let everyone you know know ! Use your blog to grow your audience.

It is important that you understand how to use your blog and how a blog can help you in your business and personal endeavors.

Whether its for marketing or personal use your blog is your gold mine !

There is always someone out there looking for the content you are willing to provide. You just need to write it and let them know its there !

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What Are Backlinks ?

What Are Backlinks ?

Backlinks :

Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.[1]

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What are Backlinks Explained in less than 30secs !

What are Backlinks and how can they Help ?

In laments terms Backlinks are links from external website linking to your original website or blog post.

What are backlinks, BacklinksBacklinks help Google, yahoo, bing and many other search engines rank your information. Backlinks also help determine your contents relevancy to the community. The more relevant your content the better.

As of now major search engines such as Google like to see your information being shared across the web from different users. Whether it be Facebook, Pintrest, Tagged, Warrior Forum, you name it ! They love to see your information commented on, liked and shared !

Backlinks help with Off Page Seo.

Everyone knows SEO is the name of the game !

What are Backlinks ?

Now you know the answer !

Learn How content equals cash !

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How to Improve your business Search Engine Optimization

What is Off Page SEO ?

What is Off Page SEO ?

So, What Is Off Page SEO ?Off page Seo, Anchor Text

Laments terms..


Backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links, are incoming links to a website or web page. In basic link terminology, a backlink is any link received by a web node (web page, directory, website, or top level domain) from another web node.[1]

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Off Page SEO is the number of back links you have directed towards your site.

Off Page seo, Anchor Text Off Page SEO and Anchor Text

With backlinks you want to make sure you are varying your anchor text. There are 4 different variations of anchor text you can have when setting up your backlinks. In your main post be sure to use descriptive keyword rich anchor text.

Anchor Text Type 1 : Exact Match Anchor Text

With Exact match anchor text, you want to make sure you are using this 25-40% of the time with your back links.

For example: If your keyword is Hot Wheels, you should make sure that anchor text is hyper linked to valuable content linking back to your original blog , or website.

Anchor Text Type 2 : Partial Match Anchor Text

With Partial Match Anchor text, you want to make sure you are using this 10-20% of the time with your back links.

For example: We will use the same keyword Hot Wheels, a partial match for this would be something like Hot Wheels Supplies or Hot Wheels on Sale. The main keyword is still in the anchor text however now you are partially matching the link.

Anchor Text Type 3: Random Anchor Text

With Random Anchor text you want to make sure you are using this 15-25% of the time with your backlinks.

Examples of this are : Click here, more information, continue reading, and so on and so forth.

These you can use with more low quality links.

Anchor Text Type 4: URL Anchor Text

With URL Anchor text you want to use this 20-30% of the time . Most of your URL anchor text links you want to post on videos.

Examples of this are; Website.com, www.website.com. http://website.com and so on and so forth.

Now none of these percentages are set in stone. Google is forever changing and evolving. Coming out with new algorithms to post the most relevant content to its viewers. These percentages are just suggestions. Figure out what works for you.

Off page Seo, anchor text , backlinksOff Page SEO: Backlinks Basics

Off Page SEO: Backlinks Basic Tip 1

When setting up backlinks for your site make sure you have link diversity. You can obtain link diversity by having links from various sources and IP addresses. Sources such as Web 2.0 Sites, Social Networking Site, Forums ect.

The new Google Penguin also likes to see multiple visitors to your site that comment and share. This lets Google know your site is valuable. Now this does not mean to go out on Fiverr and hire a bunch of people to comment on your post. There can be cost and benefits to doing this. Cost, you want high quality comments. You are only paying these people $5 for there service. So you can figure out how much quality a $5 post is. Benefit, you have a comment from a different IP address and your site may or may not be shared dependent upon what that person is offering.

Off Page SEO: Backlinks Basic Tip 2

Now that you know the importance of backlinks and how they can help your site it is important to build your backlinks steadily and maintain link velocity as time goes on.

The average new website takes from 3 to 6 months to rank high in Google. So if your site magically 100,000k links and tries to rank over night , get ready for those red flags from Google.

If There is anything to take away from this article it is this….

Start slow and build up… do not build links all at once.. a site does not naturally grow like that.. YOU WANT TO BE….OR AT LEAST LOOK, NATURAL.

Off page seo, backlinks , anchor text

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