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Viral Marketing Through Video Marketing & Why it Works

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A Few of you may be up to the idea of video marketing . If this is you then you will enjoy what I have to say in the is quick video.

Video Marketing and Why It Works

 What is Video Marketing?videomarketing

Marketing through video, dependent on the product, is a simple way to market your product online. Video marketing helps with branding and allowing individuals to get to know and trust you through video. Take actors and actress for instance, they are constantly creating movies and show casing their talents. Doing interviews , posting home videos and starring in commercials. You most often see them in the comfort of your own home, where you are more receptive to information. You may watch their TV series every Thursday night at 10, you get to know their character and may even start to associate their character with who they are as a person outside of acting. You see them selling a product, because you have watched them on TV for a number of months you feel you can trust their judgement, you like how they carry themselves and present themselves on TV so you follow the products they offer to you. You may choose to buy one or two of the products they are promoting why ? because you feel as though you know them and they wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction. Most of the products you buy that they promote are already products you where thinking about buying anyway but now that you know your favorite actor uses it , it make the product that much more appealing !

Don’t worry I fall victim to this as well , Kerry Washington sold me a pair of shoes through a music video she was featured in !

We are all exposed to video marketing and it has different effects on everyone, so don’t feel bad if Tom Cruise sells you a vacuum.



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