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Is Your Website Mobile Ready ?

mobile ready
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It is now, and has been the age of mobile devices. We can literally do everything on our phones nowadays; take pictures, write reports, create spreadsheets, record videos. We can even receive and send money in the blink of an eye. Of course we’ve not yet reached the point where computers are ruled obsolete, but to be honest I can see that happening over the next few decades if we continue at this rate.In 2012 or over 15% of all traffic was driven from a mobile device according to Forbes.
This is a huge portion of the market.

Is your website mobile ready for this traffic?mobile ready , mobile traffic

As an affiliate and email marketer, many offers sent out to my subscriber list may not be mobile friendly should someone choose to look at that offer on their mobile phone. It has since come to my attention, with the ever-growing population of smartphone users, that I make sure the offers I provide are mobile capable. Or at the very least look nice on a smart phone.

Choosing a mobile ready offer

1. Does the offer explicitly indicate that it’s optimized as mobile friendly? Some offers say that they’re mobile capable. An easy way to check this is just to look at the offer on your mobile phone yourself. Is it the same capture page layout as seen on the computer or is it a different layout on your phone? (ie. is it Responsive?) Like many WordPress themes if you look at the website on the computer, it appears one-way, however when you look at it on the phone it appears a different way. This is an example of two different layouts for a single website.

2. Does the offer look good on a mobile phone? So the offer is not mobile ready, that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Look at the offer on your mobile phone and make sure it looks nice on the actual phone. If it’s presentable, go ahead and promote the offer, making sure you’ve already gone through the entire funnel to make sure there’s no hiccups while people are going through the actual sales funnel themselves.

Not all offers you promote are going to be mobile ready… yet. Publishers are just now starting to grasp the importance of having mobile friendly offers. It’s good to know your subscriber list and what percentage of those users are looking at your offers via mobile device. Just be mindful that some of your people on your subscriber list are going to be checking their emails from their phones. Getting mobile ready is going to be a great way to help increase your interactions, drive you more leads and convert more sales.

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