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What is a Ping ?

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What is Pinging ?ping

This term is loosely thrown around on the web. As a newbie pinging is a very unfamiliar concept but is one of the most important things you can do for yourself when starting out the web.

Ping : A mechanism blogs use to notify the servers the content on its page has been updated.

How to Ping to Your Benefit

The main purpose of pinging is to let servers know you have written new content and you would like them to spread the knowledge.

This helps search engines find your content. Having multiple servers aware of your new article makes its easier for search engines to find and rank on pages relevant to your post.

There is no real need to go into notification over load and submit your site on multiple websites that offer the service. The top sites that offer this service do this for you. Notification overload, as in submitting your new content on multiple ping sites in a short period of time, can be deemed spamming or “spinging” . Spinging also occurs from spam blogs submitting their “blog post” on ping sites.

Two Great Ping Sites:

Ping, PingomaticPing – O -Matic is a very simple copy, paste, click site.

  1. Enter your Blog Name
  2. Enter your Blog URL
  3. Check the servers you wish to be notified on
  4. Click Ping

Very simple system . No head ache or copy pasting all the time on your end.

Pingler is also very simple however you have to enter a captcha code in order to use there service. They offer more server options and will even email you once all your pings are completed. Takes about 2 minutes max to complete your submission (if that !).

  1. Enter Blog Name
  2. Paste Blog URL
  3. Check the categories related to your blog
  4. Enter Captcha
  5. Click Ping

Once the site has notified all of its serves you can enter your email and they will send you a report.

Another benefit of Pingler is that you can automate your pings if you like for a fee. Takes the worry off your hands of having to physically go to the website to submit your site. You can automate your submissions with them !

When to Ping Your Site

The time it is necessary to notify the servers about your site is when new content is written on your blog. Most blog platforms do this for you automatically but it does not hurt to spread your content on your own to different servers.

Be sure the content you are providing is good high quality content. With the traffic you can receive from notifying servers it is pertinent that you provide your audience with good content. The lack of good informative content will cause your audience to leave or deem you as the boy who cried wolf. Your always pinging but the content either remains the same or is of low quality. So don’t abuse the ping service.

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