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What is Success ?

what is success
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What is Success ?What is Success

” success if the continuous realization of the outcomes or results you desire”

-Herbert Harris

Success is 100% MINDSET. Never anything different.

Success is not something you buy at the grocery store, success is something you obtain through hard-work and dedication.

To be successful you must be consistent in your efforts. Success is a long road traveled. Stay on track to obtain the goal you are trying to reach. Of course there will be road blocks along away, challenges that may seem difficult at the time and people who will tell your goal is dumb and not worthy of time and effort. With all of this negativity that is going to travel with you on your road never lose focus of what it is that you are trying to reach.
To be successful you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. Get away from the Debbie Downers and Negative Nancy’s. They want to keep you where you are at. They are comfortable in their pathetic complacent lives. They don’t want to see you succeed ! They want you to remain at the bottom of the barrel . Just as they are ! You MUST get away from this . Break the mindset that your current situation is ok . Its not ! You deserve better !

To be successful you must be willing to CHANGE your life completely ! So your use to living a 30k life. That nice . To be honest that is all you need to survive. Successful people are not living to SURVIVE. They are living to PROVIDE. They are living to ENJOY their life. They are living to GET PAID THEIR WORTH! Not what the government decides they should make an hour. If you haven’t noticed already most successful people are entrepreneurs . They understand that you must take a leap of faith to obtain the type of lifestyle they want to live . They understand there will be trials and tribulations. If success was easy everyone would be doing it ! Success is not for everyone , sadly. Only those willing to sacrifice what they have to reach their goal. It is ok to be complacent in your life, but when you recognize another individual pursuing their dream or starting up a business support them and give advice that can help them succeed, do not bring them down or call the system they join or business they start a scam or dumb idea. Most “dumb ideas” go viral ! Take the Harlem shake for example (not to say that was a dumb idea).

What is Success Once success is obtain share how you got there with others ! It will be one of the most self fulling things you can do ! Its an amazing feeling when you know you have helped someone else achieve their Goals !

What is Success to you ?

Define your own success and obtain it !


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  • StrategyNut Mar 1,2013 at 9:04 pm

    Success is whatever the outcome is, as long as you learn and strive forward.

  • Stuart Wimbles Feb 27,2013 at 8:39 am

    Some of us thrive on success, they are the ones who will take the risks, the ones who will lose friends and be hated by some. Those who don’t thrive success like to take the easy way out, the 9-5 job, or working at the store, they are not risk takers. The only difference is their mind set, they too can be a success if they really want to be.

  • Sirenas World Feb 26,2013 at 12:45 pm

    Reblogged this on Sirenas World and commented:
    Success ! Everyone Wants Its ! But Who will achieve it ?

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