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Why You Will FAIL

why you will fail
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Yes, that subject line is blunt.

But it’s true.

You will fail to have the future you dreamed of.

Whether that’s to land that great job you’ve always wanted, or to get that amazing business idea you have off the ground, to follow your real life’s passion and become what you truly desire in life.

You wont succeed….. You won’t end up where you envisioned….You will failWhy You Will FAIL

And I know exactly why.

It’s because you’re either too lazy to succeed

you think it’s too hard to succeed

or you’re too afraid to go out and follow your passion.


You would rather make excuses for why things don’t work out for you, or why you can’t do what it is you love, because it’s much easier to make excuses for why you can’t do something, than it actually is to pursue what you desire your life to really be.

“I don’t have money for that.”

“I’m not lucky”

“I’m not smart enough”

“know one supports me”

“It’s not that easy”

“I don’t have time”

blah blah blah….

You think that success only comes to those who are lucky. Who are a genius. Who are obsessed. You think you can only be successful if you have to give up being who you are as a person.

Again….. more excuses

More reasons why you choose to do nothing and expect that one day success, your passion, or your opportunity will happen to just fall into your lap. And guess what, one day it will…

And you will STILL FAIL!Why You Will FAIL

You will fail, because when you finally do happen to come across your true life’s passion or your grand opportunity….. You won’t do it… You won’t TAKE ACTION. All due to fear of Failure.

And what you will do, is find another excuse for why you can’t do it this time.

Don’t prove us right.


Here to motivate you to do better

Quincy Amarikwa & Sirena Williams

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