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How to Write a Blog in WordPress for Beginners

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There are tons of individuals in the world who have thought about starting a blog. Many become overwhelmed with what to blog about ? How To Write a Blog ? How do I get a Blog ? And many other questions along the lines of starting a blog. Blogging is extremely easy to do, and you should most definitely be doing it. In this article I will detail How to Write a blog in WordPress.

How to Write a blog in 6 easy steps

1. Login into your Back office: If you’re reading this article I’m under the assumption that you have already set up your or WordPress.Org site. Of you’ve already uploaded wordpress to your own domain and hosting account. (If you haven’t done that, or don’t know what to do or how it, you’ll want to join OBI School  as well as join our newsletter) If you do have a site you can login to your back office at If  you have a WordPress.Org site, in other words if you are hosting your own WordPress site, you can login at the specified url your hosting site has given you.

How to  write a blog

2. Click Post: Add new: This will be your home for the longevity of your blog. How to  write a blog

3. Write a 300 -500 word blog post. 300 -500 words a blog post is a good length to aim for. You should be use to writing 1000 word essays in high school so this shouldn’t be to difficult. If you find yourself having writers block take a break and return back to it !

4. Include Images: Give your followers something stimulating to look at. Nothing reads boring like a blog post full of words. how to wrtie a blog

5. Edit your post: Give your article a quick read through to make sure everything you’ve written makes sense. If your not great at editing your own work, have someone else read it over and correct it for you.


6. Hit Publish ! Boom ! After you’ve written your blog post, publish it and show the world what you have written !

how to write a Blog

Get through these simple steps of How to Write a Blog in WordPress and begin your road to success !

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